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blooming in skin fair~

Skins are a major love of mine and I was so glad this weekend was the very awesome Skin & Shape Fair; *wiggles* There were tons of skin and shape stores setting up awesome stuff and there was 2 skins in particular that really grabbed my interest ❤

Blooming in Skin Fair I

First of course is Pink Fuel‘s Skye which i absolutely hearts to death! Skye is extremely feminine and soft in features and totally makes me look super girly which I love ❤ The makeup options are endless and I choose to feature my favorite from her line called “Beestung“. Beestung has glossy reddish lips and a very subtle eyeshadow and is perfect to wear in any occasion in my opinion. The features are very much modified from her previous release and this time fits my shape like a glove~ I really like the youthful shape of every feature in her skin and all of you really should hop over and give Skye a demo because it truly is a skin you must have!

Blooming in Skin Fair II

The next skin that caught my eye was Milk Motion‘s Colette! I’ve always had a fascination for drawn tooth in skins, I think it adds such a character but I’ve always looked extremely bunny like in most. In fact this skin does make me look very bunny like at certain angles but I loved it too much to give it a pass. If you’re a fan of unique skins, this one definitely is the way to go~ There’s beauty marks in subtle areas of the body and a face that just melts your heart. I particularly loved Ice1 and Cute2 but featured Cute2 in this post as it has the most unique makeup I’ve ever seen on the grid. I love love love and if you’re brave enough to give this skin a try, be sure to grab demos and you might be surprised by how it looks on your shape 😉

ohmai spin on muism~

This weekend is just a frenzy of excitement for all you guys, of course there’s the very amazing Skin & Shape Fair which I will definitely 100% cover as the days go by because I’ve got demos but can never go back in because the sim is always full tsp… proves how amazing it really is though~ Andddd… another super exciting event is Muism’s 2nd Anniversary Sale!

Muism has been around the grid for over 2 years now and as a token of appreciation to their customers, they have decided to hold their first ever sale (and might I add a HUGE one) today, Sept 26th.
Items are discounted at a rate of 30%-50% which is amazing! Items not included in the sale are Poses and items not made by Migi Voom or Icemocolo Voom.
*Deadline for Sale is not posted which means, get them fast cause you’ll never know when it ends!

I’ve been honored to be asked by Muism to feature some of their sale items out and I’ve decided to say a big thank you to the Muism staff by showing you guys some looks I’ve created for their items. I have actually never been to Muism before because I suck like that and I’m so glad to be invited to take a look around the sim and cover their sale. I also established a lil challenge for myself and I hope the challenge can be explained through the pictures below… lots of first for me this time; first time blogging Muism, first time blogging using a male avatar (Yes, dear Elliot is finally introduced to the family, say HI!), first time mixing several “me’s” in a picture… first time using actual background scenes… first time… well you know the list goes on and on and on. It’s been so terribly fun coming up with these looks (17 in total!) and these pictures and I really cross my fingers you guys like them enough to head down over to Muism!

So here goes nothing!
I’ll be featuring pieces from the sale in several different settings! ^^

First up, lets just say Fall is creeping up the corners and as much as i’m super gleeful Mr. Sun is gonna stop scorching me, I know tons of you are gonna miss the Beach. Specially my fellow Californians~ So in homage to that I decided to bask in the sun one final time with Muism’s gorgeous swim wear and get some tan to last me through fall 😉 I must say, ever since I came into SL there has been much debate about how bad/good body oil and body glitter etc is on one’s av~ I decided to brave the so called extremely “tacky” choice and see how things work. So I dusted tons of glitter and actually really liked the way it worked for this scene.

MUISM summer's end

Muism has a reputation for their coats and jackets but one must not neglect the intricacy in some of their more casual designs such as swim suit. Their Tropic Dress which I’ve decided to feature in 2 different shades is one of my favorite being the print is lovely (who said beach wear has got to = bikini? tsk!) and it even comes with a flex skirt option to turn into a dress. Now that’s something you just gotta have! And as much as Elliot looks pretty darn bug in Muism’s amazing Board Shorts, I believe this Yellow Bead Embellished Bikini seriously stole the show. Gotta love soaking as much sun as possible!

And next up, what better way to live the glamorous life than to walk down a red carpet filled with paparazzi and screaming fans eh? Heh, I thought it was gonna be fun making a mini band out of this shoot~ To take some of Muism’s already stunning formals and put a rock and roll twist on it which proves a simpler feat seeing that Muism makes some of the most amazing rocker Jackets! The red carpet inspiration was definitely from all the crazy award shows we’ve been having lately in rl from the VMAs to the Emmys.

