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you look like you need another drink

I lurveeeee this look! Like it’s really all I sum up from this *giggles*
Nylon Outfitters has a bunch of new releases and if you haven’t stopped by to check them out, you’re missing some really awesome stuff! I heart these gradient denim pants and just had all kinda ideas with it. I’m a big fan of jeans in rl but on sl I really seldom buy or wear them at all; because it can be hard to find one that’s interesting and different from the norm. I particularly love the smart gradient colors that still retains denim quality in this pair! Naise~

I’m also wearing a different skin from JM:Mai; this store is definitely a store you need to go to if you have a big liking for asian skins. I have had her demos in my inventory for a long long time but never really sat down to carefully picked the ones I like. Big huge thanks to GG Sideshow for reminding me about this store. I finally sat down to pick my favorites and Devon is definitely one of them! I can’t seem to take off this skin! I’m a huge skin lover and if you read my blog often you’d probably realize it from the numerous skin reviews I do — however, it’s difficult for me to find a skin that I like to wear various times, this one however will be one to stay for a while! Me <3!

you look like you need another drink I
you look like you need another drink II

My title is inspired by this shirt from BLACKNOIR and if you’re a big fan of tees and tanks with amusing messages, you’ll lurveee this store! BLACKNOIR has tons of casual goodies and most of them have really eye catching designs. I was incredibly fascinated and I think I spent quite a long time picking the items I really like. The scarf is a new release from BALACLAVA which I have blogged about before — so excited to see their new releases all the time because not only do they look great on men, we female shoppers get to jump in the bandwagon cause they fit us as well! Great fun designs always~

Another huge lurve is these boots! Yay! Big thanks to Brinksie for providing the sURL to this store cause I’ve been itching to find out where it is! I can’t believe Algernon is in the same sim as mon amie cafe since I’ve been there about a dozen times — whai do I miss great stuff like this! (lol) Love the store, they carry a 10L rainboot that is just plain adorable, go check it out!

I decided to have fun with belts since it’s rare to find awesome ones. The yellow is one from NINIKO‘s pants but the little straps allow you to wear it with other pants as well. NINIKO just recently released a series of menswear that has several awesome stuff and I’m a huge fan of Kae’s creation so you know I’m there during the opening for sure ^^ The second belt is one from reek that most of you would already have heard about from feeds. I never had the chance to wear their stuff and I’m glad I finally do because I lurveee~ Amazing belts and awesome fun tees (even a great skating rink omgah!).

The last few touches in my look includes a beautiful hat from !!WILD O that I read about in Abra’s blog. This store sells a variation of hair and gorgeous hair accessories. The bangles are dropped on me from A&A Fashion and I love how it’s incredibly versatile and can be worn with really any sorta looks — thank you! And that cigar ~ teehee… is a find I found whilst profile stalking some great tableau creators. I love how sometimes I stumble upon a place that I’d probably never ever find if it’s just through walking in sl. Lunar lounge is literally carved out of a moon up in the skies of tableau! How awesome!

So that’s it for me today — had great fun with this look and I hope you enjoyed some of these finds ^^

Details & Credits
Skin:Devon in red” from JM:Mai
Eyes:Spring Eyes in Hazel” from Elate!
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Nails:Gift Black Nails” from MAI
Hair:HTU132 in chestnut” from booN
Scarf:evergreen scarf in purple” from BALACLAVA!!
Jeans:Gradient Jeans” from Nylon Outfitters
Shirt:NO drink tshirt” from BLACKNOIR
Belt #1:NINIKO belt from Dot Pants” from NINIKO
Belt #2:I Heart Themes Belt” from Reek
Hat:Bouquet Hat” from !!WILD O
Boots:Engineer Boots in brown” from Algernon
Bracelet:Bracelet BLACK” from A&A Fashion
Cigar:Lunar Lounge Cigar” from Tableau’s Lunar Lounge
Poses: MAYONAISE (unreleased) , Pretzel Poses

toothpick cranes

You know how tons of people were feeling rather low and uninspired lately? Well amazingly today when I checked the feeds — I see tons of really inspiring goodness and it’s awesome that people are getting their groove back 😉 So for those who haven’t — we’re waiting for ya to jump on the bandwagon! We’re patient!!
As for me, I’m trying to catch up with the stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about but haven’t! I’m not really good with keeping up with the latest and newest stuff; so poo imma sloww…

