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my dose of beetlebones

*waveness* I just arrived back in LA and I’m having a bad evil jetlag…so i’m a tad bit buzzed and I might make a lil spelling error or mistakes along this post. In fact I just noticed a picture editing error that I wanna smack myself for ūüė¶ pooness!!

Anywho! I’m missing my sister so much from all the way here in Los Angeles as she’s slaving away in Asia teehee… I do have to congratulate her on a successful collection yet again ‚̧ Suetabulous Yootz from Beetle Bones finally released her 2nd collection which she deems city chic ~ dedicating to her missed life in LA. I must say the pieces reflect a lot of our favorite things whilst shopping and living in Los Angeles. A lot of the clothes are stylish on their own but also serve as great layering pieces, which fits the unpredictable weather here, sometimes it’s just blazing hot like vegas and sometimes it’s waaayy too cold, so layers serve for easy changes throughout the day.

I decided to take some essential pieces from Beetle Bones‘ city chic collection and layered it with different pieces from other designers to show off this lines great versatility! I also made sure each look features a different color of Suetabulous adorable “I Skinned an Ostrich Bag” (lols at the name). This bag has a cute hand drawn textures which shows Sue’s great improvement since her first line, and even has a small lil sculpted bone as a brand keychain. I love her attention to detail and this bag really is one to keep as it goes well with any look.

my dose of beetlebones I

The first look I kept simple and easy, something casual that works for daily wear where you don’t want to fuss around a lot. Using Beetle Bones’ Skinny Lowriser Jeans and Laboheme top, I paired it with Gigi Couture‘s adorable plaid sweater. I love these jeans from Beetle Bones as her attention to details yet again show in the backpockets where we see a lil sewn in bone.

my dose of beetlebones II

Next up is a look I love and hearts! I took Sue’s adorable Michelle dress which features a high pencil skirt and a detailed corseted top — the details on the top of this dress is so cute, but I wanted to make this more unpredictable by layering it with her jailbird sweater and Madsy’s xoxo Cardigan. I have featured Madsy in my early posts but I’d just like to highlight what an incredibly amazing new and upcoming brand! I love her originality in all her pieces and they really are must haves! This look is more feminine which works well if you’re going out on a date of some sorts or days when you just wish to look your lady like best!

my dose of beetlebones III

Finally, the last look is something more spunky and fun, with bright colors and cute hair, this look is great for a fun day out! Using this Jailbird sweater yet again, I loveeee this piece and is definitely my favorite from Sue’s collection. I worked it with her skinny jeans again but in a different shade, and layered this with Pink OutfittersEsme Sweater Vest which makes for a cool look.

my dose of beetlebones IV

I featured JUNWAVE hair in all 3 looks and if you guys haven’t drop on down to buy some of JUNWAVE’s new hair… you’re missing out on some really awesome styles! I ‚̧ this brand so much when it comes to hair, and it’s hard to keep myself away from the store… I just keep coming back every time there’s a new release *sniffles for wallet*

So! I hope you guys drop on by to Beetle Bones and check out Suetabulous Yootz’s city chic collection! Gotta love all the hand-drawn goodness and her hard work is really paying off as I see her improve and grow ‚̧

Skin:Anya Special Skin” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eye:GEMSTONE Collection in Turquoise” from Silhouette Eyes
Nails:Gift White Nails” from MAI
Hair:Iris in Litchi” from JUNWAVE
Glasses:Guerrilla Black Glasses” from Heartattack&Vine
Top:Laboheme Top in Monochrome Grey” from BeetleBones
Jeans:Skinny Lowriser Jeans in Raven Black” from BeetleBones
Jacket:Plaid aWinter Sweater” from Gigi Couture
Watch:Watch Jewel in Gold/Black” from AllepJeans
Bag:I Skinned an Ostrich in Camel” from BeetleBones
Shoes:Flat Gladiator Sandals in Brown” from AOHARU