MUISM Red Carpet Event

MUISM Red Carpet Event B

The girl in the centerstage wears a lovely Lace Chiffon Dress that was initially a floor length formal but I added my own spin on it by shortening the length and making it into a mini dress. This is a great way to make some dresses for yours change form and style~

Finally the final set comes from my quirky mind with a lil help from my rl roommate. I wanted a great wey to show off the coats and jackets Muism have but wasn’t quite sure what sort of scene to do. Immediately my roommate offered, picture them in an art gallery, sipping on champagne and being all fabulous. Well obviously there’s no champagne involved nor are they the most fabulous bunch, definitely will catch your eye though 😉

MUISM Art Gallery

MUISM Art Gallery B

So these 2 shots features a group of kids who in my mind are either history or art majors; eccentric and quirky, each with their own unique sense of style. I wanted to make them each as eclectic as possible yet being able to seemingly blend into the picture a if they’re posing for a group shot~ So I hope I achieved that and that I gave you guys a different perspective to see Muism from. Muism has tons of jackets and coats, but in my mind they’ve been very clean and classic with their vendors. I love that about them, but it might also limit those who might feel awkward with classic traditional apparel; thus in all the looks above I aim to put my own perspective and flair into their clothes.

Soooo… to end things off; I’d like to say a BIG HUGE Thank you to Miaow, a new dear friend of mine actually without her, would have never inspired me to do the looks that I did for Muism. So both me and Mia decided to pose in a few pictures together wearing not just Muism stuff but Muism’s new releases!! *drumrolls* Yes! As if the sale wasn’t mind blowingly awesometastic enough, they got to go release some great stuff to tempt you guys into going over even more!

MUISM Urban Appeal
MUISM Urban Appeal B

The bags me and Mia plus the denim shorts are the new items we both decided to feature. This Massengar bag comes in both male and female versions and even has 3 poses built into it so you could wear it in several ways. The details and textures on it are just gorgeous~ The denim shorts as well have lovely textures! I sense that Muism will be going through a huge overall the next year and their new releases in my opinion just brings their brand to a whole new level. So be on a look out for those new releases to sweep your feet off the ground, they’re really stepping their game up!
*muacks* Once again thank you Mia and I hope you and the rest of the Muism staff would like what I came up with~
If you want closer looks please go straight to flickr and you’ll see the original 1000×1200 size ^^


MUISM summer’s end(From left to Right)
Anya in…
Skin: Lan in Latte from fishy*strawberry
Hair: Marguerite in Cassis (Group Gift July) from AY.Line
Swim Suit: Tropic Dress in Orange from MUISM
Body Glitter: from Nyoko

Elliot in…
Skin: Closer in Tan from &bean
Hair: Owen in Black from MUISM
Scarf: Crinkle Scarf in Gold from MUISM
Swim Shorts: Boardshort in Chocolate from MUISM
Body Glitter: from Nyoko

Anya in…
Skin: Faith in Porcelain from ATOMIC
Hair: W&Y Yuki Hair 90 from W&Y
Swim Suit: Tropic Dress in Apple from MUISM
Hair Accessory: Antique Rose Head Dress from Noju
Body Glitter: from Nyoko

Anya in…
Skin: Po in Light from vive9
Hair: Dylan in Beach Blond from Maitreya
Swim Suit: Beaded Embellished Bikini from MUISM
Body Glitter: from Nyoko

Elliot in…
Skin: Cole in Cream from Dernier Cri
Hair: Shaggy in Copper Chestnut from MUISM
Tie: Loose Skinny Tie in Knit with Lace from MUISM
Swim Shorts: Boardshort in Retro from MUISM
Boots: Knoots in Black from Ju Weissnicht
Body Glitter: from Nyoko

MUISM Red Carpet Event(From left to Right)
Anya in…
Skin: Anya from UGLYDOROTHY
Hair: RockArrange in CuteOrange from JUNWAVE
Vest: Biker Vest in Black from MUISM
Dress: Quilt Back Slinky Top in White from MUISM
Tie: Loose Skinny Tie in Knit Black from MUISM
Legging: Basics Sheer Leggings in MAROON from !Ohmai
Gloves: Glove fingercut in Black&Black from WaVE
Tattoo: Tattoo The Roses from Lot@Luv
Boots: Bootie Woman from Italiano

