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edging up Church of Luxe

I’m sure some of you have heard about the Church of Luxe sale that’s going on right now — all items (except the new haute bunny ears which are to die for!) are currently going for a mere 50L with fatpacks priced at 250L. Yes, this includes jackets, vests, tunics and of course CoL’s well known dresses. So why not hop on over and take a great look before some of this items get retired after the sale?

Church of Luxe to me has been a brand i associate with feminine prints, a semi vintage appeal and just overall girly dresses that I heart and love. I remember heading over to her store when I was still a sl newbie and just fell in love in all the clothes which kept very close to rl styles. So I decided to come up with a few looks from my favorite pieces from CoL’s massive choices and my intention was to edge up most of the looks, to showcase how versatile these pieces are.

edging up Church of Luxe I

The first look is centered around CoL’s lovely Sam Vest and Gretchen dress in which I turned into a simple cami. I felt very western inspired in this wear and just adore this huge hair by Hair OH! Hair OH has recently opened a new mainstore and carries new hair styles and even lashes so I advise you to drop over and take a lookie around~

edging up Church of Luxe II

The next look comes from Igraine in Yellow; I love how this looks like a usual collared shirt but with the prim turns into a long tunic~ You could pair this with pretty much anything! But I added colored tights to really amph the look up. The hair here is yet another from Hair OH, featuring her latest “oh my boy” hair.

edging up Church of Luxe III

Not only is this Jenna dress one of my fav pieces from CoL, i’ve also been meaning to cover this cardigan from barbee for ages now! I absolutely love the loose draping, the overall casual worn in look of the cardi. I changed the usual Jenna dress into a semi tight tunic, which I thought worked really well into this look.

edging up Church of Luxe IV

Finally, I have this look which is a lil more youthful. I love this Sam vest, it works well in all sortsa looks and a classic piece you should have. In the last 2 looks I’m sporting the latest hair from DP*YumYum which I have been seeing soooo many people sporting. This just means how adorable and awesome these hair are~

Oh! And on another note, the skins I’m wearing in all 4 looks come from fashionably dead! Toast Bard has released a bunch of new make ups and what I love most about these skins are the vivid red lips, some glossy and some matte. Something I crossed my fingers for since the first release of her skins — more red lipstick! So whoohoo! I’m sure you fd skin fans would find at least one makeup that calls out to you because there are just too many to choose from!

So! Now time for me to turn in, I hope you guys enjoyed these~

(Apologies for the lack of SURL; if you need one badly please IM me or reply — it’s one of those rare occasions where i just can’t bring myself to log back on and find all the urls again T_T)

Skin:Bird Skin in Blue Bird” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Ramen” from HairOH
Necklace:Repairs Necklace in silver Amber” from Whippet and Buck
Belt:Kimori Skinny Belt in brown/silver” from Pink Outfitters
Vest:Sam Vest in Dun” from Church of Luxe
Top:Gretchen dress top in Pearl” fromChurch of Luxe
Jeans:Dark Wash Jeans in Classic Fit / Boyfriend” from Avebury
Boots:My Leather Boots” from Milk Motion

Skin:Bird Skin in Fuschia Lady” from fashionably dead
Hair:Oh my Boy” from HairOH
Glasses:Grandpa Glasses” from Nylon Outfitters
Tunic:Igraine in Yellow” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Sam Tank in Charcoal” from Church of Luxe
Leggings:Sheer Leggings in maroon” from !Ohmai
Shoes:WedgeSole Gladiator in Brown” from Sakka’s Studio

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:18 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Cardigan:Jewel KARASU” from barbee.
Dress:Jenna in Pitch” from Church of Luxe
Underlayer:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Jeans:Acid Washed Jeans” from Madsy
Boots:Comfy Boots in Maroon” from Shiny Things

Skin:Bird Skin in Plum Skin” from fashionably dead
Hair:16 in Honey” from DP*YumYum
Scarf:Scarf in Aqua” from Vette’s Boutique
Tank:Racerback Tank in White” from Church of Luxe
Skirt:Liv in Oatmeal” from Church of Luxe
Vest:Sam in Sea” from Church of Luxe
Ring:Finger ring N Chain” from Reflect
Shoes:Pocahontas Sandal” from Milk Motion

glitter and gold

Lately the looks i’ve been coming up with have been leaning towards a more glamorous edge, which makes me wonder why since I’m with my family and have been the most mellow and toned down I’ve been in ages *inserts lol* I’m having tons of fun finding all these amazing glam stuff in my inventory though! So today, i’m showing 2 looks which revolves around the fab glitter and gold~ what every girl kinda needs in their inventory no?