Just wanted to do a lil casual quirky piece with some stuff that I’ve been accumulating. I lurve glitter hair and I’m so pleasantly surprised with their new textures. Glitter has always had great styles but the latest ones have been femininely adorable, I love! The sad thing is, I never like their blondes, it has always been too ashy for me *sad face* so I had to go with my 2nd choice of being a red head! I still love though~

toothpick cranes I
toothpick cranes II

This dress is one from KiiTos, a store I loved for poses but recently their new dresses have been leaving me in squees! This dress has gorgeous prints and this one plus another dotted blue one was my favorite from the lot. I decided to pair the dress up with this great shirt I found in curiosity. I’m featuring curiosity twice now, but they truly are an amazing store. They recenly released a new group gift that’s a casual grey sweater — a staple for both men and women!

See those lovely lace tights? My dear friend Chance Greatrex from DARE has brand new stockings out for sale! Great colors all laid out in a circle for you to have a hell of a time picking! Teehee… I really love it’s intricate designs and I know I can’t wait to see more clothes and poses from him. Oh! Finally these fringe boots are from the little store called Usagui ~ They have some high quality furniture for sale — but I also love the clothes they have laying around in their little field! So do give them some love and check it out ^^

Just a short little write up today…
I’ve been dabbling with making stuff and just recently made a short little tank top ^^ squee~ I’m still trying to find my style and getting used to the seams and such! But that might explain my lil slow-nicity~

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya S 02” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:INNOCENCE eyes in emerald peach” gift from MADesigns
Eyelashes:Daily” from REDGRAVE
Hair:CELEBEE in cherry” from glitter
Shirt:Check Shirt Pastel Brooch 2” from Curiosity
Dress:Asian onepiecce *bird*” from KiiToS
Stockings:Lace Stockings in Minty” from DARE
Boots:Fringe Boots” from Usagui
Poses:ELISA, ami*s, Pretzel Poses

till then…

EDIT: idk opens in 1 day! May 2nd 11am SLT @ here!


Yay!!! I have a few things I’d love to show you guys before I head off for a week or two to study for my exams. I won’t be active till May 12th!! *dies* withdrawals~~~~’

By the way — I really wanna thank you guys who’s been reading my blog and actually bearing with all these long posts. I have a hard time reducing the things I say and I’m grateful that all you cuteness are so tolerant!! I think it’s like my 50th day in sL today judging on Malte’s calculation so I just wanted to say it’s been an awesome 50 days!!!! I think my rL has been put on hold for a while and my friends on sL would know since I haven’t had a good nights sleep for days hee (I’m like on sL 70% of my day O_o) It’s all been worth it though, because this has been one of the greatest finds I’ve had in my life. A second chance to “live” again ^^ sL gives me the opportunity to do the things I’d never have the guts to do in real life like wearing brightly colored clothes that people would point and curse me for in rL. I like that no one is prejudiced, no one has their walls up on you based on anything trivial — I might be naive though? So that’s my own thought through my journey in sL, I don’t even know why I’m emo-ing on all of ya’ll right now. I’ve just been receiving compliments in world that people are enjoying the stuff I put out on this blog, so I’m really touched and I just do what I do, go by and hope with full sincerity that you guys would like it. Alright… I’ll just waddle off and move on to looks naow…