Skin:Anya S05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eye:Wild Jungle” from Bodyline
Lashes:Eyelashes” from PIDIDDLE
Hair:Melissa in Gold” from JUNWAVE
Underlayer:Jailbird Sweater in Maroon Saloon” from BeetleBones
Dress:Michelle Dress in Antique Rose” from BeetleBones
Cardigan:xoxo Cardigan in Green” from Madsy
Socks:Argyle Socks in White Red” from SPICA
Bag:I skinned an Ostrich in Doctor Grey” from BeetleBones
Necklace:Summer09 Flower Necklace in Orange” from BOUTIQUE
Shoes:Beebs Suede Boots in Brown” from Pixel Mode

Skin:Anya M02” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eye:GEMSTONE collection in Citrine” from Silhouette Eyes
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Misa in Brown” from JUNWAVE
Top:Jailbird Sweater in Sailor’s Heaven” from BeetleBones
Jeans:Skinny Lowriser Jeans in Mossy Grey” from BeetleBones
Vest:Esme Sweater Vest in Dragon Fruit” from Pink Outfitters
Nails:Gift Red Nails” from MAI
Headband:AM Tulip Headband in Champagne” from Miel
Bag:I skinned an Ostrich in Doctor Almost White” from BeetleBones
Shoes:Beebs Suede Boots in Black” from Pixel Mode

my little white dresses I

I have been dying to catch up with my postings but rl has been keeping be thoroughly occupied and it’s been a whirlwind week for sure. Anywho~ Good morning!! I hope everyone’s doing fine and dandy today ^^

White has always been my favorite color, and in rl i’ve been getting comments to wear other colors aside from that — it’s like my safe color which I fall back on time and time again. So I thought why not dedicate an entire post to this favorite color of mine. So instead of the classic little black dress, I shall show you guys my little white dresses. I’ll try to keep it as wedding free as possible!

my little white dress 1
my little white dress 1b

Beauty Avatar Couture recently released their new estate collection featuring a myriad of stunning pieces that are must haves in one’s sl closet. This dress in particular caught my eye. I love the structured look of it — but still maintaining it’s feminine charm with the length and bow. It’s an extremely low cut dress so instead of flashing my non existent cleavage, I’m pairing it with a textured top form Modern Gypsy. The intricate pattern on this really pops against the solid Beauty Avatar dress. I’m in loooveee with that huge flower on my head! That’s a new release from FreshTrash which recently just opened in Starlust. It’s scripted and comes in various colors to suit your look~

my little white dress 2
my little white dress 2b

The next look comes closest to looking like a wedding dress — only thing is, that longer bottom isn’t a dress, it’s actually really large loose pants from Beauty Avatar. I’m rather short so this piece being unmodifiable proved a little harder to fit. This stunning dress from Lo*momo comes in 2 different skirt options and has a really adorable neckline in my opinion. I’m featuring some older LaGyo pieces which are also some of my favorites from this talented designer. Gyorgyna Larnia has been releasing one after the other of stunning jewelry — treating us fashionistas to a myriad of stunning pieces to pick from. Every time I visit, I feel like I’m in a candy store with so much choices that I really have no clue what I don’t want *giggles*

my little white dress 3
my little white dress 3b

Finally, this last piece features a gorgeous dress from Meghindo‘s a store you definitely need to see if you haven’t! This dress was one of my favorites but another one that really caught my eye was the pink diamond dress which you can see nil and uma sporting. Meghindo Romano really has some interesting dresses and swim suits which are definitely worth a look! Oh! This is also my first successful attempt at prim feet~~ teehee. Just wanted to share cause I was happeh the skin tone matches!