Anya in…
Skin: Po in Light from Vive9
Hair: BangBang in Kit Kat from !lamb
Hair Extension: Anais Caramel Brown Hair Bangs from FUEL
Jacket: Yeti Jacket in Black from MUISM
Dress: Lace Chiffon Dress from MUISM
Shoe: Jelly Wedge Pumps in Cinnamon from MUISM
Hair Accessory: Tiara from Meghindo’s

Elliot in…
Skin: Cole in Cream from Dernier Cri
Hair: Shaggy in Dark Ash Blonde from MUISM
Jacket: Leather Blazer from MUISM
Vest: Yeti Jacket in Black (pelvis part) from MUISM
Shirt: Stripe OS in Black.Blackfrom MUISM
Tie: Loose Skinny Tie in Leopard from MUISM
Pants: Tuxedo in Black Trousers from MUISM
Shoe: Ankle Boots in Stitched Black from MUISM

Anya in…
Skin: Belle in Light from vive9
Hair: Marla in Red from Kin
Hat: Fedora Black from MUISM
Jacket: Skinny Biker Jacket in Black from MUISM
Dress: Waistcoat Dress in White from MUISM
Scarf: Crinkle Scarf in Bronze from MUISM
Bangles: Istanbul Banges from fishy*strawberry
Shoe: Xkin Pearl from Maitreya

MUISM Art Gallery(From left to Right)
Anya in…
Skin: Skye in Milk from PINKFUEL
Hair: Milk in Kit Kat from !lamb
Glasses: Professional Glasses from Wrigglesworth
Scarf: Chunky Scarf Tassel in Tartan Yellow from MUISM
Dress: Sporty Jersey Dress in Olive from MUISM
Jacket: The Chic Coat in Leopard from MUISM
Leggings: Basics Sheer Leggings in MAROON from !Ohmai
Boots: Knoots in Black from Ju Weissnicht

Elliot in…
Skin: Kiba Skin in Ultra Pale RockCandy
Hair: Owen in Brown High Light from MUISM
Jacket: Modern Classic Suit in Black Pinstripe from MUISM
Underlayer: Polo Twin in White Grey from MUISM
Pants: Knickerbockers with Braces in Brown from MUISM
Bag: Massenger Bag in Green from MUISM
Sock: Knee SOck Mit Suspenders in Duge from pig
Shoes: Miami Hopper in Snake Grey from MUISM
Toast: Egg Toast from HANAUTA

Anya in…
Skin: Bird Skin in Dirt Kiss from fashionably dead
Hair: Egle in Copper Chestnut from MUISM
Jacket: The Chic Coat in Woven Thistle from MUISM
Shirt: Embroidered Satin Blouse in Gold from MUISM
Pants: Tartan Check Pants in Kennedy from MUISM
Glasses: Oversized White Glasses in Yellow from A&B
Boots: Indian Shoes in Black from amaama

MUISM Art Gallery cont.(From left to Right)
Elliot in…
Skin: Cole in Cream from Dernier Cri
Hair: ERA801 in Brown from booN
Belt: I Heart Colors Belt from Reek
Jacket: Tuxedo in Black from MUISM
Pants: Tartan Check Pants in Macrae from MUISM
Shirt: Open SIlk Shirt in Deep Violet from MUISM
Underlayer: Modern Classic Set’s Shirt/Stripe from MUISM
Glasses: DuckLips Glasses from Gritty Kitty
Bowtie: Nerd Couture Bow Tie in Green from rcbg
Shoe: Dinamika from Kalnins

Anya in…
Skin: Anya from UGLYDOROTHY
Hair: Isa in Dirty Blonde from Carlucci Designs
Hairband: Forgot Me Not Bun Headband from paper couture
Jacket: Leather Bomber Jacket in Brown/Brown from MUISM
Top: Halter Neck Dress in Tan from MUISM
Underlayer: Stripe OS / White.Pink.Blue from MUISM
Pants: Stripe Button Trouser in White from MUISM
Tie: Lose Skinny Tie in Tartan006 from MUISM
Shoe: Jelly Wedge Pumps in Caramel from MUISM
SketchBook: from DP*YumYum

