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blooming in skin fair~

Skins are a major love of mine and I was so glad this weekend was the very awesome Skin & Shape Fair; *wiggles* There were tons of skin and shape stores setting up awesome stuff and there was 2 skins in particular that really grabbed my interest ❤

Blooming in Skin Fair I

First of course is Pink Fuel‘s Skye which i absolutely hearts to death! Skye is extremely feminine and soft in features and totally makes me look super girly which I love ❤ The makeup options are endless and I choose to feature my favorite from her line called “Beestung“. Beestung has glossy reddish lips and a very subtle eyeshadow and is perfect to wear in any occasion in my opinion. The features are very much modified from her previous release and this time fits my shape like a glove~ I really like the youthful shape of every feature in her skin and all of you really should hop over and give Skye a demo because it truly is a skin you must have!

Blooming in Skin Fair II

The next skin that caught my eye was Milk Motion‘s Colette! I’ve always had a fascination for drawn tooth in skins, I think it adds such a character but I’ve always looked extremely bunny like in most. In fact this skin does make me look very bunny like at certain angles but I loved it too much to give it a pass. If you’re a fan of unique skins, this one definitely is the way to go~ There’s beauty marks in subtle areas of the body and a face that just melts your heart. I particularly loved Ice1 and Cute2 but featured Cute2 in this post as it has the most unique makeup I’ve ever seen on the grid. I love love love and if you’re brave enough to give this skin a try, be sure to grab demos and you might be surprised by how it looks on your shape 😉

edging up Church of Luxe

I’m sure some of you have heard about the Church of Luxe sale that’s going on right now — all items (except the new haute bunny ears which are to die for!) are currently going for a mere 50L with fatpacks priced at 250L. Yes, this includes jackets, vests, tunics and of course CoL’s well known dresses. So why not hop on over and take a great look before some of this items get retired after the sale?

Church of Luxe to me has been a brand i associate with feminine prints, a semi vintage appeal and just overall girly dresses that I heart and love. I remember heading over to her store when I was still a sl newbie and just fell in love in all the clothes which kept very close to rl styles. So I decided to come up with a few looks from my favorite pieces from CoL’s massive choices and my intention was to edge up most of the looks, to showcase how versatile these pieces are.

edging up Church of Luxe I

The first look is centered around CoL’s lovely Sam Vest and Gretchen dress in which I turned into a simple cami. I felt very western inspired in this wear and just adore this huge hair by Hair OH! Hair OH has recently opened a new mainstore and carries new hair styles and even lashes so I advise you to drop over and take a lookie around~

edging up Church of Luxe II

The next look comes from Igraine in Yellow; I love how this looks like a usual collared shirt but with the prim turns into a long tunic~ You could pair this with pretty much anything! But I added colored tights to really amph the look up. The hair here is yet another from Hair OH, featuring her latest “oh my boy” hair.

edging up Church of Luxe III

Not only is this Jenna dress one of my fav pieces from CoL, i’ve also been meaning to cover this cardigan from barbee for ages now! I absolutely love the loose draping, the overall casual worn in look of the cardi. I changed the usual Jenna dress into a semi tight tunic, which I thought worked really well into this look.

edging up Church of Luxe IV

Finally, I have this look which is a lil more youthful. I love this Sam vest, it works well in all sortsa looks and a classic piece you should have. In the last 2 looks I’m sporting the latest hair from DP*YumYum which I have been seeing soooo many people sporting. This just means how adorable and awesome these hair are~

Oh! And on another note, the skins I’m wearing in all 4 looks come from fashionably dead! Toast Bard has released a bunch of new make ups and what I love most about these skins are the vivid red lips, some glossy and some matte. Something I crossed my fingers for since the first release of her skins — more red lipstick! So whoohoo! I’m sure you fd skin fans would find at least one makeup that calls out to you because there are just too many to choose from!

