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falling for gatcha~

As I said I’ll be back to cover on the Gatcha festival~ I’m hoping to gear up and start blogging again while resting a little after the mainstore cause I’m kinda drained from creating new things I won’t lie. I have so much ideas but schools just spinning out of control. So i’ll slink back into blogging, something that I love to refresh my inspiration juices a bit. As they say, oil the rusty gears! hee…

So when one thinks of Gatcha the words random, awesome and evil all comes into mind. Exact sentiments from me; this is the first Gatcha festival I’ve ever been too and I’m a big fan of those tiny ol’ machines where you just don’t know what sorta goodies you’re gonna get. The idea of that surprise in box, or prim, in our case — is just endearingly evil. You see your lindens slowly slip away but look on the bright side, you probably have tons of new goodies and even some transferable ones for friends!

This time round I spotted lots of gorgeous prints and textures running around in the gatcha prizes. So I decided to do a few looks inspired by the next season that’s slowly creeping back into LA. Sorry summer, but fall is really much much muchhhh better. When I think fall fashion, i think warm, cosy, lots of reds, browns, oranges and maybe a tinge of green leftover. I think textures and prints! Which falls together with the items from gatcha very very well.

The first, no well both looks feature my favorite piece from this year’s festival — Elate‘s Elise dress! I love the girly youthful shape with the vintage florals which are oh so so feminine. I paired them up with a tweed jacket from DP*YumYum which isn’t gatcha but so appropriate for fall; a piece you can wear over and over again and just never gets boring. The accessories in this look mostly came from Gatcha and I especially wanna give special love to PIDIDDLE‘s broach and head pieces which are so pretty! I kept spinning trying to get tanks but alas, lady luck wasn’t on my side this time round. Luckily I have plenty of accessories from my hard work~

falling for gatcha~ I

The next look is really mostly gatcha love! The turtle sleeveless top comes from couverture, a special rare item you get if you spin endlessly like I did just to get a specific color of their tights. I loved these socks from sen*2 and scarf from LOULOU&CO. as well~ I find it so incredible how designers are putting out some very similar colors for the upcoming season which proves which colors are on the buzz lately. These adorable candy from TEKUTEKU comes with cheek blushing as well, hence the flushed look on my face. Which by the way goes incredibly well with the lip makeup of vive9‘s Po — my new favorite skin thus far from Blu! BeetleBones also finally finished her gatcha after several probing and annoying on my part. You’ll find these adorable heels over at her gatcha stand, tons of colors to get and the style is just too adorable for words!

falling for gatcha~ II
falling for gatcha~ III

So, as we soon say goodbye to summer; we shall all remember what a great season we had here in sl! Tons of amazing releases that just blows my mind. I’m eggcited to see what’s coming up in fall! So lets keep em coming guys!

*Gatcha Items link to Cioccolata*

1st Look
Skin:Po (light) Yas” from vive9
Eye:Eye gh B” from TEKUTEKU *Gatcha Item*
Hair:Romy in Sangria” from TRUTH
Glasses:black glasses” from Heartattack & Vine
Dress:Elise in Sunny” from Elate!*Gatcha Item*
Jacket:Tweed Jacket in Red” from DP*yumyum
Leggings:Leggings 003 (Green)” from MIU*Gatcha Item*
Top:Tank Top in Gold” from Apollon*Gatcha Item*
Gloves:Gloves in Olive” from en Svale
Hair Accessory:Hair Dangle 002” from PIDIDDLE*Gatcha Item*
Brooch:Rose Broach 002” from PIDIDDLE *Gatcha Item*
Boots:Mouton boots 001” from ordinary design

2nd Look
Skin:Po (light) Ash” from vive9
Eye:Eye gh E” from TEKUTEKU *Gatcha Item*
Lashes:Gift Eyelashes” from Mayden Couture
Hair:09 in chocolate” from DP**yumyum
Top:Border Sleeveless Knit” from Couverture*Gatcha Item*
Skirt:Elise in SpringGreen” from Elate!*Gatcha Item*
Scarf:A green Song” from LOULOU&CO.*Gatcha Item*
Socks:Layering Socks in Olive(Bordeaux)” from sen*2*Gatcha Item*
Hair Accessory:NaTsu-HaNa in Orange” from OTO TACHIBANAPA Summer Fair Item
Candy:Candy-hoppe*1” from TEKUTEKU*Gatcha Item*
Shoes:Gatcha Fest Pumps in Tan Leopard” from Beetle*Bones*Gatcha Item*

