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my little white dresses I

I have been dying to catch up with my postings but rl has been keeping be thoroughly occupied and it’s been a whirlwind week for sure. Anywho~ Good morning!! I hope everyone’s doing fine and dandy today ^^

White has always been my favorite color, and in rl i’ve been getting comments to wear other colors aside from that — it’s like my safe color which I fall back on time and time again. So I thought why not dedicate an entire post to this favorite color of mine. So instead of the classic little black dress, I shall show you guys my little white dresses. I’ll try to keep it as wedding free as possible!

my little white dress 1
my little white dress 1b

Beauty Avatar Couture recently released their new estate collection featuring a myriad of stunning pieces that are must haves in one’s sl closet. This dress in particular caught my eye. I love the structured look of it — but still maintaining it’s feminine charm with the length and bow. It’s an extremely low cut dress so instead of flashing my non existent cleavage, I’m pairing it with a textured top form Modern Gypsy. The intricate pattern on this really pops against the solid Beauty Avatar dress. I’m in loooveee with that huge flower on my head! That’s a new release from FreshTrash which recently just opened in Starlust. It’s scripted and comes in various colors to suit your look~

my little white dress 2
my little white dress 2b

The next look comes closest to looking like a wedding dress — only thing is, that longer bottom isn’t a dress, it’s actually really large loose pants from Beauty Avatar. I’m rather short so this piece being unmodifiable proved a little harder to fit. This stunning dress from Lo*momo comes in 2 different skirt options and has a really adorable neckline in my opinion. I’m featuring some older LaGyo pieces which are also some of my favorites from this talented designer. Gyorgyna Larnia has been releasing one after the other of stunning jewelry — treating us fashionistas to a myriad of stunning pieces to pick from. Every time I visit, I feel like I’m in a candy store with so much choices that I really have no clue what I don’t want *giggles*

my little white dress 3
my little white dress 3b

Finally, this last piece features a gorgeous dress from Meghindo‘s a store you definitely need to see if you haven’t! This dress was one of my favorites but another one that really caught my eye was the pink diamond dress which you can see nil and uma sporting. Meghindo Romano really has some interesting dresses and swim suits which are definitely worth a look! Oh! This is also my first successful attempt at prim feet~~ teehee. Just wanted to share cause I was happeh the skin tone matches!

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed my series of little white dresses. I hope to find more and feature them on pretty occasional basis since I truly love having all white looks. Makes me feel clean like a fresh bar of soap! Whoohoo~

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya N 04” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:seagrass” from bodyline
Hair:Mimi (blondes)” from IrEn
Headband:Large Flower Headband” from FreshTrash
Dress:Kenzia Dress in White” from Beauty Avatar Couture
Underlayer:Le Soleil Calme Top” from Modern Gypsy
Stockings:Paschendale Socks” from Vette’s Boutique
Shoes:Speedy Pumps in White” from Shiny Things

Skin:Anya Special Skin” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Dazzle Eyes in Black” from Fresh Fx
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Nails:Gift black nails” from MAI
Hair:Milla in Pearl” from Novocaine
Dress:Lace Mini Dress in White” from Lo*momo
Pants:JULY white” from Beauty Avatar Couture
Ring:White Rose Ring” from Elate!
Headband & Earrings:Famous Lady Headband & Earrings in White” from LaGyo

Skin:Anya S 05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Smolder Eyes in Gunmetal” from =HooT=
Eyelashes:Glamour” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Edie in Platinum” from Aden
Jacket:Simple Long Shirt in White” from AOHARU
Dress:SJP Dress” from Meghindo’s
Belt:Leather belt in White” from Polina Kaestner
Shoes:Enamel Buckle Gladiator in Silver White” from AOHARU

Long Awkward Pose
*fresh poses*

red balloon

Yayyyeee~~ Didn’t expect me back so soonnn?? Hee… I’ve been playing about with my inventory a lot since I’ve finally gotten nearly everything sorted out by brand whoohoo! Serves for easy land marking purposes! So, I have no clue why I named this red balloon, but I was playing word association in my own dorky lil mind and thought of that when I looked at those fabulous glasses!