So! Now time for me to turn in, I hope you guys enjoyed these~

(Apologies for the lack of SURL; if you need one badly please IM me or reply — it’s one of those rare occasions where i just can’t bring myself to log back on and find all the urls again T_T)

Skin:Bird Skin in Blue Bird” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Ramen” from HairOH
Necklace:Repairs Necklace in silver Amber” from Whippet and Buck
Belt:Kimori Skinny Belt in brown/silver” from Pink Outfitters
Vest:Sam Vest in Dun” from Church of Luxe
Top:Gretchen dress top in Pearl” fromChurch of Luxe
Jeans:Dark Wash Jeans in Classic Fit / Boyfriend” from Avebury
Boots:My Leather Boots” from Milk Motion

Skin:Bird Skin in Fuschia Lady” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Boy” from HairOH
Glasses:Grandpa Glasses” from Nylon Outfitters
Tunic:Igraine in Yellow” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Sam Tank in Charcoal” from Church of Luxe
Leggings:Sheer Leggings in maroon” from !Ohmai
Shoes:WedgeSole Gladiator in Brown” from Sakka’s Studio

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:18 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Cardigan:Jewel KARASU” from barbee.
Dress:Jenna in Pitch” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Jeans:Acid Washed Jeans” from Madsy
Boots:Comfy Boots in Maroon” from Shiny Things

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:16 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Scarf:Scarf in Aqua” from Vette’s Boutique
Tank:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Skirt:Liv in Oatmeal” from Church of Luxe
Vest:Sam in Sea” from Church of Luxe
Ring:Finger ring N Chain” from Reflect
Shoes:Pocahontas Sandal” from Milk Motion

glitter and gold

Lately the looks i’ve been coming up with have been leaning towards a more glamorous edge, which makes me wonder why since I’m with my family and have been the most mellow and toned down I’ve been in ages *inserts lol* I’m having tons of fun finding all these amazing glam stuff in my inventory though! So today, i’m showing 2 looks which revolves around the fab glitter and gold~ what every girl kinda needs in their inventory no?

glitter and gold II
glitter and gold I

The first dress comes from this store I found not too long ago called GARCONS Tokyo, they have some supper shiny dresses which makes for great night wear — each dress I got comes in a long formal version and a shorter fun version; I opted for the shorter one with ruffles as I thought they’d be great fun to pair with these pair of chunky Beauchamp Heels from Gbberish which are oh so interesting and fun. To carry the leather up, I wore AOHARU‘s cut head accessory in cow print which makes for an interesting fun look. I decided for simple layering of pearls which I’ve been rather obsessed with since in rl, mom says pearls can only be worn after marriage *nuuuu* I insist they’re rather flattering on any age!

glitter and gold III
glitter and gold IV

The next look features something more on a tomboy side, but still glitter and sequined! I’m excited for Kendall’s new brand Wasted Youth as the store features a collection filled with fun daring prints and adorable daily wear. This sequined blazer comes with adorable sculpted shoulders and the most interesting print! Something this strong can make one look old so I opted for short denims from Milk Motion and ripped leggings from Fishy*Strawberry (I LOVE!!). I accessorized with Hair Salon CriCri‘s hair (free I believe from a summer fair) that has a script to turn that flower piece on and off — something so gorgeous shouldn’t be hidden though!! The belt is an adorable weaved belt from Beetle Bones, and will be in her upcoming release which features adorable hand drawn ostrich leather bags too! Be on a lookout for that ^^

Both looks features the brand new skin Raine from PinkFuel which has such a HUGE variety of makeup for any genre that one might cry to pick favorites. I love the lips on this skin and have been rather obsessed with the cream shade that allows the lips to show oh so perfectly. Mochi has been working long and hard on these skins and one can see the hardwork from how gorgeous they turn out to be. ❤ Bless her heart and I anticipate more gorgeousness from Mochi in the future and I know tons of you will be too!

