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Lippin Denim for Cioccolata Gatcha!

Lippin Denim for Cioccolata!

I’m a little late on my gatcha but I finally got it done and I hope you guys like it! It’s a denim tunic inspired by a Japanese designer that I read in a magazine ^^ Hence the name.
It’s a mere 25Lindens per spin for this Lippin Denim… which color would you end up with?
(This item is transferable but non copiable so you can send over some to your friends as well!)

I’ll cover more gatcha goodies real soon!! ❤

Taxi to Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival!

!Ohmai Mainstore!

Hellooo; I completely see cobwebs and all that shabang on this blog and it’s sad cause school has been keeping me completely occupied at this point in time so I apologize for the sudden sparse in blogging! Blame it on the trojan horse (USC) lol~

Another thing that’s been keeping me horribly busy would be of course !Ohmai. I’ve been working hard on my main store for ages now and I’d just like to thank all of you that have been so incredibly supportive and also welcoming to my sudden shift to the design world. It’s been a tad bit confuzzling as to where my shops are but so far — I have a branch in the Black Market (Which holds exclusive items only), Sweet Memory (Vive9’s new mainstore and an AMAZING sim), and SWITCH mall (in which my CP branch has moved to, awesome Japanese folks there!). I also have a few more events and branches in schedule for Ohmai so it’s been work work work and fun fun fun hee…

However, I would like to brag a little about my main store which I’ve had tons of help from the Starlust crew ❤ I love them to bits and so honored to be there! Thank you Appy and Allegory for having me and my quirk over. My mainstore is thoroughly inspired by fairy tales which I’ve grown up loving and the 3 little pigs has always been one of those stories I adore. Not cause it’s morbid and the pigs ended up getting eaten but just cause they had the cutest homes (easily blown no doubt but CUTE). I decided to style my shop in that way flying on balloons which was inspired by the show “UP”. Each build holds different aspects of !Ohmai…

Taxi down to !Ohmai’s mainstore ❤

The straw building which is the first one you see holds all my basics. Those essentials of one’s daily wardrobe in 20 different colors! I love colors and it’s hard to pick a favorite so making 20 shades for me is just a blast!

The wood building is the one I can’t quite describe, it’s my cosy, feminine side in which I hold a whole array of randoms from dresses to tops to all my fun stuff. Currently hair is also held there but that might change in the future. I have a sign in there with art drawn by a good friend of mine in RL, Denny Khurniawan. Denny’s a great artist that I’ve known for ages and has been helping me with my work even before second life. I’m proud to feature some of his drawings in sl and I hope to recreate some of the styles he drew within his illustrations.

Finally the Brick building is what I’d like to call !Ohmai Luxe. This is where I currently hold my Silk Spun dress and Hamilton Military which are the higher fashion side of me. It’s a little barren now but I hope to keep adding amazing stuff in there.

There wasn’t a huge opening of any sort as my schedule has been going nuts, but I’m super thankful to those that came when I did finally open hee, and I really appreciate all of you for dropping by. I send my love and hearts to you! Colors definitely are a key component to my designs and I decided to make a little poster wearing different items currently available from my store to make a color palette inspired sorta poster~

Color !Ohmai

It’s been a great journey and I’m so proud to be able to show you guys what I’ve done! I hope to keep improving and keep doing what I love and can’t do in rl… big hugs to all of you!!

I’d also like to say… there’s a running building right in the heart of where my store is, if you’re confused, that’s actually Beetle*Bones!! Haha… Suetabulous my sister and also the heart of my life will also be moving with me into Horst. It’s been fab having her in sl and it helps us keep in touch with each other even when we’re living miles and miles apart. Sue has come a long way in sl and has out shined my expectations in so many ways. I wish her all the success and I hope you guys pay her running building a visit before it runs away *gasp*

Taxi down to !Ohmai’s mainstore ❤

ohmai teasers~

Boo! It’s been a huge long while… and this place has been growing way too much cobwebs lol… but hiiee i’m back, I might not be fully active till August 20th cause internet is evil where I am, but I’ll try my best!

Remember the last time I left, I said i’ll be content creating for a bit, and I have! I’ve been working my butt off the entire month and got a few (not a lot) of completed stuff, but it’s still not available just yet. I’m currently awaiting to set up store in Horst and I’ll be keeping you guys updated on that ^^ Hopefully by mid or end August, it’ll be there…

Right now though… as teasers, I’m releasing my Hamilton Military in 4 colors over at Chance’s shop DARE. This military inspired bolero comes in puffy sleeves which will occur in many pieces throughout my collection. There’s a total of 10 colors, but I’m releasing my favorite 4 for you guys.

!Ohmai Hamilton Military

!Ohmai Hamilton Military

Chance is also holding a sale for all his clothes, everything now goes for a mere cheap price of 10L! All the pieces will be retired after this sale.
Get a Taxi
So, I hope you drop on by and I hope you like what I’ve made so far. The military jackets are where the entrance is in case you missed it XD

I’ve missed u guys tons and tons~ Hope to be blogging more!!

oh hai~

Oh hai ~~
embarrassing post alert!
So i’ve been talking about making clothes and uhh, just a short lil post to show you guys my first ever creation O_O pardon me if it looks crapaholics.

oh hai~

So yeah — no it’s not those amazing undies from BALACLAVA~ I just used it to cover my bits and attempt to pretty up what I did hee… But I made those *points* tanks. They’re a little short cause I’m still practicing my seaming, wanted to make something basic and simple ^^ as practice.

These are something i made dedicated to my all time favorite blogger’s rez day UMA! For being the first fashion blog I ever read in sl, for being inspiring to so many of us out there, and for keeping strong no matter what drama hits her way and for having the most adorable new puppeh!! Heh, so in honor of her, i sewn on a little tag at the back of the tag that says “UMA”. I’m just apologetic about it not being any great~~~

Just wanted to show these off because I am proud for finishing something I set out to do and hoping to practice more and be a little better and find a style. I ramble a lot in here partly cause I’m quite embarrassed about this… but tons of my friends in world have been telling me they look decent so I bow and say I’m humbled. Big huge thank yous to Chance for being my mentor throughout this tank making thyme ~ he’s probably the only one that saw it from my black empty shape, to the first fold, to the ribbing to the final piece. Thank yewsss ^^

So yeah, i will head off now… and uh… NOM my KFC *hugs to all*

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya” from UGLYDOROTHY
Tank: own creation ^^”
Poses: TorridWear