Elliot in…
Skin: Closer in Tan from &Bean
Hair: JUDE in PlatinumI from MADesigns
Glasses: Soap Star Glasses from Wrigglesworth
Tie: Lose Skinny Tie in Tartan002 from MUISM
Jacket: Single Breasted Jacket in Black from MUISM
Shirt: Deep V Tee in Red from MUISM
Underlayer: Open Silk Shirt in Hana White from MUISM
Pants: Super Lowrise Jeans in Dark Rolled-up from MUISM
Socks: Stripe Socks in Glay from Roseo
Shoes: Miami Hopper in Snake Leaffrom MUISM

MUISM Urban Appeal(From left to Right)
Miaow in…
Skin: from CURIO
Hair: from Maitreya
Jacket: Skinny Biker Jacket in Gold from MUISM
Top: Halter Neck Dress in Green from MUISM
Underlayer: Sporty Jersey Dress in SlateBlue/Red from MUISM
Pants: DS_C Dark Rince from MUISM
Tie: Loose Skinny Tie in Jacquard from MUISM
Bag: Massengar Bag in Purple from MUISM

Anya in
Skin: Po in Light from vive9
Hair: Zoe in Beach Blond from Maitreya
Jacket: Biker Vest in Red from MUISM
Shirt: UK Rock N Rolla set Black Boned Dress from MUISM
Scarf: Crinkle Scarf in Gold from MUISM
Pants: DS_B_Light Destroyed from MUISM
Underlayer: DS_B_Light Destroyed from MUISM
Bag: Massengar Bag from MUISM
Shoes: Pocahontas Sandalsfrom Milk Motio

edging up Church of Luxe

I’m sure some of you have heard about the Church of Luxe sale that’s going on right now — all items (except the new haute bunny ears which are to die for!) are currently going for a mere 50L with fatpacks priced at 250L. Yes, this includes jackets, vests, tunics and of course CoL’s well known dresses. So why not hop on over and take a great look before some of this items get retired after the sale?

Church of Luxe to me has been a brand i associate with feminine prints, a semi vintage appeal and just overall girly dresses that I heart and love. I remember heading over to her store when I was still a sl newbie and just fell in love in all the clothes which kept very close to rl styles. So I decided to come up with a few looks from my favorite pieces from CoL’s massive choices and my intention was to edge up most of the looks, to showcase how versatile these pieces are.

edging up Church of Luxe I

The first look is centered around CoL’s lovely Sam Vest and Gretchen dress in which I turned into a simple cami. I felt very western inspired in this wear and just adore this huge hair by Hair OH! Hair OH has recently opened a new mainstore and carries new hair styles and even lashes so I advise you to drop over and take a lookie around~

edging up Church of Luxe II

The next look comes from Igraine in Yellow; I love how this looks like a usual collared shirt but with the prim turns into a long tunic~ You could pair this with pretty much anything! But I added colored tights to really amph the look up. The hair here is yet another from Hair OH, featuring her latest “oh my boy” hair.

edging up Church of Luxe III

Not only is this Jenna dress one of my fav pieces from CoL, i’ve also been meaning to cover this cardigan from barbee for ages now! I absolutely love the loose draping, the overall casual worn in look of the cardi. I changed the usual Jenna dress into a semi tight tunic, which I thought worked really well into this look.

edging up Church of Luxe IV

Finally, I have this look which is a lil more youthful. I love this Sam vest, it works well in all sortsa looks and a classic piece you should have. In the last 2 looks I’m sporting the latest hair from DP*YumYum which I have been seeing soooo many people sporting. This just means how adorable and awesome these hair are~

Oh! And on another note, the skins I’m wearing in all 4 looks come from fashionably dead! Toast Bard has released a bunch of new make ups and what I love most about these skins are the vivid red lips, some glossy and some matte. Something I crossed my fingers for since the first release of her skins — more red lipstick! So whoohoo! I’m sure you fd skin fans would find at least one makeup that calls out to you because there are just too many to choose from!