Skin:Raine Cream – Astronaut” from PinkFuel
Eyes:Eyes Amber” from MAY Girl
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Dylan in Platinum Blonde” from Maitreya
Dress:Dress Meteor in Champagne” from GARCONS TOKYO
Tights:Sheer Leggings” from !Ohmai
Shoes:Beauchamp Heels in Red Sea” from Gbberish
Necklace #1:Long Pearl necklace double” from Atelier*AM
Necklace #2:Stringy Pearls” from Fashionably Dead
Necklace #3:Classic Pearls” from mpb
Hat:Mini Head Accessory Brown Cow” from AOHARU

Skin:Raine Cream – Rust” from PinkFuel
Eyes:Eyes Turquoise” from MAY Girl
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:HatFREE Ver3” from Hair Salon Cri-Cri
Underlayer:HI BAR UNDERTANK in coco” from MIEL
Blazer:Structured Sequins Blazer” from Wasted Youth
Pants:My Jeans Shorts in Bleach” from Milk Motion
Belt:Weave Belt” from Beetle Bones (unreleased)
Stockings:Swan Lake White Leggings Fishnet ripped” from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes:Western Boots in Brown Leather” from Studio M’z

military doll

Milk Motion is by far one of my favorite stores in sl when it comes to high quality apparel that you want both in-world and in real life. This blazer has long been tumbling around in the feeds and I’ve been wondering how I can make it look a little more unique in terms of creating a look for it. I’m glad that Chance Greatrex a dear friend of mine has given me the LM to a great store! Chance by the way is going to blush as red as a monkey’s butt because I hearts him so and I’m gonna pimp out his new poses to ya! Check out the pictures of his brand new poses HERE and hail a taxi down to his store real quick cause this man is a pose making genius I tell you!

*ahem* so… this store that I got teepeed to is Amariah. Amariah has a small selection of really gorgeous dresses which are just drool-worthy ~ not only that, they have one line of skin which is not only adorable but also super affordable. I’m not wearing the skin although I hearts it so — as the skin tone didn’t match this hair that I’m about to feature. However, I am wearing Amariah’s skirt; a bubble shaped skirt that’s just too cute! I love the shape of it definitely but the texturing is also done really smoothly. Go show these 2 amazing designers some love!!

military doll I
military doll II

With Hair Fair coming up (like in hours!!!), i’m pretty surprised that I have the mood to find several new hair stores I’ve never been to before. I featured AY.LinE in this post and as much as I ❤ them; i’m equally in love with this store called Marie’s. Marie’s carries a few really girly hair styles and I have a weak spot for a great braid, so this hair just calls to me! I love how well done the texturing is for the braids and the script option for hair clip and scrungie coloring is just great for me! So before heading to Hair Fair, why not drop on by to Marie’s to see her gorgeous wares.
Another little tip is; bOON is carrying some great hair extensions for ya. So if you’re a big fan of bOON hair, these new extensions are gonna give you mixing and matching hair heaven!

You can only see these clearly in close up, but the rose jewelry i’m featuring here comes from Frangipani Garden; a stunning range of jewelry can be found there. I’m in love with this particular set because I just love well sculpted flowers in sl; when they come to me as jewelry, well all the better!

And another note; thank you all who have expressed concerns to me in world regarding my previous post! I hugs chu all~~ I’ve been going through a lil roughie patch in real life and some of you have heard about it. It’s really no big deal and I’m trying my best to walk away from the situation and move on with my life. Second Life has proven to be my happy outlet, and it lets me express my emotions in a more productive way. With Hair Fair coming up and tons of other goodness — one has no time to feel sad at all! I ❤ chu guys. I’m really glad and blessed for everything that has happened so far and I couldn’t wish for anything more!

So off I go to prepare some Hair Fair posts whoohoo!

Skin:Anya M 07” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Standard Eyes Lavendar” from Miriel
Eyelashes:Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair:05 in Platinum” from Marie’s
Blazer:My Belted Jacket” from Milk Motion
Underlayer:Turtleneck #white” from Emery
Skirt:Mist, Sculpted Satin Bubble Skirt” from AMARIAH
Jewelry:ROSE Flower Set in White” from Frangipani Garden
Shoes:Enamel Buckle Gladiator in Silver White” from AOHARU

Poses taken from Nina‘s awesome pose stands~ thank you for letting me bum over at your studio!