glitter and gold II
glitter and gold I

The first dress comes from this store I found not too long ago called GARCONS Tokyo, they have some supper shiny dresses which makes for great night wear — each dress I got comes in a long formal version and a shorter fun version; I opted for the shorter one with ruffles as I thought they’d be great fun to pair with these pair of chunky Beauchamp Heels from Gbberish which are oh so interesting and fun. To carry the leather up, I wore AOHARU‘s cut head accessory in cow print which makes for an interesting fun look. I decided for simple layering of pearls which I’ve been rather obsessed with since in rl, mom says pearls can only be worn after marriage *nuuuu* I insist they’re rather flattering on any age!

glitter and gold III
glitter and gold IV

The next look features something more on a tomboy side, but still glitter and sequined! I’m excited for Kendall’s new brand Wasted Youth as the store features a collection filled with fun daring prints and adorable daily wear. This sequined blazer comes with adorable sculpted shoulders and the most interesting print! Something this strong can make one look old so I opted for short denims from Milk Motion and ripped leggings from Fishy*Strawberry (I LOVE!!). I accessorized with Hair Salon CriCri‘s hair (free I believe from a summer fair) that has a script to turn that flower piece on and off — something so gorgeous shouldn’t be hidden though!! The belt is an adorable weaved belt from Beetle Bones, and will be in her upcoming release which features adorable hand drawn ostrich leather bags too! Be on a lookout for that ^^

Both looks features the brand new skin Raine from PinkFuel which has such a HUGE variety of makeup for any genre that one might cry to pick favorites. I love the lips on this skin and have been rather obsessed with the cream shade that allows the lips to show oh so perfectly. Mochi has been working long and hard on these skins and one can see the hardwork from how gorgeous they turn out to be. ❤ Bless her heart and I anticipate more gorgeousness from Mochi in the future and I know tons of you will be too!

Skin:Raine Cream – Astronaut” from PinkFuel
Eyes:Eyes Amber” from MAY Girl
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Dylan in Platinum Blonde” from Maitreya
Dress:Dress Meteor in Champagne” from GARCONS TOKYO
Tights:Sheer Leggings” from !Ohmai
Shoes:Beauchamp Heels in Red Sea” from Gbberish
Necklace #1:Long Pearl necklace double” from Atelier*AM
Necklace #2:Stringy Pearls” from Fashionably Dead
Necklace #3:Classic Pearls” from mpb
Hat:Mini Head Accessory Brown Cow” from AOHARU

Skin:Raine Cream – Rust” from PinkFuel
Eyes:Eyes Turquoise” from MAY Girl
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:HatFREE Ver3” from Hair Salon Cri-Cri
Underlayer:HI BAR UNDERTANK in coco” from MIEL
Blazer:Structured Sequins Blazer” from Wasted Youth
Pants:My Jeans Shorts in Bleach” from Milk Motion
Belt:Weave Belt” from Beetle Bones (unreleased)
Stockings:Swan Lake White Leggings Fishnet ripped” from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes:Western Boots in Brown Leather” from Studio M’z

chef anya?

Ah, the hair fair fever is still burning hot for me and I can’t help myself but show yet another gorgeous hair from the fair~

Fashionably Dead has always been oodles of creativity and awesomeness; I was super excited with their releases and pretty much fell in love with all of them. Impeccable textures, and just overall quirky and fun! Stone Soup has been one of my favorites from the fair, just cause it’s so different and kinda just inspires you to think of looks revolving around it. I’ve been walking through sl in a mass of craziness once I got this hair and I was only too excited to come up with 2 different looks to showcase the mad love I have for it~

Chef Anya reporting for *ahem* duty!


My disgruntled chef look, when the food just ain’t done right, the world just ain’t flowing right~



I ❤ you curio obscura tache~

*giggles* I really don’t have much to add about the looks cept it was tons of fun and hope you guys like!

