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toothpick cranes

You know how tons of people were feeling rather low and uninspired lately? Well amazingly today when I checked the feeds — I see tons of really inspiring goodness and it’s awesome that people are getting their groove back 😉 So for those who haven’t — we’re waiting for ya to jump on the bandwagon! We’re patient!!
As for me, I’m trying to catch up with the stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about but haven’t! I’m not really good with keeping up with the latest and newest stuff; so poo imma sloww…

Just wanted to do a lil casual quirky piece with some stuff that I’ve been accumulating. I lurve glitter hair and I’m so pleasantly surprised with their new textures. Glitter has always had great styles but the latest ones have been femininely adorable, I love! The sad thing is, I never like their blondes, it has always been too ashy for me *sad face* so I had to go with my 2nd choice of being a red head! I still love though~

toothpick cranes I
toothpick cranes II

This dress is one from KiiTos, a store I loved for poses but recently their new dresses have been leaving me in squees! This dress has gorgeous prints and this one plus another dotted blue one was my favorite from the lot. I decided to pair the dress up with this great shirt I found in curiosity. I’m featuring curiosity twice now, but they truly are an amazing store. They recenly released a new group gift that’s a casual grey sweater — a staple for both men and women!

See those lovely lace tights? My dear friend Chance Greatrex from DARE has brand new stockings out for sale! Great colors all laid out in a circle for you to have a hell of a time picking! Teehee… I really love it’s intricate designs and I know I can’t wait to see more clothes and poses from him. Oh! Finally these fringe boots are from the little store called Usagui ~ They have some high quality furniture for sale — but I also love the clothes they have laying around in their little field! So do give them some love and check it out ^^

Just a short little write up today…
I’ve been dabbling with making stuff and just recently made a short little tank top ^^ squee~ I’m still trying to find my style and getting used to the seams and such! But that might explain my lil slow-nicity~

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya S 02” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:INNOCENCE eyes in emerald peach” gift from MADesigns
Eyelashes:Daily” from REDGRAVE
Hair:CELEBEE in cherry” from glitter
Shirt:Check Shirt Pastel Brooch 2” from Curiosity
Dress:Asian onepiecce *bird*” from KiiToS
Stockings:Lace Stockings in Minty” from DARE
Boots:Fringe Boots” from Usagui
Poses:ELISA, ami*s, Pretzel Poses

unexpected visitor…

Sometimes when you meet an inspiring person — you immediately get inspired to do things you normally wouldn’t. elka Lehane has been a noticeable icon in the fashion community in sl; in fact one of the first few bloggers in our community. It was both an honor and a pleasure to spend time with her, and I want to nom her little tiny tush cause she’s super adorable! This look was created spending time with her and she dropped on me this adorable little doll that serves as my lil unexpected toy ^^ I lurve~ (FUSHING love you ^^ teehee) Oh and I waited for the belt to rez for ages O_O but I’m guessing it just might be grey?

Speaking about elka, if you’ve never seen her store before — I know I was surprised to find out she had a store O_o — you NEED to check it out! She has tons of little branches around but I’m giving you the teepee to her store over at Hbox because well, uh.. GO HBOX! elka carries several items ranging from gladiators, jewelry to awesomez hand painted clothes! Love her quirk and love her goods ^^ The look below showcases her little 60s Owl necklace…

unexpected visitor I
unexpected visitor II

I’d never expect myself to dorn pants like these in real life, but when I found them in world at *WM* DOUBLE M; I can’t help but go yay! Baggy clothes are much love in world and a rare commodity I think — so whenever I find out it’s always a joy! You see that lil white bit popping from under the pants? Hee~ I wish I could showcase this store better, but that’s a pair of legging from marble. A brand new store that opened and has a tiny little cottage dedicated to her wares or you can find them over at *WM* as well! This store was a great find and you guys should definitely head over to marble to see her floral printed leggings and shirts! Won’t regret I swear 😉

Another wonderful piece in this look is this gorgeous blazer from curiosity over at Cupcakes. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the cupcakes sim — since it really is one of those places you NEED to go and spend hours in, tons of shops and new ones pop up unexpectedly. Curiosity has been there for a while now I think? But I only recently found it and one of the creators has been so kind to drop me a few of their wares — mainly menswear, but then again, not surprising that we female shoppers would put it on to showcase if it is THIS awesomez looking. I love the little badge that appears on the chest, like a school blazer or some sort.