So! Now time for me to turn in, I hope you guys enjoyed these~

(Apologies for the lack of SURL; if you need one badly please IM me or reply — it’s one of those rare occasions where i just can’t bring myself to log back on and find all the urls again T_T)

Skin:Bird Skin in Blue Bird” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Ramen” from HairOH
Necklace:Repairs Necklace in silver Amber” from Whippet and Buck
Belt:Kimori Skinny Belt in brown/silver” from Pink Outfitters
Vest:Sam Vest in Dun” from Church of Luxe
Top:Gretchen dress top in Pearl” fromChurch of Luxe
Jeans:Dark Wash Jeans in Classic Fit / Boyfriend” from Avebury
Boots:My Leather Boots” from Milk Motion

Skin:Bird Skin in Fuschia Lady” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Boy” from HairOH
Glasses:Grandpa Glasses” from Nylon Outfitters
Tunic:Igraine in Yellow” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Sam Tank in Charcoal” from Church of Luxe
Leggings:Sheer Leggings in maroon” from !Ohmai
Shoes:WedgeSole Gladiator in Brown” from Sakka’s Studio

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:18 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Cardigan:Jewel KARASU” from barbee.
Dress:Jenna in Pitch” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Jeans:Acid Washed Jeans” from Madsy
Boots:Comfy Boots in Maroon” from Shiny Things

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:16 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Scarf:Scarf in Aqua” from Vette’s Boutique
Tank:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Skirt:Liv in Oatmeal” from Church of Luxe
Vest:Sam in Sea” from Church of Luxe
Ring:Finger ring N Chain” from Reflect
Shoes:Pocahontas Sandal” from Milk Motion

falling for gatcha~

As I said I’ll be back to cover on the Gatcha festival~ I’m hoping to gear up and start blogging again while resting a little after the mainstore cause I’m kinda drained from creating new things I won’t lie. I have so much ideas but schools just spinning out of control. So i’ll slink back into blogging, something that I love to refresh my inspiration juices a bit. As they say, oil the rusty gears! hee…

So when one thinks of Gatcha the words random, awesome and evil all comes into mind. Exact sentiments from me; this is the first Gatcha festival I’ve ever been too and I’m a big fan of those tiny ol’ machines where you just don’t know what sorta goodies you’re gonna get. The idea of that surprise in box, or prim, in our case — is just endearingly evil. You see your lindens slowly slip away but look on the bright side, you probably have tons of new goodies and even some transferable ones for friends!

This time round I spotted lots of gorgeous prints and textures running around in the gatcha prizes. So I decided to do a few looks inspired by the next season that’s slowly creeping back into LA. Sorry summer, but fall is really much much muchhhh better. When I think fall fashion, i think warm, cosy, lots of reds, browns, oranges and maybe a tinge of green leftover. I think textures and prints! Which falls together with the items from gatcha very very well.

The first, no well both looks feature my favorite piece from this year’s festival — Elate‘s Elise dress! I love the girly youthful shape with the vintage florals which are oh so so feminine. I paired them up with a tweed jacket from DP*YumYum which isn’t gatcha but so appropriate for fall; a piece you can wear over and over again and just never gets boring. The accessories in this look mostly came from Gatcha and I especially wanna give special love to PIDIDDLE‘s broach and head pieces which are so pretty! I kept spinning trying to get tanks but alas, lady luck wasn’t on my side this time round. Luckily I have plenty of accessories from my hard work~

falling for gatcha~ I

The next look is really mostly gatcha love! The turtle sleeveless top comes from couverture, a special rare item you get if you spin endlessly like I did just to get a specific color of their tights. I loved these socks from sen*2 and scarf from LOULOU&CO. as well~ I find it so incredible how designers are putting out some very similar colors for the upcoming season which proves which colors are on the buzz lately. These adorable candy from TEKUTEKU comes with cheek blushing as well, hence the flushed look on my face. Which by the way goes incredibly well with the lip makeup of vive9‘s Po — my new favorite skin thus far from Blu! BeetleBones also finally finished her gatcha after several probing and annoying on my part. You’ll find these adorable heels over at her gatcha stand, tons of colors to get and the style is just too adorable for words!

falling for gatcha~ II
falling for gatcha~ III

So, as we soon say goodbye to summer; we shall all remember what a great season we had here in sl! Tons of amazing releases that just blows my mind. I’m eggcited to see what’s coming up in fall! So lets keep em coming guys!