Details and Credits #1
Skin:Anya M 04” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Hair:Stone Soup in Big Guts” from fashionably dead
Jacket:Lovely leather Jacket in brown” from fashionably dead
Top:Duck brown sweatshirt (free)” from UnToneQuilt
Skirt:RuffleShirtDress in White” from AOHARU
Socks:wasteland girl socks in kaki” from kame
Shoes:Dirty Girl Boots” from ORANGE creations

Details and Credits #2
Skin:Anya N 05” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eye:Mermaid” from bodyline
Hair:Stone Soup in Lockjaw” from fashionably dead
Underlayer Tank:Sheer Ribbed Tank Top in Dark Gray” from Armidi
Tank:Hamburger Life” from NWYD
Pants:Panda Waist Smoked Red” from FUEL
Spatula:Wooden Spatula from Thai Fish Curry Mordechai’s Skillet Meals” from Wrigglesworths
Apron:Apron Retro Ruffles in Blue” from TOSL
Socks:Socks Mit Suspenders in Orange” from Pig
Arm Band:Silverware Bracelet Fork & Knife (freebie)” from kusson
Mustache:Handlebar Mustache in Copper (free clockwork Mustache)” from Curio Obscura
Shoe:Pumpous Prints in Dalmation” from JetDoll


Hellooooosss! Chance has been awesomest by teaching me this new trick on photoshop — I’m trying it out to see how the effect looks and so far I really like it. It kinda makes the edges have a lil line so it looks like a cartoony, hand drawn feel. Another thing he told me about was this adorable little store called Twee.

I had the opportunity to meet Manatee McMillan the other day and found out that she has had her store for a while now, but took a long break only to come back with her pretty goods yet again. Her dresses are extremely young and fresh, with adorable poofy shapes that I love so much. I played around with some pieces that I bought from her store — really hope you guys likey!

Twee-licious I

The first look features a dress called Gingham Monster O_O How cute is that? Hee~ The dress is as adorable as it’s name with plaids and huge big brown buttons plus a lacy detail on the bottom. I love how girly these pieces are and how versatile they can be. The flowery tights are also from Twee! I’m not sure how i’d describe this look, It’s a little quirky but there’s a touch of chic and “cool” from the hair and the lace glasses from glow studio. I love! Completely random and out of the bluee… (By the way the hair is from Aden and apparently I heard they came back? Could someone point me to where their store is now if they did come back?)

Twee-licious II

The next look’s main focus is Twee’s Scalleeeewag dress in red; this dress comes in both red and blue and both are just too adorable for words. It doesn’t come with glitch pants or undershorts so do wear something or moving around can sometime be a little too over revealing (I had to learn it the embarrassing way hee). I paired it with this Mushroom Bolero that Chance won at the Massimo lucky board but was so sweet to give it to me thinking I’d have more use for it. I hope I did the jacket justice because it is sooo adorable.. The hair I’m sporting belongs to Atelier*AM and is one of their newest releases. I love buns and I love bangs — so this just fulfills all my wants for a pretty hair! The shoes I have to thank Abra for — she teepeed me over to Kalnins telling me that there were new releases! I absolutely love the full customizability of these shoes and how versatile they are!

Twee-licious III

Finally, I wanted to do something chic since I guess I’m hardly every chic *giggles* This dress from twee comes with 2 different skirt options so you can wear it in different ways. I love this new hair from booN with all my heart — big thanks to Nil for alerting me about it! She was spot on about my taste in hairrr 😉 Thus adorable bag comes from Pampered Princess. I came across this store a while back but never got a chance to feature anything from them. This store carries a bunch of brightly colored chic pieces and their bags are just to die for. Another thing is, the photos of this amazing talented creator are also just gorgeous! Go check out her flickr right here. *HEARTS*

Hope you guys enjoyed these and got a glimpse of what adorableness Twee has in her store! Check them outtt~