Poses:Freya Poses,Flowey,SugarCube*Gatcha Item*,DARE,LOTTA

spinning milk motion~

I’m excited to show you guys my two looks today ^^ 3 reasons; one because the items found are massive love, two I absolutely loovee the looks and three… I’m happy with the way I edited the shots hee~ So I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

Once in a while we find one item that simply blows our minds away with love and in this case it’s Milk Motion‘s new preppy check jacket. I spotted this jacket in Uma‘s blog and was just anticipating it’s release — when I logged onto flickr and saw that it was finally released, I immediately ran over to the Cupcake sim! This jacket comes with 2 different bottoms and the option to add shoulder pads or not — I loved the way Uma wore it with a belt rather than the bottoms; there’s just so many ways to mix and match this jacket, you definitely don’t want to give it a miss.

I decided to do 2 looks for this jacket, I hope I did it justice ^^


The first look I went for is a more tomboy take. Short tweed pants from MNK*Shop is great for spring when you’re looking for something other than jeans. The best thing about these shorts are that it comes in 2 different lengths, I’m sporting the shorter version in this case. Kuso has some new releases for the upcoming cheery weather; there’s cute polos and stripped tanks in such pretty colors! I picked yellow to go with the blue lining of the jacket. I love the texture of Kuso’s clothes and it’s always good to carry around some great basics for all seasons (see more pictures of Kuso’s release here). Another worthy mention is Zhao‘s oxford heels which are a little pricey but the details are really to die for! I love it that the laces are customizable to any color you wish. Oh oh!! One last thing — this adorable hair is brand new from JUNWAVE; a store I simply adore to bits. I’m sure tons of you have seen this hair being sported by bloggers all around, it is that irresistible ^^


The second look, I’ve decided to give this jacket a feminine touch by pairing it with a dress. Doux Petit Dahl‘s new spring fling ensemble came as a perfect timing! These gorgeous dresses come in a myriad of colors and comes in sets (so no fat packs here) worth 350L each. The sets comes with not only the dress but adorable booties, a huge scarf, tights and some accessories! A full outfit right there! I used both the tights and dress in this girly outfit — the tights were perfect for this look! I love the intricate lace detailing on these tights. The gorgeous jewelry on both outfits come from Atelier*AM and I was hanging out in the shop together with Tomoyo the other day when Aya Huldschinsky (store owner) rezzed right next to us. Being a sweetheart, she gave us this lovely hair as a gift. She cheekily said it might be released soonish so keep an eye out for it. I love the huge flower and tinted it slightly to give it a more pinkish hue.

Ah… now off to school I go~
How I wish I had such a jacket to wear to campus with in rl…

Details & Credits Outfit 1

Skin: “Lea05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: Glance eyes (in light grey)” lucky board gift from Den-Dou
Eyelashes: twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: pop’n girl (in lightbrown)‘ from JUNWAVE
Nails: Nails in light brown” from M99
Inner Layer Tank:master of cats (in black)” from Thimbles
Outer Layer Tank:Striped Tank (in yellow)” from Kuso
Jacket: my preppy check jacket (in blue)” by Milk Motion
Shorts: Tweed short pants (in brown)” by KALMIA labo (MNK*SHOP)
Socks: Handknit socks (in green)” from MIASNOW
Shoes: AprilStars (in chocolate)” from ZHAO
Bangles: Istanbul Bangles” from fish*strawberry
Necklace: Layered necklace (in gold)” from Atelier*AM

Details & Credits Outfit 2

Skin: “Lea04” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: Mooney eyes (glassy blue)” lucky board gift from dp* yumyum
Eyelashes: MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Gloves: V Gloves (in brown)” from Vett’s Boutique
Inner Layer Shirt:Isis shirt (in white)” from Zaara
Jacket: my preppy check jacket (in blue)” by Milk Motion
Dress&Leggings: Spring Fling Ensemble (in zesty)” from Doux Petit Dahl!
Shoes: AprilStars (in chocolate)” from ZHAO
Bangles: Istanbul Bangles” from fish*strawberry
Hair&Necklace: Layered necklace (in gold)” from Atelier*AM

ohmai says Happy Easter!!