I’ve featured Periquita before but Erpla amazes me with her talents and she recently sculpted this new pair of high stilettos that features textures and colors she normally never does. I love the rounded front and the little tip at the ends that can be both in black or gold. These pair of stilettos can only be found at DARE a store that belongs to a dear friend of mine by the name of Chance Greatrex aka. SUPER GREATREX ^_^ (poo that’s your new name nao!). He recently released lacy leggings that you guys should go check out, and if you haven’t got some of his poses ~ well shame on you! Cause they are high fashion amazement!

Final showcase would be Kaethe’s amazing new poses over at Leafy. She kindly dropped a huge large humongous pack of poses on me and boy as a blogger — I’m sure that’s a dream come true! Her store normally carries crazy funky poses but she recently has been working on getting some more modelly kinds just for us bloggers who need poses so much! So be sure to give her a lookie ^^

OH OH OH! By ze way~ UGLYDOROTHY fans out there; Sopha will be opening a main store reeeeaaallll soon!!! And boy am I excited cause I just got a teaser of her 2 new skins and they are lurve! So keep your eyes open for that 😉

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya N 07” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Realistic Eyes in Gray” from Miriel
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Sweet Lady in Gold” from JUNWAVE
Pants:arajin in red” from *WM* Double M
Blazer:Curiosity Blazer” from Curiosity
Turtleneck:Turtleneck #white” from Emery
Leggings:Legging border R” from marble
Gloves:V Gloves (in gold)” from Vette’s Boutique
Earrings:Indian Diamond Jewelry Gold 2” from Mashooka Designs
Bracelet:MC Bangle gold (long)” from ICoN
Shoe:Stiletto Gray (gold tip)” from Periquita
Belt:HARA-KA Belt black” from Discord
Necklace:60s Wired Owl (gold)” from BF!
Doll:*N*ICHIMATSU KANOKO” given from elka made by taiko McCaw
Poses: *leafy


I initially wanted to showcase this look I created right after my post on gracie’s shape. To show how her dress fits all sizes and shapes… and also because I’m so excited to find her store and her very elegant designs. I never got around editing the photos and I finally got the chance to do so — hope you guys like ^^

Grace Winnfield from Gracie’s mostly makes bridal gowns from what I see in her store, very elegant huge show stopping dresses. She recently made dresses which are less wedding like and more on the couture end. I personally don’t wear elegant dresses like these much because knowing me, I’d probably step on them and ruin them due to my AO’s constant moving heh. With the help of a pose stand, I manage to look semi elegant in this gorgeous dress of hers called “Adoring”.

j'adore I
j'adore II
j'adore III

I paired this dress up with Polina Kaester‘s unreleased blazer which I hope to showcase in another look because it is just so fabulous! I’d wear nothing with it anytime… love the details of the blazer, and how carefully textured it is! I can’t wait for this to be released to see what other looks people will come up with!

I belted the look up and added random extra fluffs and roses from paper couture to make this look more interesting than just a blazer and dress. It’s also one of those days I wanted to play with editing and manipulating prim parts from my inventory ^^ I love this pair of eyelashes that I got sent from Allep Jeans. This store mainly sells high quality jeans right now, but will be branching out into watches, jewelry and even eyelashes! This is a little teaser to show you guys what Allep has been working on — I know I love it so very very much!

The hair obviously comes from the well known brand Vintage Wear. I can’t believe I have never worn hair from them before in any of my looks because they are stunning! The perfect shade of blonde that I love, and that bow textured in hair texture is brilliant — so glad to see these in world when I first joined secondlife! One news I recently heard about VintageWear is that they will be closing the store and rebranding to become Epoque. Epoque will not only feature hair, but jewelry and eye wear as well. The great thing is, those currently in VintageWear’s subscribo won’t need to bother quitting and moving — the Epoque team handles all that work for you! I’m so excited to see what the Epoque team will do to launch this brand into new heights! Definitely something we should all keep a look out for!

Details & Credits
Skin:dhr-F01-SYL-P-G-LB” from dhr
Eyes:Coldgrey bodyline
Eyelashes:Eyelash001” from Allep Jeans
Hair:Hair Bow & London Import” from VintageWear
Blazer:Military Denim Jacket” from Polina Kaester
Dress:Adoring” from Gracie’s
Belt:Morgane (belt)” from Dany French Touch
Belt Accessories:Carnation Jacket pieces” & “Frida Rose in white” from Paper Couture
Poses: TorridWear

ohmai… it’s KAO!