I’ve been meaning to showcase these skins for a while — but my schedule has been backed up by another assignment. Now, I finally have the time to do it, I hope I do these skins justice!! Sopha from UGLYDOROTHY and I have had quite a great relationship with each other; I love her skins dearly and when she named her new line after me, I was only too honored and pleasantly surprised! *hugs sopha*

These new Anya skins feature 4 different lines; M, N, P and S. The face type is overall similar with each other — but there are subtle differences in the make up options of all 4. I hope I describe them with as much detail as I can to ease the decision making in which make up fits you most!


Sopha has improved the body shading in this line and you can see the stark difference from her previous skins. She aimed for realism and a softer shading. Her previous skins had been beautifully shaded, but she felt that the luminosity they had was too overly done and tend to look a little too slick and shiny. I also told her about the skins being somewhat gray as the skin tone got darker. Now; her new skins have shown tremendous improvement!

The highlights around the body are more subtly and so incredibly detailed. From my pictures, you can see that the knees are adorable, the back of the legs have a subtle highlight. The stomach is not overly muscular and incredibly feminine looking. The cleavage of these skins are also nicely done — I enjoy how even with my shape whereby I have tiny boobs; they look full and soft O_O all credits to sopha for giving me a free booby lift hee. I think some bodies tend to be overly worked on the face and designers seem to forget about the body entirely — Sopha in this case worked incredibly hard all throughout the skin. So money spent on these skins are money well spent!
One con is; there are various make up options to pick from — but their variation with each other is very subtle just as Sopha’s old skin lines are. There is only 1 skin tone to pick from now which might also be a minus for many of you out there. For those who love this healthy peach shade will however be spoiled for choice!

The skin I’m wearing above is the special Anya skin Sopha has left out for a cheaper price. It’s cheaper than the others available, with very soft and natural make up.

The face of Anya is incredibly young looking — fresh eye makeup, UGLYDOROTHY’s trademark adorable nose and lips which are full, luscious and pouty. I remember thinking, the lips are just my favorite part of this entire skin line! I’ll be show casing the different make ups by showing the large version of #1 in all the make up lines, and smaller shot of the freckled version, and a close up view of the lips in all the other make ups.


Anya M consist of very natural eye makeup — I’m wearing prim lashes here to enhance the eyelashes that sopha already draws on her skin. This make up line features thick bottom and upper lashes — Sopha describes M as being the makeup that’s more “smokey”. There’s a textured highlight on the inner nubs of the eyes which adds a sense of realism and brightens up the face. The lips like all other make ups are the most obvious difference between the numbers. This particular makeup features a sweep of lipstick that tends to be lighter on the sides and much darker towards the middle. A hint of shine can be seen in the middle as if you swiped chap stick on the lip.


Anya N consist of a very natural face, somewhat as if there’s no make up with just gloss swept on the lips. Sopha kept eye liner to the minimum on the eyes, making the bottom lashes really pronounced. There’s a textured highlight on the inner nubs of the eyes which adds a sense of realism and brightens up the face. I love the lip on this make up because it’s very natural and has the glossiest finish. This lip is also much darker towards the middle, giving it a nice pout.


Anya P consist of very different lips — these are a set of matte lipsticks if you’re not a fan of gloss; the lip color is also consistent throughout, not darker in the middle; Sopha still manages to create a nice pout with the shape she gave the lips. I apologize for not taking the freckled picture of this skin — it still contains that version, and also very very adorable! I felt like the eye makeup on this line is more distinct, with darker eyeshadows specially on the upper lids. There’s a tinge of pink and purple used as the eyeshadow, lighter or more intense depending on which lip color it matches with.


Anya S is the last of the series; Sopha mentions that the lip shape and make up is very similar to M — I do however think the lips are more dewy and juicy — perhaps a thicker layer of gloss. This fits the image Sopha said to me very well, “S is more sexy”. Definitely so, the eyes in S are the most eye catching. With very deep double eye lids and strong lashes, S makes for a very intense gaze. I love and hearts this face a lot! It’s sexy but still innocent and cute just as all Sopha skins are.

