blooming in skin fair~

Skins are a major love of mine and I was so glad this weekend was the very awesome Skin & Shape Fair; *wiggles* There were tons of skin and shape stores setting up awesome stuff and there was 2 skins in particular that really grabbed my interest ❤

Blooming in Skin Fair I

First of course is Pink Fuel‘s Skye which i absolutely hearts to death! Skye is extremely feminine and soft in features and totally makes me look super girly which I love ❤ The makeup options are endless and I choose to feature my favorite from her line called “Beestung“. Beestung has glossy reddish lips and a very subtle eyeshadow and is perfect to wear in any occasion in my opinion. The features are very much modified from her previous release and this time fits my shape like a glove~ I really like the youthful shape of every feature in her skin and all of you really should hop over and give Skye a demo because it truly is a skin you must have!

Blooming in Skin Fair II

The next skin that caught my eye was Milk Motion‘s Colette! I’ve always had a fascination for drawn tooth in skins, I think it adds such a character but I’ve always looked extremely bunny like in most. In fact this skin does make me look very bunny like at certain angles but I loved it too much to give it a pass. If you’re a fan of unique skins, this one definitely is the way to go~ There’s beauty marks in subtle areas of the body and a face that just melts your heart. I particularly loved Ice1 and Cute2 but featured Cute2 in this post as it has the most unique makeup I’ve ever seen on the grid. I love love love and if you’re brave enough to give this skin a try, be sure to grab demos and you might be surprised by how it looks on your shape 😉

4 responses to “blooming in skin fair~

  1. pink fuel makes you look darlinggg ❤
    sweetnes anya

  2. You look really cute with these skin:D

  3. You look so cute with these skins !!

    Can I also ask where you got the hair in the first picture?

    Thank you 🙂

  4. You look great with the skins :]

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