Heh… joke of the day. Zephy was talking to me via skype and we were talking about second life addictions and she casually mentioned that if one day we had a second life convention and we were to go together, we should both dress up in total grey and if someone asked why, we’d both go “we’re still rezzing” XD heh…
OMGOSH XD LACK… OF… SLEEP… *inserts random rambles*

*ahem* What better than a pretty skin pack to keep ones inspiration juices flowing ^^ I love reviewing skins and they’re a big job that I love doing with great care and detail. I’m not too big on mixing and matching lately, so I shall keep the look simple! KAO SKINS has released a new line of skin called Erika — there’s only one skin tone so far but with 6 different make up options. Each makeup costs 1000L and there’s no fatpack available. Each makeup will consist of 4 different versions as shown. One that’s normal, one with lighter/less brows, one with thicker and fuller lashes and finally the last one a mix of fuller lashes with lighter/less brows. It will also come with an eyebrow shape (extremely crucial for this skin’s character I believe) and a shape ^^

Another thing I’d like for all of you to note are the eyes ~~ I got sent these eyes to review and I lurve how nedeko has completely outdone herself! Some of you would know nedeko for being a smart photographer on flickr and a great shape maker inworld. She has been trying to dabble in other aspects of content creation and have made several interesting things in her store that you guys should check out! These eyes are her hard work and originality. I love the vibrant shades and how they just pop in my photos. I hope you guys will go and take a look at her beautiful eyes over at Bodyline!

ohmai… it’s KAO! I

I believe some skins beauty lies in their details of subtle realism and I love noticing them as I review and edit the pictures in photoshop. Erika makes me look like a spunky more naughty version compared to my usual self — I love the attitude the skin brings. The body is not the most heavily shaded skin, and that gives it a very realistic flesh like quality. I love how the shading is extremely subtle but at the crucial places and how well the shading of the face matches the body. The cleavage is extremely full and the stomach is toned but femininely done. I love how the collarbone looks soft and not overly protruding. Plus, my favorite part about the body of this skin lies in the knees and behind the knees. I love the subtle darker pink hue on these areas — it’s a little detail that makes the skin look more natural and charming. For me, I think the body is perfect in the style the artist likes to portray — nothing negative for me to say about it ^^

ohmai… it’s KAO! II

I took and extremely close up view of the face — but it really fails to look as good as it did in world. The highlighting of the faces really appear more luminescent in world and I hope you guys get the demo to see it. Especially the nose area — I love how well done the nose is, the way it has a very distinct shading and shape. I have added eyelashes in this picture, which makes the eye lashes look fuller, but there are drawn in lashes in this skin; and very well done I might add. One thing I didn’t like about this skin much is the lack of definition in the eyebrow. I prefer eyebrows that have definition to the tiny wisps of hair in it, so I can actually see the “hair” texture. This one seems a little rough. However the rest of the eye I love, the subtle detail of the enhanced eye bag makes it so natural. The lips look as if a thin swipe of gloss has been applied, I feel like the colors used on all the makeup is very fruity and fresh for the summer. This one in particular is the red lips makeup which is by far my favorite.

As each make up comes with 4 versions like I mentioned before. I will show you guys pictures of all 4 versions you will get per make up option. I only bought 3 of them so the final 3 on the bottom are the 3 makeups I did not get in the “more lashes” option.

ohmai… it’s KAO! III

Red lips makeup
obviously showcases the reddest lips, from what I see the eyeshadow in this makeup is done with orangey and brown tones. Very natural glossy red lips. I love how fresh this is and the red lips is done is a very young way that doesn’t make one look old.

Rose makeup is yet another one I love! The eyeshadow is done in duller tons of pinks and purple – I believe the colors shown here are the most feminine of the bunch. The other colors are extremely bright and spunky, this one attempts to be a little more elegant. THe lips are a deep pink shade.

Yellow makeup is interesting to me, it features the very difficult yellow and orange to be the eyeshadow — yet making it look natural and not overdone. I love the pairing of the eyeshadow with peachy glossy lips. This i feel is the perfect beach makeup to put on; very brave colors without catching too much weird attention.

Natural lips is the most basic version of this Erika skin. Lightly done eyeshadow in tones of pink and brown. The lips are done in a natural flesh color, and everything looks very basic and clean.

