about ohmai

anya ohmai is what I go by on second life; truly though it’s just a personal reflection of who I am in real life. This blog is a documentation of me in second life, mostly the fashions I come across — or perhaps once in a while other random tidbits.

I love fashion ; I love style… but by no means am I the best at what I do. I’m just another avatar on second life, living in a virtual realistic world. 

BUT!! I do hope whoever that reads this blog would like the things I do and come up with. whoo!

Always feel free to leave comments on my blog. I like to know what you think as well and not listen to my own verbal vomit hee~

oh my ohmai

4 responses to “about ohmai

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. you have such an excellent blog. I love your quirly style, and just wanted to say I’m a fan

    – also, you help kill my sl piggy bank ^-^

  3. wow, i really luv ur creations, they are amazing!!

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