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edging up Church of Luxe

I’m sure some of you have heard about the Church of Luxe sale that’s going on right now — all items (except the new haute bunny ears which are to die for!) are currently going for a mere 50L with fatpacks priced at 250L. Yes, this includes jackets, vests, tunics and of course CoL’s well known dresses. So why not hop on over and take a great look before some of this items get retired after the sale?

Church of Luxe to me has been a brand i associate with feminine prints, a semi vintage appeal and just overall girly dresses that I heart and love. I remember heading over to her store when I was still a sl newbie and just fell in love in all the clothes which kept very close to rl styles. So I decided to come up with a few looks from my favorite pieces from CoL’s massive choices and my intention was to edge up most of the looks, to showcase how versatile these pieces are.

edging up Church of Luxe I

The first look is centered around CoL’s lovely Sam Vest and Gretchen dress in which I turned into a simple cami. I felt very western inspired in this wear and just adore this huge hair by Hair OH! Hair OH has recently opened a new mainstore and carries new hair styles and even lashes so I advise you to drop over and take a lookie around~

edging up Church of Luxe II

The next look comes from Igraine in Yellow; I love how this looks like a usual collared shirt but with the prim turns into a long tunic~ You could pair this with pretty much anything! But I added colored tights to really amph the look up. The hair here is yet another from Hair OH, featuring her latest “oh my boy” hair.

edging up Church of Luxe III

Not only is this Jenna dress one of my fav pieces from CoL, i’ve also been meaning to cover this cardigan from barbee for ages now! I absolutely love the loose draping, the overall casual worn in look of the cardi. I changed the usual Jenna dress into a semi tight tunic, which I thought worked really well into this look.

edging up Church of Luxe IV

Finally, I have this look which is a lil more youthful. I love this Sam vest, it works well in all sortsa looks and a classic piece you should have. In the last 2 looks I’m sporting the latest hair from DP*YumYum which I have been seeing soooo many people sporting. This just means how adorable and awesome these hair are~

Oh! And on another note, the skins I’m wearing in all 4 looks come from fashionably dead! Toast Bard has released a bunch of new make ups and what I love most about these skins are the vivid red lips, some glossy and some matte. Something I crossed my fingers for since the first release of her skins — more red lipstick! So whoohoo! I’m sure you fd skin fans would find at least one makeup that calls out to you because there are just too many to choose from!

So! Now time for me to turn in, I hope you guys enjoyed these~

(Apologies for the lack of SURL; if you need one badly please IM me or reply — it’s one of those rare occasions where i just can’t bring myself to log back on and find all the urls again T_T)

Skin:Bird Skin in Blue Bird” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Ramen” from HairOH
Necklace:Repairs Necklace in silver Amber” from Whippet and Buck
Belt:Kimori Skinny Belt in brown/silver” from Pink Outfitters
Vest:Sam Vest in Dun” from Church of Luxe
Top:Gretchen dress top in Pearl” fromChurch of Luxe
Jeans:Dark Wash Jeans in Classic Fit / Boyfriend” from Avebury
Boots:My Leather Boots” from Milk Motion

Skin:Bird Skin in Fuschia Lady” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Boy” from HairOH
Glasses:Grandpa Glasses” from Nylon Outfitters
Tunic:Igraine in Yellow” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Sam Tank in Charcoal” from Church of Luxe
Leggings:Sheer Leggings in maroon” from !Ohmai
Shoes:WedgeSole Gladiator in Brown” from Sakka’s Studio

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:18 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Cardigan:Jewel KARASU” from barbee.
Dress:Jenna in Pitch” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Jeans:Acid Washed Jeans” from Madsy
Boots:Comfy Boots in Maroon” from Shiny Things

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:16 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Scarf:Scarf in Aqua” from Vette’s Boutique
Tank:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Skirt:Liv in Oatmeal” from Church of Luxe
Vest:Sam in Sea” from Church of Luxe
Ring:Finger ring N Chain” from Reflect
Shoes:Pocahontas Sandal” from Milk Motion

blank slate basics

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately… and I haven’t been finishing the ideas I had in mind simply because I feel like I can’t *_* sobs. I think mayhaps I have lost my creative juices somewhere? This look features something I initially wanted to do a series of. I’ve been getting awesome tee shirts from various places and I wanted to show case all of their gorgeousness in several looks, but that didn’t seem to work out and I’m left with one 😦
I hope you guys still like this one though and I hope I get hit in the head and get inspired soonish because this mind block is making me a tad bit cranky~


So! This look features this gorgeous tee from barbee. This store has some really inspiring art work that you guys should go check out; most of the art is brought into the fashion world as they are made into t-shirts like the one I’m wearing. I personally bought a few but this was one of my favorites. T-shirts in sl are such a staple and great quality ones can be hard to find, something like this can be worn almost anywhere in sl — for a lag free time during a hunt or an event, a quality tee just does wonders. I paired it up with this gorgeous skirt from Ume Mode that was initially a dress, but it allows you to edit and pull down into a ethnic printed skirt too.

I’m wearing a different skin today, thinking it’s time to try out something else. Kaethe Dyrssen from *Leafy brought me to this store and I’m truly thankful to find Lara Skin‘s gorgeous skin called Daisy. I particularly love this makeup option cause of its peachy lip which is not apparent in any other makeup option. Kaethe also has a bunch of new poses out in her store which you guys should go check out cause they are AWESOMEZ *winks*

This hair comes from a store I also recently just found called Zero Style. It’s not a new brand and many of you might have heard of it before — but I lurve the quality of their hair. Every strand is so glossed and shiny as if it’s been through a good dose of hair conditioner. Very healthy and hair lovers out there who have never been here — NEED to go!

Apologies once again for my very uninspired moment, who knows, I might just log on and get inspired or I might not in the next week or so 😦 *crosses my fingers* See you guys soon!

Details & Credits
Skin:Daisy in green” from LARA SKINS
Eyes:eye03 grey” from ROGE
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Nucco in Black Cherry” from Zero Style
Shirt:T-SHIRT robot02” from barbee.
Shoes:Hemp flat shoes Sunflower in brown” from Love Soul
Skirt:Sun Dress in Bitter” from Ume Mode
Scarf:Thin Scarf in Sand” from Miel
Bracelet:Wooden Bangles” made by Cesta Bohemia
Bracelet:ACCESSORIES SET #1 Bracelet A” from Shade Throne
Poses: Ana Lu *fresh poses*