Pink lips is exactly like natural lips — the eyeshadows are the same color and the feeling of basic freshness is there as well. THe lips however are tinted with a shade of pink for extra cuteness.

Pink makeup is done with darker shades of pink and browns as the eyeshadow. The lips are done in pink as well, but a tad bit darker shade than pink lips to differentiate them. Pink makeup is like a more made up look as compared to pink lips naturalness.

Hope this review gives an insight to this beautiful skin from KAO! *hugs to everyone*

Details & Credits
Skin:Erika” from KAO SKIN
Eyes: all from bodyline
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Hana” from Atelier*AM
Swimsuit:Starlit Swim Suit” from KAO
Shoes:Freedom Flops” from Surf Co.
Earrings:Blob Earring” Easter Crush Row hunt gift from PIDIDDLE
Poses: Kru’s Boutique

blank slate basics

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately… and I haven’t been finishing the ideas I had in mind simply because I feel like I can’t *_* sobs. I think mayhaps I have lost my creative juices somewhere? This look features something I initially wanted to do a series of. I’ve been getting awesome tee shirts from various places and I wanted to show case all of their gorgeousness in several looks, but that didn’t seem to work out and I’m left with one 😦
I hope you guys still like this one though and I hope I get hit in the head and get inspired soonish because this mind block is making me a tad bit cranky~


So! This look features this gorgeous tee from barbee. This store has some really inspiring art work that you guys should go check out; most of the art is brought into the fashion world as they are made into t-shirts like the one I’m wearing. I personally bought a few but this was one of my favorites. T-shirts in sl are such a staple and great quality ones can be hard to find, something like this can be worn almost anywhere in sl — for a lag free time during a hunt or an event, a quality tee just does wonders. I paired it up with this gorgeous skirt from Ume Mode that was initially a dress, but it allows you to edit and pull down into a ethnic printed skirt too.

I’m wearing a different skin today, thinking it’s time to try out something else. Kaethe Dyrssen from *Leafy brought me to this store and I’m truly thankful to find Lara Skin‘s gorgeous skin called Daisy. I particularly love this makeup option cause of its peachy lip which is not apparent in any other makeup option. Kaethe also has a bunch of new poses out in her store which you guys should go check out cause they are AWESOMEZ *winks*

This hair comes from a store I also recently just found called Zero Style. It’s not a new brand and many of you might have heard of it before — but I lurve the quality of their hair. Every strand is so glossed and shiny as if it’s been through a good dose of hair conditioner. Very healthy and hair lovers out there who have never been here — NEED to go!

Apologies once again for my very uninspired moment, who knows, I might just log on and get inspired or I might not in the next week or so 😦 *crosses my fingers* See you guys soon!

Details & Credits
Skin:Daisy in green” from LARA SKINS
Eyes:eye03 grey” from ROGE
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Nucco in Black Cherry” from Zero Style
Shirt:T-SHIRT robot02” from barbee.
Shoes:Hemp flat shoes Sunflower in brown” from Love Soul
Skirt:Sun Dress in Bitter” from Ume Mode
Scarf:Thin Scarf in Sand” from Miel
Bracelet:Wooden Bangles” made by Cesta Bohemia
Bracelet:ACCESSORIES SET #1 Bracelet A” from Shade Throne
Poses: Ana Lu *fresh poses*


Recently I’ve read about Gracie who has been looking for models for her store, there has been several comments and remarks about the size card that she wanted for her models. I wonder, who are we to laugh at someone’s preference to how she wants to showcase her looks upon? We might not all agree at how models should look — but do we really need to publicly tease someone about it?

When I initially read Gracie’s post, I won’t lie — I was somewhat turned off by the rigidity of the requirements and wonder why not just make your own shape and model them rather than subject another person to what you want? And then I started thinking a little more clearly and thought — she was paying these models, so really, she has every rights to request what she wants of them. I guess what I find most disturbing is the outright mention of certain names in which the models should look like, this might actually rip another person of their own personal identity in sl as another person imitates their look to apply for this job. Other than that, I no longer find any fault in her post, a lot of designers have specific requirements for their models and we’re calling out just one to poke fun of?

I’m interested in shape making and find that it’s an extremely difficult feat to adjust the body proportions to the right size. I must admit there are a lot of things I can change about my current shape to make it more “realistic” and “appropriate” — but I go by instincts when it comes to what looks good and what doesn’t. Not everyone is an expert shape maker and is it not always a learning process for everyone? I’m by no means an expert shape maker and this is my own rendition of Gracie’s shape.