*Gatcha Items link to Cioccolata*

1st Look
Skin:Po (light) Yas” from vive9
Eye:Eye gh B” from TEKUTEKU *Gatcha Item*
Hair:Romy in Sangria” from TRUTH
Glasses:black glasses” from Heartattack & Vine
Dress:Elise in Sunny” from Elate!*Gatcha Item*
Jacket:Tweed Jacket in Red” from DP*yumyum
Leggings:Leggings 003 (Green)” from MIU*Gatcha Item*
Top:Tank Top in Gold” from Apollon*Gatcha Item*
Gloves:Gloves in Olive” from en Svale
Hair Accessory:Hair Dangle 002” from PIDIDDLE*Gatcha Item*
Brooch:Rose Broach 002” from PIDIDDLE *Gatcha Item*
Boots:Mouton boots 001” from ordinary design

2nd Look
Skin:Po (light) Ash” from vive9
Eye:Eye gh E” from TEKUTEKU *Gatcha Item*
Lashes:Gift Eyelashes” from Mayden Couture
Hair:09 in chocolate” from DP**yumyum
Top:Border Sleeveless Knit” from Couverture*Gatcha Item*
Skirt:Elise in SpringGreen” from Elate!*Gatcha Item*
Scarf:A green Song” from LOULOU&CO.*Gatcha Item*
Socks:Layering Socks in Olive(Bordeaux)” from sen*2*Gatcha Item*
Hair Accessory:NaTsu-HaNa in Orange” from OTO TACHIBANAPA Summer Fair Item
Candy:Candy-hoppe*1” from TEKUTEKU*Gatcha Item*
Shoes:Gatcha Fest Pumps in Tan Leopard” from Beetle*Bones*Gatcha Item*

Poses:Freya Poses,Flowey,SugarCube*Gatcha Item*,DARE,LOTTA

Lippin Denim for Cioccolata Gatcha!

Lippin Denim for Cioccolata!

I’m a little late on my gatcha but I finally got it done and I hope you guys like it! It’s a denim tunic inspired by a Japanese designer that I read in a magazine ^^ Hence the name.
It’s a mere 25Lindens per spin for this Lippin Denim… which color would you end up with?
(This item is transferable but non copiable so you can send over some to your friends as well!)

I’ll cover more gatcha goodies real soon!! ❤

Taxi to Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival!

brave in nude~

Not much to say cept imma be narcissistic and incorporate some of my items in this look. Nude colors have lately been creeping up on my style~ Something about nude champagne colors that look extremely soft yet brave as they sometimes make you look as if there’s no clothes on. I decided to overcome that by using textures from the lingerie and odd shapes~

I’m wearing vive9‘s new Maya skin which I love love, heart heart — beyond words! Blu has come a long way since her first big hit in the community. I love how fresh her skins are, incredibly strong skins but so young and chic~ The features of her skins are something I love with my shape cause we share the same love for wide set eyes. Po and Maya her new skins have definitely won my heart over!

brave in nude I
brave in nude II

Putting on the gold version of my Miss.Thumbelina dress, I decided to add Beetlebones‘ gorgeous nicola dress frilly pieces. I know how much sue slaved over this dress, and I love how I can play with it and just move it about to create different effects in other looks!

In this I’m featuring some fri.day items which I actually have never featured before *gasp* I’m sure most of you have heard about fri.day, not only their high quality basics but also that huge sale they had! Lucky for me, I was incredibly out of touch with the news during the period of their opening so I decided to get so much goodies during the sale. My favorite is definitely their hair, fri.day has some amazingly textured hair which looks soft and elegant and classic~ something that rings all throughout the brand.

I also have on Maitreya shoes which are late news but oh how stunning; hands down best sculpted feet when you’re aiming for realism. I wouldn’t normally pair prim feet with stockings but the sheerness of these stockings worked well with the shoes.

Details and Credits
Skin:Maya Light Lace2” from Vive9
Eyes:dark soul” from bodyline
Hair:Eloise in Timid Brown” from fri.day
Lashes: from PIDIDDLE
Bra:Rose Beige bra” from Love Lace
Cardigan:Long Cardi in Cream” from fri.day
Frill Parts:nicola dress parts in vanilla beans” from BeetleBones
Skirt:Miss Thumbelina in GildedGold” from !Ohmai
Stockings:Tights in White” from Ivalde
Shoes:IXkin Pearl” from Maitreya

!Ohmai Mainstore!