Easter ended about 2 hours ago hee… but no harm in sharing some bunny love!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter day — I know my day went quietly well…


My first Easter in second life had been terribly fun; with all the hunts available, it’s hard to be bored in world. The bunny hop was certainly the highlights of all my hunts — 300 stores is ALOT of gifts to go through. I did nearly 70% of the hunt before deciding to stop and just sit back to rest my eyes. I found so many amazing stores and I hope to be able to showcase some of them in my blog ^^

Thank you to the fabulous artists who have hosted hunts and provided us with gorgeous gifts ^^

Details & Credits

Bunny Avatar: from DP YumYum
Hair: Priscilla (in Almond)‘ part of BunnyHop from Hal*Hina
Top:Cotton Star Top” part of BunnyHop from “anuenue
Overalls: Overalls” part of BunnyHop from TOAST
Backpack: “Easter Backpack” part of BunnyHop from Fifferling

come on take 3

Hah! Soon is an underestimation! My final and last look for my DP yumyum cotton tee purchase. I definitely had fun and I loved thinking up of ways to wear just one similar top. Just to emphasize yet again, this top is the love!

This final look leans more towards the tomboyish side of me — Instead of wearing the prim that causes the bubble shaped of the tee, I took it out and wore it as a sweater like top. DP yumyum adds really detailed texturing on the bottom to make it look like a realistic sweater, so the designer definitely did think of people who would rather wear the design without the added prims. I hope you guys like this!

By the way… I love me red heads – noms



Those shoes are by PornStar — a small shop right now but oh my what quality! The design features a high top version or a folded version. Scripted with such a vast variety of color changes — there’s no end to the combinations! This has to be one of my favorite buys so far… so go check em out ^^

Details & Credits

Skin:Yoan (03)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: lovely eyes set (in gray)” from sakurako
Hair: Mister Sister (in rotten carrot)‘ by !lamb
Top :Print Cotton T (in blue)” from DP yumyum
Jacket :Jacket (in black)” from COCO
Scarf: Afghan Stole” by :sey
Leggings: Mariya Stirrup Tights (in pitch black)” by Sh*t Happens
Eyewear: Sunglasses (in black)” made by NiVEN part of gift bag for ScarlettCast subscribers
Shoes: Xtra Hi-Tops Multicolor v2” from PornStar

sweets and things…

Oh my dearie… I wonder what’s up with my screen resolution — I can’t seem to save bigger sizes and it’s making my pictures look wonky *shakes fist at ‘puter*. Ahem ahem… So, I sincerely apologize for the bad size and quality photos, please live with them till I get this situation fixed and handled heh.
So! I’m feeling a huge blockage in writing so I’ll just make this short and sweet.

DP yumyum released new print cotton tees — they have these cute heel pattern on them. I’ve been lusting ever since I saw it on their flickr, so when I went over and saw that the shop has been updated with these tees, I flipped! I contemplated on whether red or blue would be the choice of color. Alas, I failed to make a decision and clicked the fatpack version to get all 3 colors (green, red and blue). OMGAH! The cotton tees actually come with tights and a puffy skirt as well — but I vowed to come up with 3 looks for each of the colors to justify buying all the colors soooo… my next few posts will be simply just that hee.

First look is a feminine yet cute look, I’ve been horribly feminine lately, me wonders why — spring? The eyelashes gives me such a lovable Twiggy look! Yums!


Details & Credits

Skin: “Lea (05)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: ‘Moony Glassy (in green)” from DP yumyum
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes 10 Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: ‘Cocco (in honey)’ by {fascino}
Nails: ‘J’s Nails (in black)” from J’s
Top:Print Cotton T (in red)” from DP yumyum
Scarf: Soon Scarf” freebie in Harold by Thimbles
Skirt: Chocolate Skirt (part of dress)” by shirohato
Leggings: Mariya Stirrup Tights (in almost black)” by Sh*t Happens
Shoes: J’s Fringe Cowgirl Boots (in cocoa brown)” from J’s
Ring:bbb ring pig with black pearl” done by Big Boob Boutique gotten from minajunk
Pet:Piggy” from PINK FUEL

Hope you guys likey!