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ohmai new home!

Ahhh the fresh scent of a new blank box waiting to be filled with words of what I’ve been doing~~ whoo *geek moment*
So firstly I’d like to wish Tomoyo a HAPPY REZZ DAY!!! It happened yesterday but still sending love along your way since I konked out last night hee.
I’ve been missing cause I was working on a little personal project ^^ a new home!!! Yayy!! -explosion of balloons and throws mad confetti around- Oh gosh, I’m awfully excited really and wanted to show you guys what I got done so far.

So I went over to Harajuku Box for their little hunt that’s going on and everybody should head down there cause not only are the gifts awesome, there’s tons of stores there that I can 100% guarantee won’t be a bore. And during my time there loadsa random fun happened and I found out that they had 1 more spot opened for a small home! I was initially looking for a skybox cause I was afraid homes might be too large for lil ol’ me — but when I saw the house, it was just plain adorable and the size is perfect! Give me them papers now! Haha.. so there we go, my little process on getting a home. 

I’ve been spending these few days furnishing the place and boy was it some work!! I had help from lotsa fabulous people and I’d like to personally thank Riki & Note from Harajuku for bearing with my fickle mindedness ^^” Modd and Amyyyy smank you for spending time with me whilst I was decoringg~~

After getting my home done, what else could I do but shoopp!! I’ve been missing out on all these new releases and had a blast with Tomo, Modd, Amy and Malte (well you 3 had to bear with us XD) yesterday going shopping! This is what happens when you shop too much….


*giggles* I had to literally drag the bags up this slope, these 2 shots show you a little sneaky peaky of how Harajuku looks like.


And that’s me at my front gate — just staggering to get it…Yay! So I’m not very used to taking shots in enclosed spaces just yet, and I’m hoping these pictures give you guys an idea of how everything looks. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out ^^


Yes! I have a flying pig!! His name’s Hamilton (a.k.a Ham the STUD O_O) and he’s my only form of security in this house. If anyone tries to break in, he’s poopin on ya 😉 Anyways, that’s the living room area, there’s a small ladder on the side to get up that platform where my sleeping area is…


I really wanted a simple bed with lotsa pillows so when I found this gorgeous one from Grandma! Furnitures I was just super excited.


And alas, I couldn’t get a cute shot of the kitchen but that’s a fridge from Blonde which fits great for my very tiny kitchen. There’s a small island as my dining table and I’m currently serving donuts and coffee!!


Ah! Of course the outfit’s important as well! My happy mood reflects right into what I wear — this adorable top and scarf comes from a chef outfit that El’n made. It’s so adorable and taking out some pieces, it’s super wearable as a chic look. I love these shorts from Pink Outfitters, like with my life and soul. I bought a few colors so I’m hoping to get some new looks up for you guys!

If you guys wanna drop by feel free to send me an IM ^^ Company’s always good and there’s always food in my home, come hungry!

If you’re looking for homes, I really highly recommend the Harajuku sim; they have a wait list right now and are building more homes so spots will open up pretty quick. You can choose from small, med and large which all feature Japanese styled decor — it doesn’t come furnished so you’d have the opportunity to hunt for furniture! I heard the admins are building some skyboxes as well, so do keep a look out! The neighbors are super friendly and during my short time there, I’m just loving the atmosphere.


Details & Credits

Skin: “Lea (05)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Glance Eyes (lightgrey)” luckyboard win from DEN-DOU
Hair: “bon02 (peach)” by Hair Salon Cri-Cri
Top:Chef outfit” from El’n
Shorts: Roxy Bermuda Shorts (in powder blue)” by Pink Outfitters
Socks: Saturn Socks” from kuri style
Shoes: Canvas Shoes” from Wirefly

ohmai it’s… Mayden Couture!

Happy Easter everyone!!! ^^
I hope everybody’s having loadsa fun in all the fabulous hunts in world — there’s some really pretty gifts to add to your bursting inventory!

I was surprised to log inworld the other day only to receive this gorgeous full pack of skin from Mayden Couture. I can only return the generous gesture by blogging about it and showing you guys how beautiful it is. Lilith is a new skin from Mayden Couture, it comes in 2 different skin tones (I have the lighter one) and 10 different make up options.

ohmai it's... Mayden Couture II
ohmai it's... Mayden Couture I

The skin of Lilith is rather tanned (both options) and the shading of the face is more defined as compared to the body. In fact, I do think the body is on the matte side, however the shadows and highlights are mostly done around the areas that will be exposed during normal wear — like the legs and chest area are very well shaded.

I love the legs of this skin, the knees especially are so cute and well shaded — very realistic looking and extremely believable. There’s a really cute tush as well, which is something lots of people like when obtaining skins. One area that I’m not very fond of is the collar bones — although the chest area is very well shaded, the collarbone is a slight bit too over shaded, making the bones protrude a little too obviously than I would like. So that’s my only critique on this skin; aside from that — the face is obvious LOVE! I think the face of this skin is excellently done, with thick eye makeup and luscious lips. I have a weak spot for well shaded lips and this skin definitely won my heart over in that aspect.

ohmai it's... Mayden Couture IV

The above shows the variety of makeup Lilith comes in. The lips are all fairly glossy but comes in a range from nude to deep red. There’s a small beauty mark that adds character to this skin. The eye makeup are all very glamorous looking, but one thing you’d notice that’s similar in all the makeup options is the highlights around the eye area and the inner corners of the eyes. This is a huge love for me, I really think this skin range is not for those fond of natural looking makeup — it’s definitely more for those who like to experiment with different make up options.

ohmai it's... Mayden Couture III

The most variety comes in the eye makeup. I took a close capture to show you guys the different colors there are to choose from. All the eye makeup features highlighting around the inner corners and deep eyeliner and eyeshadow.
I’m not 100% sure that the colors below are what the make up options are, I’m just stating them based on how I see them. So feel free to correct me if I made a mistake and I’ll gladly rectify.