I finally got a chance to use my Paper Couture huge flower yay!! And this adorable Whippet&Buck tailored shorts that I lurve lurve. Everything else is really a big huge random mix of tid bits and goodies. I love the little bow necklace from fabulous which I’m sure tons of you have been to before! Dango is one of the most amazing creator within second life and I’m sure many fashionistas agree. She has 2 new hair releases in DEJAVU that I would probably show case soon and that everyone should go mad rush in and get *winks*

Keeping this short and sweet! Hope you like!
(I’m utterly amused by the poses I picked but they are fabbb~)

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya N 04” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Stormy (Rustle in the Wind)” from =HooT=
Glasses:Oversized White glasses in Red lens” from A&B Imports
Hair & Rose:Frida Blonde” from Paper Couture
Top:White Collared Shirt” from Street Magic
Shorts:Stein Tailored Shorts in Taupe Grey” from Whippet & Buck
Gloves:Gold Half Glove” from Royal Blue
Socks:Socks Mit Suspenders in Clean White” from Pig
Bag:Steam Rocket Ride Bag” from B@reRose
Shoes:Verve Red Pumps” from Maitreya
Necklace:BowBowBow” from Fabulous
Poses: IZUMIYA, Dare, [IE]


Hellooooosss! Chance has been awesomest by teaching me this new trick on photoshop — I’m trying it out to see how the effect looks and so far I really like it. It kinda makes the edges have a lil line so it looks like a cartoony, hand drawn feel. Another thing he told me about was this adorable little store called Twee.

I had the opportunity to meet Manatee McMillan the other day and found out that she has had her store for a while now, but took a long break only to come back with her pretty goods yet again. Her dresses are extremely young and fresh, with adorable poofy shapes that I love so much. I played around with some pieces that I bought from her store — really hope you guys likey!

Twee-licious I

The first look features a dress called Gingham Monster O_O How cute is that? Hee~ The dress is as adorable as it’s name with plaids and huge big brown buttons plus a lacy detail on the bottom. I love how girly these pieces are and how versatile they can be. The flowery tights are also from Twee! I’m not sure how i’d describe this look, It’s a little quirky but there’s a touch of chic and “cool” from the hair and the lace glasses from glow studio. I love! Completely random and out of the bluee… (By the way the hair is from Aden and apparently I heard they came back? Could someone point me to where their store is now if they did come back?)

Twee-licious II

The next look’s main focus is Twee’s Scalleeeewag dress in red; this dress comes in both red and blue and both are just too adorable for words. It doesn’t come with glitch pants or undershorts so do wear something or moving around can sometime be a little too over revealing (I had to learn it the embarrassing way hee). I paired it with this Mushroom Bolero that Chance won at the Massimo lucky board but was so sweet to give it to me thinking I’d have more use for it. I hope I did the jacket justice because it is sooo adorable.. The hair I’m sporting belongs to Atelier*AM and is one of their newest releases. I love buns and I love bangs — so this just fulfills all my wants for a pretty hair! The shoes I have to thank Abra for — she teepeed me over to Kalnins telling me that there were new releases! I absolutely love the full customizability of these shoes and how versatile they are!

Twee-licious III

Finally, I wanted to do something chic since I guess I’m hardly every chic *giggles* This dress from twee comes with 2 different skirt options so you can wear it in different ways. I love this new hair from booN with all my heart — big thanks to Nil for alerting me about it! She was spot on about my taste in hairrr ūüėČ Thus adorable bag comes from Pampered Princess. I came across this store a while back but never got a chance to feature anything from them. This store carries a bunch of brightly colored chic pieces and their bags are just to die for. Another thing is, the photos of this amazing talented creator are also just gorgeous! Go check out her flickr right here. *HEARTS*

Hope you guys enjoyed these and got a glimpse of what adorableness Twee has in her store! Check them outtt~

Details & Credits
Outfit # 1
Skin:¬†“Anya (N) 06” from¬†UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:¬†“Cabochon Eyes (Fuji)” from¬†FTL
Hair:¬†“Nicole (Platinum)” from¬†Aden (no longer available)
Dress:¬†“Gingham Monster” from¬†[twee]
Glasses:¬†“White Lace Shades” from¬†[glow] studio
Leggings:¬†“Childish Girly Tights” from¬†[twee]
Leg Warmer:¬†“Legwarmer Midori (part of asimoto haru midori set)” from¬†HOTCH POTCH
Shoes: ¬†“Sakura (leather red)” from¬†Lya
Jewelry: ¬†“VIP Hunt: Traumerei set” from¬†U&R DOGS
Poses: sunflower poses

Outfit # 2
Skin:¬†“Anya (S) 03” from¬†UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:¬†“Cabochon Eyes (Fuji)” from¬†FTL
Eyelashes:¬†“Twiggy” from¬†REDGRAVE
Hair:¬†“Hana A (beige)” from¬†Atelier*AM
Dress:¬†“Scalleeeewag (Red)” from¬†[twee]
Jacket:¬†“Mushroom Bolero (kahki)” lucky board gift won from¬†Massimo!
Glasses:¬†“Glasses9” from¬†[twee]
Socks:¬†“White Ribbon Socks” 1L from¬†Hal*Hina
Shoes: ¬†“Coquette” from¬†Kalnins
Poses: sunflower poses, Dare

