the Black Market

Ahoy Mateys!
Like I said before, a special surprise is coming your way this Sunday and it’s none other than the Black Market! The Black Market is a brand new place where designers of all genre within this community come down to share their sales and exclusives. Sales and discounted items from each designer will be rotated regularly in 2-3 weeks intervals which gives you more reason to keep checking back for gorgeous amazing awesomesauce stuff!!!
Some of our pirates (designers) have not set up but are in the midst of doing so, so pardon the dust… Enough talking let me show you some snaps of the amazing place and hopefully it’ll entice you to pay us a visit πŸ˜‰

Black Market III
Black Market IV
Black Market II

Black Market I

And of course… I’m so honored to be part of this project! I’ve created some exclusives just for the place, so for the time being it’s all I have and my store will keep changing as time goes on… For now, these are my wares;

Sparrow Rendezvous

Sparrows Rendezvous comes in a long version for those who can’t stand the chill and a short one for the brave. A compass and rope would aid you in maneuvering around on your journey within the Black Market. So use them wisely… it might come to good use some day….

SOAH Welcome Gift

Soah is a gypsy inspired hairstyle which allows you to blend in with the rest of the gypsies in the market placee; just in case you might need a disguise of some sort. There’s a few colors here that fits just right about anybody, and a nifty resize script if it doesn’t fit quite right. OH! Andddd…. 5000L is a joke πŸ˜‰ this hair is a freebie that can be found in the boats within the docks~

I’ve prepared 2 ships for you to take your place within the Black Market, so hop on over!!
Ship to !Ohmai @ the Black Market
Ship to the Black Market

4 responses to “the Black Market

  1. [13:02] Anya Ohmai: I love uuuuuu
    [13:02] Malika Marville: quoted

    Loves your new stuff, open your mainstore before I have withdrawals.

  2. I was SO EXCITED when I started getting the group notices for this event from various stores! It’s really an amazing event. It was exciting to see so many designers (including you!!) in-person, too!

  3. *takesadeepbreath*



    Oooh wormling clones hahaha

  4. Strawberry Citron

    I just wanted to let you know that I love all of your creations. Several of your items are now permanent fixtures in my wardrobe. Hopefully you will make a group? I’d love to keep up with all your new items!

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