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed my series of little white dresses. I hope to find more and feature them on pretty occasional basis since I truly love having all white looks. Makes me feel clean like a fresh bar of soap! Whoohoo~

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya N 04” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:seagrass” from bodyline
Hair:Mimi (blondes)” from IrEn
Headband:Large Flower Headband” from FreshTrash
Dress:Kenzia Dress in White” from Beauty Avatar Couture
Underlayer:Le Soleil Calme Top” from Modern Gypsy
Stockings:Paschendale Socks” from Vette’s Boutique
Shoes:Speedy Pumps in White” from Shiny Things

Skin:Anya Special Skin” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Dazzle Eyes in Black” from Fresh Fx
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Nails:Gift black nails” from MAI
Hair:Milla in Pearl” from Novocaine
Dress:Lace Mini Dress in White” from Lo*momo
Pants:JULY white” from Beauty Avatar Couture
Ring:White Rose Ring” from Elate!
Headband & Earrings:Famous Lady Headband & Earrings in White” from LaGyo

Skin:Anya S 05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Smolder Eyes in Gunmetal” from =HooT=
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Edie in Platinum” from Aden
Jacket:Simple Long Shirt in White” from AOHARU
Dress:SJP Dress” from Meghindo’s
Belt:Leather belt in White” from Polina Kaestner
Shoes:Enamel Buckle Gladiator in Silver White” from AOHARU

Long Awkward Pose
*fresh poses*

you look like you need another drink

I lurveeeee this look! Like it’s really all I sum up from this *giggles*
Nylon Outfitters has a bunch of new releases and if you haven’t stopped by to check them out, you’re missing some really awesome stuff! I heart these gradient denim pants and just had all kinda ideas with it. I’m a big fan of jeans in rl but on sl I really seldom buy or wear them at all; because it can be hard to find one that’s interesting and different from the norm. I particularly love the smart gradient colors that still retains denim quality in this pair! Naise~

I’m also wearing a different skin from JM:Mai; this store is definitely a store you need to go to if you have a big liking for asian skins. I have had her demos in my inventory for a long long time but never really sat down to carefully picked the ones I like. Big huge thanks to GG Sideshow for reminding me about this store. I finally sat down to pick my favorites and Devon is definitely one of them! I can’t seem to take off this skin! I’m a huge skin lover and if you read my blog often you’d probably realize it from the numerous skin reviews I do — however, it’s difficult for me to find a skin that I like to wear various times, this one however will be one to stay for a while! Me <3!

you look like you need another drink I
you look like you need another drink II

My title is inspired by this shirt from BLACKNOIR and if you’re a big fan of tees and tanks with amusing messages, you’ll lurveee this store! BLACKNOIR has tons of casual goodies and most of them have really eye catching designs. I was incredibly fascinated and I think I spent quite a long time picking the items I really like. The scarf is a new release from BALACLAVA which I have blogged about before — so excited to see their new releases all the time because not only do they look great on men, we female shoppers get to jump in the bandwagon cause they fit us as well! Great fun designs always~

Another huge lurve is these boots! Yay! Big thanks to Brinksie for providing the sURL to this store cause I’ve been itching to find out where it is! I can’t believe Algernon is in the same sim as mon amie cafe since I’ve been there about a dozen times — whai do I miss great stuff like this! (lol) Love the store, they carry a 10L rainboot that is just plain adorable, go check it out!

I decided to have fun with belts since it’s rare to find awesome ones. The yellow is one from NINIKO‘s pants but the little straps allow you to wear it with other pants as well. NINIKO just recently released a series of menswear that has several awesome stuff and I’m a huge fan of Kae’s creation so you know I’m there during the opening for sure ^^ The second belt is one from reek that most of you would already have heard about from feeds. I never had the chance to wear their stuff and I’m glad I finally do because I lurveee~ Amazing belts and awesome fun tees (even a great skating rink omgah!).

The last few touches in my look includes a beautiful hat from !!WILD O that I read about in Abra’s blog. This store sells a variation of hair and gorgeous hair accessories. The bangles are dropped on me from A&A Fashion and I love how it’s incredibly versatile and can be worn with really any sorta looks — thank you! And that cigar ~ teehee… is a find I found whilst profile stalking some great tableau creators. I love how sometimes I stumble upon a place that I’d probably never ever find if it’s just through walking in sl. Lunar lounge is literally carved out of a moon up in the skies of tableau! How awesome!