I don’t hide my love for this skin and I foresee myself using it very very often. I still love Lea a lot and upon hearing from Sopha, I heard she will be putting 2 options of Lea in her shop very soon. This is because of the overwhelming IMs she has been getting about that skin. Anya is like a grown up more sophisticated Lea, with softer body shading and lovely different make up options. Sopha’s talent is definitely growing and I hope everyone shows her some love by dropping by to have a lookie at these skins ^^

ohmai...it's ZEPHY STAR

Finally to end off… I’d like to introduce everyone to Zephy Star (well her name is a whole lot longer but meh…hee). Zephy’s a friend of mine that I recently introduced to the world of sl — I’d just like to give her a shout out of “I LOVE CHU~” hee, she’s been the biggest sweet heart and patiently learning how to operate around sl so it’ll be great to see her have some love that you guys have been showing to me as well! Muacks~

Details and Credits

Skin all “Anya” by UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes all “Lovely Eyes” by Sakurako
Hair all “fuwayuru hair” by cumu
Lashes all “MoulinRouge” by REDGRAVE

Shorts: “Sequin Booty Short (gold)” by FAB PONY
Vest: “My admiral vest” by Milk Motion
Undershirt: “Juliette Chemise” by Love Lace ❤
Shoe: “Valentina (black)” by Lya


Ohmai! Didn’t expect another one from me so soon eh? I was feeling rather uninspired lately but something completely boost my inspiration juices about a few hours ago. Kae Sahara has been silently and steadily working up a great storm about her store NINIKO — when I initially got a sample of her work, I showcased it in this blog post here (remember? hee). I’ve been patiently waiting for her release although sometimes looking at her teasers, I’d go OHMIGOSH! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FORRR~~~ LOL But patience pays off! NINIKO fails to disappoint with wide array of adorable must have for any fashionista bloggers. I’m doing 3 looks — yes, 3 looks; because I LOVE the stuff so much, and I want to feature some of my favorite pieces from NINIKO (I know it’s Spring, but these jackets are too adorable to resist!)


The first and my very favorite piece is Kae’s Jacket and Parker — it comes in 3 different shades. I remember saying before commenting on Uma’s blog before and saying that it’s so hard to find a nice hoodie and jacket combination on SL and we both agreed that some genius has to come up with something like that! NINIKO answered my prayers right there with this jacket! Whoo! I love that you can choose to wear just the outer layer, or together with the inside jacket. However, the inside jacket cannot be worn alone (nuuu…). By the way, those pants are made by YFT (labeled in the folder), I think it was in albero when I got it, but I lost the LM and if anyone could help me with that, it’ll be awesome! Free cookies to you for life! (THANK YOU TOMO!! hee free brownies for yousss)


The next look has 2 pieces from NINIKO; yet another well sculpted jacket, plus those adorable denim jeans that has so much shape. I loved the belt that came with the jeans, too adorable with all famous red, white and blue combination that I carried all the way down to my tippy toes literally. Hoorenbeek makes the most amazing sneakers, they’ve just recently released New Balance ones that I simply NEED to get the fatpack for because my bf in rL is a die hard fan of them.


Final look, and the look I had the most fun with hee… it features this gorgeous red denim jacket. NINIKO carries 3 different shades of this well textured jacket, and the shape is just irresistible! Denim jackets make sense in Spring when it’s still kinda breezy — just like how it is here sometimes. (we just finished our heat wave -phew-) I love those pants from Milk Motion, I remember wanting to purchase boyfriend pants so badly when I first entered sl and couldn’t find any that I really loved. Maria’s creation just fulfilled yet another one of my wishes! I die for those flower shades from SpeXx!! I’d like to totally pimp SpeXx out in one post in the future — this place carries some really cool shades and has become one of my new favorites!