Details & Credits
Outfit # 1
Skin: “Anya (N) 06” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Cabochon Eyes (Fuji)” from FTL
Hair: “Nicole (Platinum)” from Aden (no longer available)
Dress: “Gingham Monster” from [twee]
Glasses: “White Lace Shades” from [glow] studio
Leggings: “Childish Girly Tights” from [twee]
Leg Warmer: “Legwarmer Midori (part of asimoto haru midori set)” from HOTCH POTCH
Shoes:  “Sakura (leather red)” from Lya
Jewelry:  “VIP Hunt: Traumerei set” from U&R DOGS
Poses: sunflower poses

Outfit # 2
Skin: “Anya (S) 03” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Cabochon Eyes (Fuji)” from FTL
Eyelashes: “Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Hana A (beige)” from Atelier*AM
Dress: “Scalleeeewag (Red)” from [twee]
Jacket: “Mushroom Bolero (kahki)” lucky board gift won from Massimo!
Glasses: “Glasses9” from [twee]
Socks: “White Ribbon Socks” 1L from Hal*Hina
Shoes:  “Coquette” from Kalnins
Poses: sunflower poses, Dare

Outfit # 3
Skin: “Anya Special Skin” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Stormy (Rustle in the Wind)” from =HooT=
Eyelashes: “MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “GIC128 (brown)” from booN
Nail Polish: “Pearl” from M99skin
Dress: “Seaside Dress” from [twee]
Leggings: “Tights Collection (white)” from Ivalde
Shoes:  “Coquette” from Kalnins
Bag: “Leather Purse (Eggshell)” from Pampered Princess
Necklace:  “Stringy Pearls” from Fashionably Dead
Earrings: “Deer Flower Pendant Earring” from Paper Couture
Bracelet: “Triple Pearl Bracelet (white)” from Armidi
Poses: sunflower poses, Dare, LAP

elegant fun!

I’ve been working on a great project and I promise you it’s worth why I’ve been gone for a little while hee~ Aside from that, real life exams are coming up eeps!! Stresses… What better way to de-stress than to take a walk along the brand new sim The Deck. Big fans of Sasy Pants would definitely have heard of this brand new sim. Gorgeous stores like Barerose, DeLa, Insolence, Maitreya, Popfuzz, Tuli and many many brilliant others are located on a beach like area known for it’s elegant fashion, great fishing and of course fabulous fun! Go give them a check out, you definitely don’t want to miss The Deck’s exclusives these shops have come up with.

For stores that elegant, I wanted to think of an outfit I’d love to take a stroll down that area with. Rather than something beach-y, I went for elegant and fun ^^

elegant fun I
elegant fun III
elegant fun II

What can be more fun that taking something your boyfriend would wear and make it your own? I took this male cardigan from Valiant and decided that it was now MINE ^^” *geek moment* I love how bright yet elegant the color was. I paired this cardigan up with PUNPY‘s culottes which I’ve used in my previous look as well, but couldn’t resist because the shape was just too adorable for words. What shopping look is complete without a lovely bag? I picked this textured bag from ICoN in green which gave a right added color to the whole outfit.

Do you see that new skin I’m sporting?? Whoo~ New skins from UGLYDOROTHY! These are just teasers though, it’s currently unreleased and Sopha’s fine tuning them before release. The bodies are shaded differently this time, less shine compared to the old bodies and definitely way more realistic — which is the direction Sopha wanted to go. Sopha tells me that these will be a remake of the Lea skins which I love so dearly. I’d love to do a more detailed review on them after they’re released but how adorable is it???? *runs around in glee*

Another thing I love so much about these outfits are the poses I used to showcase them! Flutter Memel dropped a pack of poses for me a while back and I’ve meant to do a post on them (I rarely credit poses, sorries!); they’re so different and one thing I noticed are that they’re all incredibly feminine looking. Go give Flowey Poses a look!

Details & Credits

Skin: “(Unreleased)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “FS eye (off blue sea)” from FreeSpeerit
Eyelashes: “Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Cherry (in butter)” by !lamb
Top:Light Blue Button Up Cardigan” from Valiant
Shorts: Chino Culottes (in beige)” by PUNPY
Socks: Socks Mit Suspenders (in grey)” from Pig
Gloves: Gloves (in grey)” from LeLutka
Shoes: Shanon (beige)” from LeLutka
Necklace:Stringy Pearls” from Fashionably Dead

Bag:EL Bag (in green)” from ICoN
Food:Strawberry Whipped Cream” from Chabinns!!