So that’s it for me today — had great fun with this look and I hope you enjoyed some of these finds ^^

Details & Credits
Skin:Devon in red” from JM:Mai
Eyes:Spring Eyes in Hazel” from Elate!
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Nails:Gift Black Nails” from MAI
Hair:HTU132 in chestnut” from booN
Scarf:evergreen scarf in purple” from BALACLAVA!!
Jeans:Gradient Jeans” from Nylon Outfitters
Shirt:NO drink tshirt” from BLACKNOIR
Belt #1:NINIKO belt from Dot Pants” from NINIKO
Belt #2:I Heart Themes Belt” from Reek
Hat:Bouquet Hat” from !!WILD O
Boots:Engineer Boots in brown” from Algernon
Bracelet:Bracelet BLACK” from A&A Fashion
Cigar:Lunar Lounge Cigar” from Tableau’s Lunar Lounge
Poses: MAYONAISE (unreleased) , Pretzel Poses

ohmai… it’s dhR!

Skins are extremely dear to my heart I think, partly cause it’s hard to find one that fits my shape well and looks the way I envision my sl self to look. I enjoy wearing different skins just for experimentation and being different, but those I keep and use over and over again (like Sopha’s UGLYDOROTHY skins hee) are the ones I truly love much much! I never go “oh crap another one?” whenever there’s a skin release cause trying on demos and seeing how a skin fits can be so thrilling — I’m always on the lookout for good skins and I hope to review them with as much detail as I can. So if you have recommendations for skins, I’d love to see them! ^^

Today, it was one of those lucky days where i stumbled upon a skin store and just knew, just KNEW that I had to have the skin *even without* trying on a demo. However, playing on the safe side I did hee (and I LOVED it!). This store recently opened its main branch (April 22nd I think it was?) and I haven’t read it on any feeds yet and it definitely should be! I’ve seen a few Japanese fashionistas that look as if they’re wearing these skins though, although I haven’t confirmed it. So yesss… onto the point!! Daryl Lupindo the creator of dhR skins has got to be one of the most refreshing up coming talent I’ve seen. dhR skins are very, extremely well made and the beauty it has is just beyond words. I’m definitely lucky and glad to find these, so I hope that you guys will enjoy what I have to share today! Bear with the long posttt~~

ohmai...it's dhR IV
ohmai...it's dhR I

Look at how gorgeous the body is shaded!!! I never show my completely exposed avatar just cause imma shy like that (yes, even in a digital world), but you guys should definitely go over and check it out in world to let the skins prove its own worth. The above skin shown is dhR’s opening campaign gift skin; from my knowledge, every skin pack includes this skin and I think it’s in the natural skin tone. Aside from this gift skin, another skin is available and it’s the only face/skin available now; the only name I see is F01. It comes in 5 different skin tones; deep tan, rich tan, sunny, natural and pale (I picked the pale). Each skin tone can be bought either as a complete fatpack or by make up options — there’s 12 makeup options in total. Each makeup comes in 6 types (shown below)

ohmai...it's dhR II
(Click Image for BIG view)

The above is the makeup “standard natural” to show you guys what’s included if you were to buy 1 makeup pack. The package will consist of 3 different types of brows; brown, light brown and grey — great for matching your brows and hair! I choose to use grey with blonde hair just cause hee. Oh! And of course there’s 2 lip version, one that’s glossy and one that’s sheer. A notecard will come with the package to explain all that as well!

My review is nearly all positive, the skin is realistic without being over the top. I love how soft the realism is — the face to me is very doll like and to be able to maintain that doll look together with realism is a really respectable feat. I think the very light (extremely light) freckles on the bridge of the nose add a nice interesting character to the skin. The brows are delicately places and the lips are too pretty for words. I do like the sheer lip more than the gloss just cause of the highlight at the top of the lip that gloss is missing.
Regarding negatives; the only problem I had were that the butt (O_o) although very pouty and adorable, didn’t continue it’s shading all the way down. So the line of the butt kinda ends halfway down – not a problem if you have clothes on! Buttt… if you like the nude, it’s a little awkward. I also think the muscle on the arm is a little too defined for such a feminine shape, but that might be my own personal preference. Aside from that — dear lord this skin still blows me away as I look at it now.