Ah… hope you guys enjoyed those looks. Not only is NINIKO filled with amazing clothes, they have a little opening gift for all of ya’ll. A little heart meter that spins on top of your head and clicking on it allows you to perform different animations. There’s mainly 1 for your partner to perform a “proposing” action and 1 for you to perform a reaction, be it happy or sad (and many more)

So why are you still here?? TP over to NINIKO in a jiffy~

Details & Credits #1

Skin: “Lea (04)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Hair: “Dominique (in honey)” by Exile
Jacket/Hoodie:Jacket & Parker (in B&G)” from NINIKO
Underlayer Top:NO NAME tee” from DP Serendipity
Shorts: DE NI MU pants” by [YFT]
Socks: Basic Maroon Quarters” from DeLa*
Shoes: Samoa (in bordeaux/yellow)” from hoorenbeek
Eyewear: Yellow Vintage Shades” from SpeXx

Details & Credits #2

Skin: “Lea (05)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eye (in autum)” from FreeSpeerit
Eyelashes: “MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Laynie (in sand) by Exile
Jacket:Open Jacket” from NINIKO
Underlayer Top 1:White Tank” from Emery
Underlayer Top 2:i-saw-this-on-the-internets (in mustard)” from Thimbles
Pants/Belt: Half Jeanes” from NINIKO
Shoes: Samoa (in white/blue/red)” from hoorenbeek
Earring: Gold Pierced” from chicoco

Details & Credits #3

Skin:Lea (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Hair: Laynie (in sand) by Exile
Jacket:Denim Jacket (in red)” from NINIKO
Pants: My Boyfriend Jeans” from Milk Motion
Shoes: Pegasus (in brown/purple)” from hoorenbeek
Eyewear: Flower Power Shades” from SpeXx


spinning milk motion~

I’m excited to show you guys my two looks today ^^ 3 reasons; one because the items found are massive love, two I absolutely loovee the looks and three… I’m happy with the way I edited the shots hee~ So I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

Once in a while we find one item that simply blows our minds away with love and in this case it’s Milk Motion‘s new preppy check jacket. I spotted this jacket in Uma‘s blog and was just anticipating it’s release — when I logged onto flickr and saw that it was finally released, I immediately ran over to the Cupcake sim! This jacket comes with 2 different bottoms and the option to add shoulder pads or not — I loved the way Uma wore it with a belt rather than the bottoms; there’s just so many ways to mix and match this jacket, you definitely don’t want to give it a miss.

I decided to do 2 looks for this jacket, I hope I did it justice ^^


The first look I went for is a more tomboy take. Short tweed pants from MNK*Shop is great for spring when you’re looking for something other than jeans. The best thing about these shorts are that it comes in 2 different lengths, I’m sporting the shorter version in this case. Kuso has some new releases for the upcoming cheery weather; there’s cute polos and stripped tanks in such pretty colors! I picked yellow to go with the blue lining of the jacket. I love the texture of Kuso’s clothes and it’s always good to carry around some great basics for all seasons (see more pictures of Kuso’s release here). Another worthy mention is Zhao‘s oxford heels which are a little pricey but the details are really to die for! I love it that the laces are customizable to any color you wish. Oh oh!! One last thing — this adorable hair is brand new from JUNWAVE; a store I simply adore to bits. I’m sure tons of you have seen this hair being sported by bloggers all around, it is that irresistible ^^


The second look, I’ve decided to give this jacket a feminine touch by pairing it with a dress. Doux Petit Dahl‘s new spring fling ensemble came as a perfect timing! These gorgeous dresses come in a myriad of colors and comes in sets (so no fat packs here) worth 350L each. The sets comes with not only the dress but adorable booties, a huge scarf, tights and some accessories! A full outfit right there! I used both the tights and dress in this girly outfit — the tights were perfect for this look! I love the intricate lace detailing on these tights. The gorgeous jewelry on both outfits come from Atelier*AM and I was hanging out in the shop together with Tomoyo the other day when Aya Huldschinsky (store owner) rezzed right next to us. Being a sweetheart, she gave us this lovely hair as a gift. She cheekily said it might be released soonish so keep an eye out for it. I love the huge flower and tinted it slightly to give it a more pinkish hue.

