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ohmai… it’s KAO!

Heh… joke of the day. Zephy was talking to me via skype and we were talking about second life addictions and she casually mentioned that if one day we had a second life convention and we were to go together, we should both dress up in total grey and if someone asked why, we’d both go “we’re still rezzing” XD heh…
OMGOSH XD LACK… OF… SLEEP… *inserts random rambles*

*ahem* What better than a pretty skin pack to keep ones inspiration juices flowing ^^ I love reviewing skins and they’re a big job that I love doing with great care and detail. I’m not too big on mixing and matching lately, so I shall keep the look simple! KAO SKINS has released a new line of skin called Erika — there’s only one skin tone so far but with 6 different make up options. Each makeup costs 1000L and there’s no fatpack available. Each makeup will consist of 4 different versions as shown. One that’s normal, one with lighter/less brows, one with thicker and fuller lashes and finally the last one a mix of fuller lashes with lighter/less brows. It will also come with an eyebrow shape (extremely crucial for this skin’s character I believe) and a shape ^^

Another thing I’d like for all of you to note are the eyes ~~ I got sent these eyes to review and I lurve how nedeko has completely outdone herself! Some of you would know nedeko for being a smart photographer on flickr and a great shape maker inworld. She has been trying to dabble in other aspects of content creation and have made several interesting things in her store that you guys should check out! These eyes are her hard work and originality. I love the vibrant shades and how they just pop in my photos. I hope you guys will go and take a look at her beautiful eyes over at Bodyline!

ohmai… it’s KAO! I

I believe some skins beauty lies in their details of subtle realism and I love noticing them as I review and edit the pictures in photoshop. Erika makes me look like a spunky more naughty version compared to my usual self — I love the attitude the skin brings. The body is not the most heavily shaded skin, and that gives it a very realistic flesh like quality. I love how the shading is extremely subtle but at the crucial places and how well the shading of the face matches the body. The cleavage is extremely full and the stomach is toned but femininely done. I love how the collarbone looks soft and not overly protruding. Plus, my favorite part about the body of this skin lies in the knees and behind the knees. I love the subtle darker pink hue on these areas — it’s a little detail that makes the skin look more natural and charming. For me, I think the body is perfect in the style the artist likes to portray — nothing negative for me to say about it ^^

ohmai… it’s KAO! II

I took and extremely close up view of the face — but it really fails to look as good as it did in world. The highlighting of the faces really appear more luminescent in world and I hope you guys get the demo to see it. Especially the nose area — I love how well done the nose is, the way it has a very distinct shading and shape. I have added eyelashes in this picture, which makes the eye lashes look fuller, but there are drawn in lashes in this skin; and very well done I might add. One thing I didn’t like about this skin much is the lack of definition in the eyebrow. I prefer eyebrows that have definition to the tiny wisps of hair in it, so I can actually see the “hair” texture. This one seems a little rough. However the rest of the eye I love, the subtle detail of the enhanced eye bag makes it so natural. The lips look as if a thin swipe of gloss has been applied, I feel like the colors used on all the makeup is very fruity and fresh for the summer. This one in particular is the red lips makeup which is by far my favorite.

As each make up comes with 4 versions like I mentioned before. I will show you guys pictures of all 4 versions you will get per make up option. I only bought 3 of them so the final 3 on the bottom are the 3 makeups I did not get in the “more lashes” option.

ohmai… it’s KAO! III

Red lips makeup
obviously showcases the reddest lips, from what I see the eyeshadow in this makeup is done with orangey and brown tones. Very natural glossy red lips. I love how fresh this is and the red lips is done is a very young way that doesn’t make one look old.

Rose makeup is yet another one I love! The eyeshadow is done in duller tons of pinks and purple – I believe the colors shown here are the most feminine of the bunch. The other colors are extremely bright and spunky, this one attempts to be a little more elegant. THe lips are a deep pink shade.

Yellow makeup is interesting to me, it features the very difficult yellow and orange to be the eyeshadow — yet making it look natural and not overdone. I love the pairing of the eyeshadow with peachy glossy lips. This i feel is the perfect beach makeup to put on; very brave colors without catching too much weird attention.

Natural lips is the most basic version of this Erika skin. Lightly done eyeshadow in tones of pink and brown. The lips are done in a natural flesh color, and everything looks very basic and clean.

Pink lips is exactly like natural lips — the eyeshadows are the same color and the feeling of basic freshness is there as well. THe lips however are tinted with a shade of pink for extra cuteness.

Pink makeup is done with darker shades of pink and browns as the eyeshadow. The lips are done in pink as well, but a tad bit darker shade than pink lips to differentiate them. Pink makeup is like a more made up look as compared to pink lips naturalness.

Hope this review gives an insight to this beautiful skin from KAO! *hugs to everyone*

Details & Credits
Skin:Erika” from KAO SKIN
Eyes: all from bodyline
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Hana” from Atelier*AM
Swimsuit:Starlit Swim Suit” from KAO
Shoes:Freedom Flops” from Surf Co.
Earrings:Blob Earring” Easter Crush Row hunt gift from PIDIDDLE
Poses: Kru’s Boutique