Onto the make up options! I will do yet another short write up on each makeup just to show you guys what it consist of (since I didn’t show the lip color). But feel free to just look at the pictures and then run over in store to try it yourself!
(From the notecard upon buying the skin, there’s a key to the abbreviations of each make up name)

ohmai...it's dhR III

SN=standard natural
Standard natural has barely any make up — eyes are clean and only a thin sweep of eyeliner at the top. The lips are a healthy reddish shade and blushing is swept from the cheeks towards the cheekbones.
SU=standard usual
Standard usual is great for daily wear; still very clean but the eyes are swept with a brown eyeshadows to deepen them. Eyeliner is thicker on the upper lids and there’s a thin line at the lower lids as well. The lips are more of a peach brown color. Blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
SC=standard Cool
Is a standard night makeup — with thick eyeliner on both upper and lower lids, dark brown shadows are smudged all round the eye for a smokey eye look. The lips are a darker pink. Blushing is done exactly like natural, both the cheeks up towards the cheekbones.
SPK=sweet pink
The sweet line is a feminine clean makeup palette. Eyeliner is being used to line both upper and lower lids, dark brown shadows are smudged at the outer corners of the lids to deepen the eye. Pink eyeshadow is being used on the rest of the eye. Lips are done in pink and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
SBL=sweet blue
Like sweet pink; very feminine and clean. Eyeliner is being used to line both upper and lower lids, dark greys are smudged on the outer corners to deepen the eye. Light blue eyeshadow is used on the rest of the eye. Lips are done in a nude golden brown tone and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
SYL=sweet yellow
Eyeliner is being used to line both upper and lower lids, dark brown shadows are smudged at the outer corners of the lids to deepen the eye. Yellowish brown eyeshadow is used on the rest of the eye. Lips are a dark brownish shade and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
CBL=cool blue
The cools are more glamorous with deep eyeshadows. Cool blue has eyeliner on both upper and lower lid, dark tones are smudged around the eye together with cool blue eyeshadow to create a smokey eye. Lips are left nude gold and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
CPL=cool purple
There’s eyeliner on both upper and lower lid, dark tones are smudged around the eye together with a purple eyeshadow to create a smokey eye. Lips are tinted a deep purplish pink to tie the whole make up together. Peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
CYL=cool yellow
There’s eyeliner on both upper and lower lid, dark brown tones are smudged around the eye together with a yellowish brown eyeshadow to create a smokey eye. Lips are left nude gold and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbones.
GGD=gorgeous gold
Gorgeous line features very heavy eyeshadow in glistening palettes for a dramatic effect. Gold features eyeliner done only on the top lid — however deep browns and gold eyeshadow is being used to smudge around the bottom lid and outer crease to deepen the eyes. The rest of the eye makeup is treated with golden tones. Golden hued lipstick is used and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbone.
GPL=gorgeous purple
Gorgeous purple features eyeliner done only on the top lid — however deep browns and purple eyeshadow is being used to smudge around the bottom lid and outer crease to deepen the eyes. The rest of the eye makeup is treated with purple tones. Nude smokey purple lipstick is used and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbone.
GSV=gorgeous silver
Gorgeous silver features eyeliner done only on the top lid — however deep dull blues and silver eyeshadow is being used to smudge around the bottom lid and outer crease to deepen the eyes. The rest of the eye makeup is treated with silvery tones. Nude brownish gold lipstick is used and peachy blushing is done high on the cheekbone.