For the first look, it’s just simple home wear because that’s where I’ve been hanging out the most recently!! Tomo has recently moved in with me so oh HAI ROOMIE~ And there’s a bunch of awesome neighbors, new and old cheering up the entire Harajuku Box! Drop on by and take a look! We’re always welcoming new neighbors! Do you like mai hair and t-shirt? I know I think they’re too adorable for words and these are little teasers from idk a collaboration between Esme Michigan (from Uncle Wiggily) and Chav Paderborn! I’m an idiot and didn’t note down the name of the update group, but if you profile stalk esme, you’d see the group there and it’s open for JOINS. Join to get invitations for the opening party which you do not want to miss! The undies are adorable aren’t they? They’re technically from the male gender but who says females can’t wear em *whistles* A pair of yellow ones are available as free wearable demos in BALACLAVA. This store is filled with cheap menswear and to see more examples of them, read Stokkie’s little post!


The next look features yet again idk‘s adorable tee that I love dearly. When I’m ready to get pulled out of Hbox and go around — I know it’s time to pull on some casual slouchy pants from Oyakin. I love baggy clothes and this pants comes in versions of tight and loose, long and cropped — so many choices! I love my denims but I never really bring myself to buy any unless it’s true love and interest. My fabulous hair is made by Fae from fishy*strawberry that I’m sure many people are familiar by. What’s surprising is that she just released 3 fabu hair earlier yesterday and they’re her first ever hair release! We can definitely anticipate more to come because all 3 are excellent staples that I know I need to head down and get more! ICARO by far is my favorite style cause it has little scripted ribbons that can change colors, and there’s 2 adorable buns at the back with gorgeous soft wispy texture all round. These poses are also made by my lovely new neighbor Esme Milena! She’s working on more as I type (when she awakes from the lack of SLEEP!!) — they are so adorableezz!!


Finally, I landed my first modeling gig *lmao* Candle a good friend sent me IMs that she’s opening a store called Pretzel Poses and wondered if I could model for her as store displays. I jumped at the chance cause I wanted to try the poses as well and they are wacky fun! There’s a set of mortal combat poses that you definitely need to try! The store officially opens tomorrow, so keep a lookout~ I’m modelling a set of Robo poses so I wanted to wear an outfit that was tight and futuristic. I love how I realize I hardly wear black in any of my post XD

Details & Credits #1

Skin: “Open Special Skin” from dhR
Eyes: “Easter Lilac” bunny hop gift from Poetic Colors
Hair:Louise & the Quail Hair” from idk (coming soon~~)
Shirt:drape top silver birdbranch” from idk (coming soon~~)
Undies: Undiesox lucky in Slate” by Balaclava
Socks: HiENaiSocks” group gift from “anuenue
Poses: from KiiToS

Details & Credits #2

Skin: “F01-GGD-P-G-LB” from dhR
Eyes: “Easter Lilac” bunny hop gift from Poetic Colors
Eyelashes: “Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Icaro (in chcolate)” by fishy*strawberry
Shirt:drape top silver birdbranch” from idk (coming soon~~)
Pants: Oyakin**Jeans” by Oyakin
Bag: ECO?BAG” from Cube Sugar
Shoes: Knitting Slippers” from Shade Throne (not sold)
Scarf: Thin Scarf (in sand)” from Miel
Poses: from Esme Milena (muacks~)

Details & Credits #3

Skin: “F01-GSV-P-S-G” from dhR
Eyes: “Eclipse (in fog)” from =HooT=
Hair: “Bang Bang (in pale)” by fishy*strawberry
Top: Let’s Get High & Listen to Odetta (in black)” by Thimbles
Pants: Leather Pants (in black)” by IBIZARRE
Frame: Grate Skirt” part of Knit Set Audrey by IBIZARRE
Necklace: Layered Necklace (in black)” by Atelier AM
Gloves: Silver Gloves” by biancaF
Shoes: Dalia Pump (in silver)” by Armidi
Poses: by Pretzel Poses