N1: Nude lips and eye makeup just consist of thick eyeliner and mascara.
N2: Slightly pink lips, orange eyeshadow used on the upper lids, whereas the bottom rim is lined with a steel blue shade.
N3: Deep brownish tone for the lip stick, and the eye makeup consist of deep green hues and slight gold around the edges.
N4: Deep pink lips, eye shadows are brown hued with pearl gold highlights.
N5: Red lips and eye makeup consist of silver and white shades for an icy look.
N6: Vermilion colored lips with brown eyeshadow.
N7: Nude lips with steel blue eyeshadow on upper lid and persian green on the bottom rim.
N8: Bright pink lips, thicker eyeliner with light bits of grey around the inner corners.
N9: Nude lips with aquamarine eyeshadow on upper lids and darker aquamarine on the bottom rim.
N10: Nude lips with light sea green eyeshadow and a lighter shade lining the bottom rim.

Once again, thank you to Mayden Couture for giving me the chance to blog about this skin! So why are you still reading this??? Head over on your easter weekend to check out this gorgeous skin!

Details & Credits

Skin by Mayden Couture
Eyes by  =HooT=
Eyelashes by glow studio
Hair by !lamb!
Outfit by Kuri Style
Shoe by Ztique
Gloves by Royal Blue

putting a spin on PK

I was in the midst of bunny hopping yesterday — and yes, I’m beginning from #1 and working my way up (eeps!) — and had gotten a notification that Polina Kaestner‘s boutique is finally having a grand opening. Since I had been lusting over her designs via flickr, I immediately put down my egg basket and took a look.

Polina’s spring collection features very feminine light colors — a more refined spring palette I’d say. I specially love the rose color that she chose for so many of her pieces. Polina was extremely welcoming when I went over and even offered some goodies for me to feature in my blog; but for some reason I felt bad taking freebies if I’m not by any means a great fashion blogger *giggles* so I politely turned her down and I bought the items instead. I hope the looks I came up with does justice to how amazing the clothes are! (And thank you again for the offer Polina ^^ you were a real sweetheart)

The pieces all work really well together but I wanted to mix and match her items with the others within my inventory for a different approach to her clothes. I used some bright colors rather than a pale palette — I’m not sure how well my photoshop editing went. Hmmsss….

But yes! I hope you guys like these ^^


Details & Credits Outfit 1

Skin: “Lise (02)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eclipse Eyes (Ice)” from =HooT=
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes 10 Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Anelo (in white)” by {fascino}
Top:NO NAME tee” from DP Serendipity
Jacket: Opened Blazer (in Noir)” by Polina Kaestner
Leggings: Mariya Stirrup Tights Cheetah Print (in red)” by Sh*t Happens
Shoes: Kokhosh Boot” from LiNe
Gloves: Fingercut (in black&black)” freebie from WAvE
Cap:Comrad Cap” from Gritty Kitty

Details & Credits Outfit 2

Skin: “Melissa (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Dazzle Eyes (in black)” from Fresh Fx
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes simple type classic” from Mayamaya Creations
Hair: Breeze (in powder)‘ by !lamb
Top:Part of Featyer Paper set (black)” from Kuri Style
Skirt:High Waist Skirt (in rose)” from Polina Kaestner
Leggings: Plain tights (in grey)” by Creamshop
Shoes: “Slinky Stilettos (in patent turquoise)” by Maitreya
Gloves: Half Glove (in brown)” from Royal Blue
Ring:Rose Ring” freebie from Fairy tail

Details & Credits Outfit 3

Skin: “Agathe (03)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eclipse Eyes (in Fog)” from =HooT=
Nails: ‘J’s Nails (in black)” from J’s
Hair: “Anelo (in white)” by {fascino}
Top:Sheer Ribbed Tank (teal layer over burgundy)” from Armidi
Shorts:Puff Short (in beige)” from Polina Kaestner
Scarf: Afghan Stole” by :sey
Leggings: Plain tights (in black)” by Creamshop
Shoes: “Dalia Pump (in silver)” by Armidi
Bracelets:Arc-en-ciel” by MANNA
Ring:bbb ring pig with black pearl” done by Big Boob Boutique gotten from minajunk

Details & Credits Outfit 3

Skin: “Eva (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eclipse Eyes (in Ember)” from =HooT=
Hair: ‘Yukina 1 (in natural blonde)’ by DejaVu
Bra:Plaisance Set (in blue lilies)” from Attitudes
Top:Sheer Ribbed Tank (in dark gray)” from Armidi
Pants:Jodhpur (in Noir)” from Polina Kaestner
Gloves: Half Glove (in purple)” from Royal Blue
Shoes: “Malama (in purple)” grand opening of L+R+W gift byR2
Necklaces:Wayfarer Charm Necklace” dollarbie from VW