I tried making a shape from the size card Gracie provided and came up with a rather towering shape. As I stand tall amongst my peers — i realize I’d never want to keep a shape like this because it simply is too tall, and doesn’t really have hips that I’d love to see in a woman’s body. But, is this an ugly shape? No, I really don’t think so. I looked at the comparisons of the old me (right) and the new gracie me (left) and thought — it really isn’t that bad. It’s just not for “me”.

This shape is incredibly skinny, but aren’t the models we see in real life not like that as well? We live in a society where skinny is considered a plus to have; we hear girls talking about diets, weight loss pills etc etc — I don’t think the shape Gracie has asked for is something too alien and scary that deems all the attention and bad press. We’ve all seen this shape before in magazines, tvs etc in real life, so why the shock value? I don’t think Gracie means to say this is the ideal shape everyone should have and the only shape she will find attractive; I think this is just the shape she chooses to showcase her clothes in. Which as a designer, she has ever rights to do so.

The right intentions come up with right poses, styling and makes anything look good. Bad intentions come up with a bias standpoint that makes something gorgeous look outrightly disastrous. My own personal opinion and take on this matter.

We’ve just ended blogger’s appreciation week, should we not take some time to reflect all the work designers have done so as well? Why start up another drama when something happy has just passed? Smile people~

pan, it’s my labyrinth

I’ve been feeling inspired by hair lately and I decided what I was gonna do was put a few looks together mainly by going from the feel of the hair. This way, I get the excuse to use all my unused items sitting in the dust of my inventory’s black hole yeeyah~ So if my next few posts are randomness, it’s just cause I lurve the hair that has been around lately!

First up is this gorgeous hair from DEJAVU, and apologies for the lil mistake I had in my previous post. I always had the impression Dango was the creator for DEJAVU and that’s my noobishness making mistakes teehee… Lilkim Lovell’s 2 new releases are as usual extremely lush and full. I think that’s my favorite part about DEJAVU — when adjusted right on your head, it makes you have this full lush hair that you can only dream and wish about in rl. I might have made mine a tad too big, but it’s for dramatic effect. When I put on this hair, I immediately thought of a look that was cute, crazy and big — just like this amazing hair.

pan, it's my labyrinth I
pan, it's my labyrinth II

Uncle Wiggily‘s Patchwork Antlers are massive love, Esme has closed down her mains tore and moved all her older items in to a smaller branch in Grace; it’s for her to have a lil resting time and get used to school life yet again. I know tons of us are waiting for more of her wonderful creations, so hang in there Esme!

I’ve been meaning to wear one of The Sea Hole‘s pieces in a very long time — her creations never fail to amaze me with her creativity and eccentrics. I remember buying this dress during my Bunny Hop hunting and I was just completely bought over by the rest of the goodies in her store. The Sea Hole’s main store is on the same region as this gorgeous new mall called +rad+ where you can find tons of amazing stores. Most items are already up, but the official launch I have yet to hear about. Do give them a look and oogle at the loveliness of the sim!

The other little accessories are pretty randomness, I picked out feathers and lacy details for a feminine hippy sorta look — still keeping the madness of course. Big thanks to Tomoyo and Moddish who tp-ed me into mixx for a lucky board feather accessory. I’ve never been to that store before and I love all the accessories they have up! Definitely worth a check out so go go go!

I hope you guys will like the next few looks I’ll be coming up, all inspired by the the oh so fabulous Hair! Because Hair Fair is coming up SOON~~ *excitements*

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya M 05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Lovely Eyes in Dark Green small” from sakurako
Eyelashes: Twiggy” from REDGRAVE couture
Hair:LUVYA in dark red brown” from DEJAVU
Undershirt:Lacey Undershirt” from Foam!
Dress:Sequin Dress Set” from The Sea Hole
Antlers:Patchwork Antlers” from Uncle Wiggily
Socks:Lo Socks Expresso” from Miel
Choker: Embryo Dress Choker” from un Jour
Bracelet:leather bracelet M” from halu
Shoes:Feather Brown Boots” from KUROTSUBAKI
Feather:Feather hair exte_03” from mixx
Black Feather:Feather from Dahlia02” from WILD O
Poses: IZUMIYA, Couverture,ATTITUDES