Outfit # 3
Skin:¬†“Anya Special Skin” from¬†UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:¬†“Stormy (Rustle in the Wind)” from¬†=HooT=
Eyelashes:¬†“MoulinRouge” from¬†REDGRAVE
Hair:¬†“GIC128 (brown)” from¬†booN
Nail Polish:¬†“Pearl” from¬†M99skin
Dress:¬†“Seaside Dress” from¬†[twee]
Leggings:¬†“Tights Collection (white)” from¬†Ivalde
Shoes: ¬†“Coquette” from¬†Kalnins
Bag:¬†“Leather Purse (Eggshell)” from¬†Pampered Princess
Necklace: ¬†“Stringy Pearls” from¬†Fashionably Dead
Earrings:¬†“Deer Flower Pendant Earring” from¬†Paper Couture
Bracelet:¬†“Triple Pearl Bracelet (white)” from¬†Armidi
Poses: sunflower poses, Dare, LAP

running romantic

The Fashion Relay Challenge has been going on for quite a while now — I joined in pretty late and I’m really thankful to still be given the chance to join!

I was lucky enough to take over this baton from Dahlindah Destiny over at Free*Style. I loved her post — filled with gorgeous accessories and such an eclectic mix of fashion! I contemplated the belt, the necklace or perhaps the tights but I ended up thinking… I’ve never been to *MINX* before, maybe I should give those shoes a try. How lucky I was to strike a jackpot! I found Dahlindah’s shoes in white which was the color I hoped to emphasize my outfit on. I decided those were the piece I’ll take from her — MINX’s Sugar Baby Heels in white ^^

Big huge thank you to Dahlindah who gave me a whole bunch of stuff to pick from ^^

*MINX* carries a whole bunch of heels and pumps that are super tall and very -fierce- I think. I think the shape of these heels are so interesting and have so much attitude — white tones it down good enough for the look I went for. This look I hope evokes a feeling of innocence romance, which are how I feel about the pieces I have been finding so far.




SUGARCUBE¬†is Sayuri Cremorne’s genius store; the prices are really reasonable and the dresses are just too amazing for words! I love how romantic they all feel — girly and so filled with fun! This piece is called the “HASU – one shoulder dress (in blanche)” I love how it looks like a little flower with the bubble dress having tons of layers. Sayuri’s store has recently become my favorite shops to get dresses, and from my conversations with her, she’s been a sweetheart!

I wanted to emphasize the bubble shape of the dress, simply because it’s one of my favorite shapes in real life. I then remembered my Paper Couture vest that I haven’t worn before, and really now, what evokes romance more than Paper Couture?? I knew that the rules were that every item needed to be able to be purchased as a separate, this vest came with a dress ^^” Apologies for that, it was too late by the time I remembered *dies of shame*

The hair is cumu’s newest release! Cumu is a hair store I found a while back from Abra‘s blog; I love cumu’s feminine styles and when I tped over to the old LM, I realized the store was no longer there. I found that they have moved to a new LM together with UnTone Quilt where all her previous hair styles and a few brand new ones are held!

Accessories wise, I hope I picked a huge variety for the next baton runner to pick from. I love unJour so much, from the inspiring sim to the pieces that just evoke such a sense of fantasy to them. This headpiece belongs to them, and really does show you the gorgeousness of unJour’s designs. [Twee] is a store Chance introduced to me saying you gots to see this store! And boy was I glad I dropped by, not only do they have adorable tights and dresses — they had a wall of cute glasses which I have been recently obsessed with. Do give them a look as that is where I got these adorable pair from!

The gloves came together with lace stockings and both black and white versions for simply 100L — a steal from one of the most interesting stores ever; The Black Canary. I found ENCEMBLE‘s new ribbon socks fitting for the whole look. I then added Maitreya‘s sculpted anklets which I think gave a nice finishing touch for the outfit.

Some sims we walk around in thinking you’d never get anything from there just cause it’s so crazy! Like The Laughing Academy which sells all sorts of renaissance fashion. Dressing periodic is not my style at all, but the exciting accessories I found in there were just amazing! The shoes in particular blew my mind away — they were so well done and intricate. I picked out a floral white lace parasol from them that completed my look ^^

Apologies for talking so much… but now I hand over my baton in full speed to Tomoyo Breitman over at Frenzy Shoppers. Apparently she will also be last on the list so I can’t wait to see how she ends this relay in a blast like I know she will!