Hope you guys found this post insightful and love the skin as much as I do. I know this skin will be a keeper and you’ll definitely see me wearing this pretty often! ^^

Details & Credits

Skin: “F01” from dhR
Eyes:¬†“Gift Eyes Vol.4” from¬†MAI
Hair: “Cherry (in butter)” by !lamb
Bra:Iris White Bra”¬†from INSOLENCE
Shorts: High and Wasted shorts” by [Random Fashions]
Gloves: V gloves” from¬†Vett’s Boutique
Shoes: AprilStars (in chocolate)” from ZHAO

Poses by AnaLu’s Fresh Poses (I will do a post on these poses soon! The LOVE!)

strawberry kisses

After all my recent post — I missed being candy cute and wanted a little bit of sugar overload — which is appropriate seeing that some of you would have had quite a bit of chocolate during easter ^^ This look is just simply for cuteness sake, and to highlight all these adorable accessories I’ve been keeping in my inventory for a while!



First off, gorgeous new pair of shoes from Periquita! Erpla Prieto (creator of Periquita’s awesome shoes) has just came back from a long break and these Chicky Chic Pumps has hit the shelves of Periquita! If you’re a big fan of her previous release “Funny Girl Flats” you’ll definitely love these as well. The unique shape will definitely turn heads, it comes in variety of shades each costing 150L — the fatpack costs 1000L. A cute new pair of pumps to add in your inventory ^^ Erpla has improved on her texturing and these pumps are definitely more textural as compared to the usual smooth pumps. I love the slight bumps in the texture, it reminded me of a strawberry, which is why I decided to pair the look with strawberry accessories from Lovesoul!

This adorable dress comes from HoneyHoney; a store I found through Free*Style. Very adorable colors on all their wares, and for very good prices. I was lucky enough to win a lucky board price on my first visit over ^^ The ribbon is originally a bow tie, but I moved it up to act as a hair accessory. I also tinted the stockings a little to tie the ribbon in with the rest of the outfit.

Hope you guys show some love to these creators, especially to these new pair of Chicky Chic pumps — they’re too adorable for words!


Details & Credits

Skin: “Lea (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:¬†“Gift Eyes Vol.4” gift from¬†MAI
Hair: “Loose Pony (in gold)” by JUNWAVE
Nails: “freebie nails (in pink)” freebie by M99
Top:White Tank”¬†freebie from Tres Blah
Dress: Jumper Skirt Check (in green)” by HoneyHoney
Leggings: Solid Thigh Highs (in gold)” freebie by Shiny Things
Shoes: Chicky Chic Pumps (in red)” from¬†Periquita
Ring&Earrings:Strawberry Set” from [Lovesoul]

Ribbon:Tamara Ribbon (in yellow)” from LeeZu
Toast:Strawberry Jam Toast” from lurveBite

sey acid mala

Hee… corny title yes. Yet another gorgeous gift from the Albero hunt! (Acid & Mala Creation)A&M‘s Asian Spring Hoodie — the fabric of this piece is just stunning and very asian indeed. I had fun mixing and matching this outfit and I hope it brings a smile to your face as well ^^


Details & Credits

Skin:¬†“Seduction (in choco)” from¬†CUPCAKES
Eyes:¬†GIft Eyes Vol. 4” gift from¬†MAI
Eyelashes:¬†Fantasma Eyes (in enchanted forest)” gift from¬†Mayden couture
Hair: Sporty Spice‘ free hair from [Aden]
Nails: White Nails” gift from MAI
Tank:White Tank” from Emery
Hoodie: Asian Spring” part of Albero hunt by A&M
Shorts/Pouch: Patch denim & petit bag (in purple)” by :sey
Socks: French Contrast Socks (in grey/county)” from Emery
Shoes: Xtra Hi-Tops Multicolor v2” from PornStar

This skin is a gift from a hunt at CUPCAKES — it’s been featured in many many blogs and I just wanted to use it to highlight how incredibly beautiful these skins are! So if you haven’t gotten them — embrace the lag and head over to CUPCAKES!