Ah… now off to school I go~
How I wish I had such a jacket to wear to campus with in rl…

Details & Credits Outfit 1

Skin: “Lea05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: Glance eyes (in light grey)” lucky board gift from Den-Dou
Eyelashes: twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: pop’n girl (in lightbrown)‘ from JUNWAVE
Nails: Nails in light brown” from M99
Inner Layer Tank:master of cats (in black)” from Thimbles
Outer Layer Tank:Striped Tank (in yellow)” from Kuso
Jacket: my preppy check jacket (in blue)” by Milk Motion
Shorts: Tweed short pants (in brown)” by KALMIA labo (MNK*SHOP)
Socks: Handknit socks (in green)” from MIASNOW
Shoes: AprilStars (in chocolate)” from ZHAO
Bangles: Istanbul Bangles” from fish*strawberry
Necklace: Layered necklace (in gold)” from Atelier*AM

Details & Credits Outfit 2

Skin: “Lea04” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: Mooney eyes (glassy blue)” lucky board gift from dp* yumyum
Eyelashes: MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Gloves: V Gloves (in brown)” from Vett’s Boutique
Inner Layer Shirt:Isis shirt (in white)” from Zaara
Jacket: my preppy check jacket (in blue)” by Milk Motion
Dress&Leggings: Spring Fling Ensemble (in zesty)” from Doux Petit Dahl!
Shoes: AprilStars (in chocolate)” from ZHAO
Bangles: Istanbul Bangles” from fish*strawberry
Hair&Necklace: Layered necklace (in gold)” from Atelier*AM

it’s spinning like dejavu…

I was having one of those nights where sleep doesn’t seem to matter anymore; walking around sl is much safer than walking around at such a weird hour in rl…heh. As I was simply minding my own business, I got a group update from DejaVu! How exciting is that?

It doesn’t take an expert to see that DejaVu has a great technical skills when it comes to making hair prims; the volume is incredible, the shading impeccable… I have a few of their previous releases but never got to wear them in any outfits yet. When I finally teleported to cupcake, I got a glimpse of their new releases and thought it’d be a nice cute touch to feminize the current outfit I had on! Go DejaVu hair!

The outfit I’m modeling is something I’d definitely wear in rl, the tailored meets urban sorta look. Very simple and clean.


Details & Credits

Skin: “Lea (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: ‘Eclipse (in fog)” from =HooT=
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes” from Milk Motion
Hair: ‘Yukina 3 (in caramel brown)’ by DejaVu
Top:Jacket and Shirt (in black and white)” from COCO
Jeans: Damaged Lowrise (long)” by WAvE
Shoes: Loafer Mules (in white)” by COCO

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off I go to harold!

I wish I had more time in the morning to really explore Harold, but because it was a super busy start of the day — I can only begin my scrimmage now! Whoo~
Wanted to show you guys what I’m wearing to run off shopping ^^

I’ve been meaning to show off this dress from Kenzie & Co. for a while now — it’s a gift for group members and the quality is really soft and pretty! Completely love it! Plus look at this gorgeous skin from MY UGLYDOROTHY! Thanks to Pinkcoconut Debevec on flickr for showing off this shop — such pretty soft skins. I love the lips on every single one of them!

off I go to harold... I
off I go to harold... II

I hope to post some interesting finds on Harold soonish!


Details & Credits

Skin: “Lea (04)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: ‘Lovely-Eyes (in dark blue)” from sakurako
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes” from Milk Motion
Hair: ‘Arime (in honey)’ by {fascino}
Dress: “Morning Dew” group gift from Kenzi&Co.
Shoes: Verve Pumps (in red)” by Maitreya
Bag: “*bf* glove (in brown)” from BiancaF.
Earrings: “Peacock Earring (in gold tint)” by +plus