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pan, it’s my labyrinth

I’ve been feeling inspired by hair lately and I decided what I was gonna do was put a few looks together mainly by going from the feel of the hair. This way, I get the excuse to use all my unused items sitting in the dust of my inventory’s black hole yeeyah~ So if my next few posts are randomness, it’s just cause I lurve the hair that has been around lately!

First up is this gorgeous hair from DEJAVU, and apologies for the lil mistake I had in my previous post. I always had the impression Dango was the creator for DEJAVU and that’s my noobishness making mistakes teehee… Lilkim Lovell’s 2 new releases are as usual extremely lush and full. I think that’s my favorite part about DEJAVU — when adjusted right on your head, it makes you have this full lush hair that you can only dream and wish about in rl. I might have made mine a tad too big, but it’s for dramatic effect. When I put on this hair, I immediately thought of a look that was cute, crazy and big — just like this amazing hair.

pan, it's my labyrinth I
pan, it's my labyrinth II

Uncle Wiggily‘s Patchwork Antlers are massive love, Esme has closed down her mains tore and moved all her older items in to a smaller branch in Grace; it’s for her to have a lil resting time and get used to school life yet again. I know tons of us are waiting for more of her wonderful creations, so hang in there Esme!

I’ve been meaning to wear one of The Sea Hole‘s pieces in a very long time — her creations never fail to amaze me with her creativity and eccentrics. I remember buying this dress during my Bunny Hop hunting and I was just completely bought over by the rest of the goodies in her store. The Sea Hole’s main store is on the same region as this gorgeous new mall called +rad+ where you can find tons of amazing stores. Most items are already up, but the official launch I have yet to hear about. Do give them a look and oogle at the loveliness of the sim!

The other little accessories are pretty randomness, I picked out feathers and lacy details for a feminine hippy sorta look — still keeping the madness of course. Big thanks to Tomoyo and Moddish who tp-ed me into mixx for a lucky board feather accessory. I’ve never been to that store before and I love all the accessories they have up! Definitely worth a check out so go go go!

I hope you guys will like the next few looks I’ll be coming up, all inspired by the the oh so fabulous Hair! Because Hair Fair is coming up SOON~~ *excitements*

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya M 05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Lovely Eyes in Dark Green small” from sakurako
Eyelashes: Twiggy” from REDGRAVE couture
Hair:LUVYA in dark red brown” from DEJAVU
Undershirt:Lacey Undershirt” from Foam!
Dress:Sequin Dress Set” from The Sea Hole
Antlers:Patchwork Antlers” from Uncle Wiggily
Socks:Lo Socks Expresso” from Miel
Choker: Embryo Dress Choker” from un Jour
Bracelet:leather bracelet M” from halu
Shoes:Feather Brown Boots” from KUROTSUBAKI
Feather:Feather hair exte_03” from mixx
Black Feather:Feather from Dahlia02” from WILD O
Poses: IZUMIYA, Couverture,ATTITUDES

red balloon

Yayyyeee~~ Didn’t expect me back so soonnn?? Hee… I’ve been playing about with my inventory a lot since I’ve finally gotten nearly everything sorted out by brand whoohoo! Serves for easy land marking purposes! So, I have no clue why I named this red balloon, but I was playing word association in my own dorky lil mind and thought of that when I looked at those fabulous glasses!



I finally got a chance to use my Paper Couture huge flower yay!! And this adorable Whippet&Buck tailored shorts that I lurve lurve. Everything else is really a big huge random mix of tid bits and goodies. I love the little bow necklace from fabulous which I’m sure tons of you have been to before! Dango is one of the most amazing creator within second life and I’m sure many fashionistas agree. She has 2 new hair releases in DEJAVU that I would probably show case soon and that everyone should go mad rush in and get *winks*

Keeping this short and sweet! Hope you like!
(I’m utterly amused by the poses I picked but they are fabbb~)

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya N 04” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Stormy (Rustle in the Wind)” from =HooT=
Glasses:Oversized White glasses in Red lens” from A&B Imports
Hair & Rose:Frida Blonde” from Paper Couture
Top:White Collared Shirt” from Street Magic
Shorts:Stein Tailored Shorts in Taupe Grey” from Whippet & Buck
Gloves:Gold Half Glove” from Royal Blue
Socks:Socks Mit Suspenders in Clean White” from Pig
Bag:Steam Rocket Ride Bag” from B@reRose
Shoes:Verve Red Pumps” from Maitreya
Necklace:BowBowBow” from Fabulous
Poses: IZUMIYA, Dare, [IE]