Hellooo; I completely see cobwebs and all that shabang on this blog and it’s sad cause school has been keeping me completely occupied at this point in time so I apologize for the sudden sparse in blogging! Blame it on the trojan horse (USC) lol~

Another thing that’s been keeping me horribly busy would be of course !Ohmai. I’ve been working hard on my main store for ages now and I’d just like to thank all of you that have been so incredibly supportive and also welcoming to my sudden shift to the design world. It’s been a tad bit confuzzling as to where my shops are but so far — I have a branch in the Black Market (Which holds exclusive items only), Sweet Memory (Vive9’s new mainstore and an AMAZING sim), and SWITCH mall (in which my CP branch has moved to, awesome Japanese folks there!). I also have a few more events and branches in schedule for Ohmai so it’s been work work work and fun fun fun hee…

However, I would like to brag a little about my main store which I’ve had tons of help from the Starlust crew ❤ I love them to bits and so honored to be there! Thank you Appy and Allegory for having me and my quirk over. My mainstore is thoroughly inspired by fairy tales which I’ve grown up loving and the 3 little pigs has always been one of those stories I adore. Not cause it’s morbid and the pigs ended up getting eaten but just cause they had the cutest homes (easily blown no doubt but CUTE). I decided to style my shop in that way flying on balloons which was inspired by the show “UP”. Each build holds different aspects of !Ohmai…

Taxi down to !Ohmai’s mainstore ❤

The straw building which is the first one you see holds all my basics. Those essentials of one’s daily wardrobe in 20 different colors! I love colors and it’s hard to pick a favorite so making 20 shades for me is just a blast!

The wood building is the one I can’t quite describe, it’s my cosy, feminine side in which I hold a whole array of randoms from dresses to tops to all my fun stuff. Currently hair is also held there but that might change in the future. I have a sign in there with art drawn by a good friend of mine in RL, Denny Khurniawan. Denny’s a great artist that I’ve known for ages and has been helping me with my work even before second life. I’m proud to feature some of his drawings in sl and I hope to recreate some of the styles he drew within his illustrations.

Finally the Brick building is what I’d like to call !Ohmai Luxe. This is where I currently hold my Silk Spun dress and Hamilton Military which are the higher fashion side of me. It’s a little barren now but I hope to keep adding amazing stuff in there.

There wasn’t a huge opening of any sort as my schedule has been going nuts, but I’m super thankful to those that came when I did finally open hee, and I really appreciate all of you for dropping by. I send my love and hearts to you! Colors definitely are a key component to my designs and I decided to make a little poster wearing different items currently available from my store to make a color palette inspired sorta poster~

Color !Ohmai

It’s been a great journey and I’m so proud to be able to show you guys what I’ve done! I hope to keep improving and keep doing what I love and can’t do in rl… big hugs to all of you!!

I’d also like to say… there’s a running building right in the heart of where my store is, if you’re confused, that’s actually Beetle*Bones!! Haha… Suetabulous my sister and also the heart of my life will also be moving with me into Horst. It’s been fab having her in sl and it helps us keep in touch with each other even when we’re living miles and miles apart. Sue has come a long way in sl and has out shined my expectations in so many ways. I wish her all the success and I hope you guys pay her running building a visit before it runs away *gasp*

Taxi down to !Ohmai’s mainstore ❤

the Black Market

Ahoy Mateys!
Like I said before, a special surprise is coming your way this Sunday and it’s none other than the Black Market! The Black Market is a brand new place where designers of all genre within this community come down to share their sales and exclusives. Sales and discounted items from each designer will be rotated regularly in 2-3 weeks intervals which gives you more reason to keep checking back for gorgeous amazing awesomesauce stuff!!!
Some of our pirates (designers) have not set up but are in the midst of doing so, so pardon the dust… Enough talking let me show you some snaps of the amazing place and hopefully it’ll entice you to pay us a visit 😉

Black Market III
Black Market IV
Black Market II

Black Market I

And of course… I’m so honored to be part of this project! I’ve created some exclusives just for the place, so for the time being it’s all I have and my store will keep changing as time goes on… For now, these are my wares;

Sparrow Rendezvous

Sparrows Rendezvous comes in a long version for those who can’t stand the chill and a short one for the brave. A compass and rope would aid you in maneuvering around on your journey within the Black Market. So use them wisely… it might come to good use some day….

SOAH Welcome Gift

Soah is a gypsy inspired hairstyle which allows you to blend in with the rest of the gypsies in the market placee; just in case you might need a disguise of some sort. There’s a few colors here that fits just right about anybody, and a nifty resize script if it doesn’t fit quite right. OH! Andddd…. 5000L is a joke 😉 this hair is a freebie that can be found in the boats within the docks~

I’ve prepared 2 ships for you to take your place within the Black Market, so hop on over!!
Ship to !Ohmai @ the Black Market
Ship to the Black Market