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blank slate basics

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately… and I haven’t been finishing the ideas I had in mind simply because I feel like I can’t *_* sobs. I think mayhaps I have lost my creative juices somewhere? This look features something I initially wanted to do a series of. I’ve been getting awesome tee shirts from various places and I wanted to show case all of their gorgeousness in several looks, but that didn’t seem to work out and I’m left with one 😦
I hope you guys still like this one though and I hope I get hit in the head and get inspired soonish because this mind block is making me a tad bit cranky~


So! This look features this gorgeous tee from barbee. This store has some really inspiring art work that you guys should go check out; most of the art is brought into the fashion world as they are made into t-shirts like the one I’m wearing. I personally bought a few but this was one of my favorites. T-shirts in sl are such a staple and great quality ones can be hard to find, something like this can be worn almost anywhere in sl — for a lag free time during a hunt or an event, a quality tee just does wonders. I paired it up with this gorgeous skirt from Ume Mode that was initially a dress, but it allows you to edit and pull down into a ethnic printed skirt too.

I’m wearing a different skin today, thinking it’s time to try out something else. Kaethe Dyrssen from *Leafy brought me to this store and I’m truly thankful to find Lara Skin‘s gorgeous skin called Daisy. I particularly love this makeup option cause of its peachy lip which is not apparent in any other makeup option. Kaethe also has a bunch of new poses out in her store which you guys should go check out cause they are AWESOMEZ *winks*

This hair comes from a store I also recently just found called Zero Style. It’s not a new brand and many of you might have heard of it before — but I lurve the quality of their hair. Every strand is so glossed and shiny as if it’s been through a good dose of hair conditioner. Very healthy and hair lovers out there who have never been here — NEED to go!

Apologies once again for my very uninspired moment, who knows, I might just log on and get inspired or I might not in the next week or so 😦 *crosses my fingers* See you guys soon!

Details & Credits
Skin:Daisy in green” from LARA SKINS
Eyes:eye03 grey” from ROGE
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Nucco in Black Cherry” from Zero Style
Shirt:T-SHIRT robot02” from barbee.
Shoes:Hemp flat shoes Sunflower in brown” from Love Soul
Skirt:Sun Dress in Bitter” from Ume Mode
Scarf:Thin Scarf in Sand” from Miel
Bracelet:Wooden Bangles” made by Cesta Bohemia
Bracelet:ACCESSORIES SET #1 Bracelet A” from Shade Throne
Poses: Ana Lu *fresh poses*