Details & Credits

Skin:¬†“Anya (M) 04” from¬†UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:¬†“Stormy Eyes (Thunder Cloud)” from¬†=HooT=
Hair:¬†“bosayuru hair (blonde)” from¬†cumu
Eyelashes:¬†Twiggy” from¬†REDGRAVE

Vest (& Belt):¬†“Petal Puff Belt and Vest” from¬†Paper Couture
Dress:¬†“HASU one shoulder dress (blanche)” from¬†SUGARCUBE

Head Piece:¬†“Lace hat PK” from¬†unJour
Glasses:¬†“Glasses 14” from¬†[twee]
Gloves:¬†“Glove and Stocking set (in lace)” from¬†The Black Canary
Socks:¬†“Ribbon Socks (in red)” from¬†ENCEMBLE
Anklets:¬†“Sculpted Anklets (in cream)” from¬†Maitreya
Shoes: ¬†“Sugar Baby (P) (in white)” from¬†MINX
Parasol: ¬†“Floral Lace Parasol” from¬†The Happy Academy
Poses by AnaLu’s Fresh Poses

take my breathe away~

I missed you all muchness~ Thank you for the sweet good luck wishes for my exams, I finally finished my two huge ones and I’m left with 1 more this monday and imma doneeeee!! I couldn’t really wait till Monday before opening my Paper Couture folder and looking through em~ I know there’s been tons of post on Paper Couture and I’m sure tons of you have oogled on the loveliness posted by female and male fashionistas alike. I personally had a blast oogling through them during the time I was spose to be studying heh.

So here’s a look I came up based upon the different pieces I stumbled upon during this entire week of studying.

paper couture fun~ I

paper couture fun~ II

Paper Couture pieces are no doubt gorgeous to the max, I think I went broke getting their accessories which I love so much. I’ve never really owned any of their older pieces and it’s such an eye opener to try on their current collection. Paper Couture outfits came as full sets, which always means more pieces to play around with! Whoopi~ This Carnation Jacket is a piece that I love love love. So many ways to wear it, so many prim parts you can detach, reattach and play around to fit the look you want. I decided to base an outfit all around this jacket.

I went for something completely puffy with a belt around the waist to still provide an hourglass look. This adorable skirt is a new release from This is a Fawn — a shop carrying tons of basics that still had a quirky touch. I accessorized with a pink belt from StoRin that I found whilst clearing up my inventory and shoes from Lya which has one of the most adorable shapes I’ve seen in sl. I’m now however rethinking that perhaps a different color might suit the entire look better.

My inventory really needs a little cleaning up after shopping this weekend. I’ve been aiming to categorize my items into separate brand folders and I’m about 60% done now whoots!

OH! Thank you to all the amazing designers that have been sending me stuff for the Blogger’s Appreciation week declared over here. (Like those gorgeous eyes I’m wearing from =HooT= YAY!) A thank you note always brings a smile to my face — but blogging is still something I do out of pure fun so it’s no hard work for me ^^ I love doing what i do and I’m only happy that people are liking it as well… yay!

Ooooo another thing hee~ Some of you might have noticed me posting in Free*Style. I got invited last week and I’m truly blessed to be working with some of the most dedicated bloggers in sl. I hope to add some interesting finds there that will differentiate me from the other amazing posts you can find there!

So~ Fun events happened this week and I can’t wait to be able to come back to sl without having other rl evilness distracting me hehe… see you soon!!

Details & Credits

Skin:¬†“F01-SBL-P-S-LB” from¬†dhR
Eyes:¬†“Stormy Eyes (angry skies)” from¬†=HooT=
Hair:¬†“Doris Hair (Earl grey)” from¬†Uncle Web
Jacket:¬†“Carnation Jacket” from¬†Paper Couture
Skirt:¬†“Hound Skirt (black)” from¬†This is a Fawn
Top:¬†“Two straps summer dress undershirt” from¬†Polina Kaestner
Belt:¬†“Efemera Belt (cotton candy)” from¬†StoRin
Glasses:¬†“Glasses 09” from¬†[twee]
Gloves:¬†“NifNif Gloves (black)” from¬†LeeZu Baxter
Ring:¬†“Diamond & Rose Bouquet Ring” from¬†Paper Couture
Necklace:¬†“Shabby Chic Oversized Pearls” from¬†Paper Couture
Stockings:¬†“Paschendale socks” from¬†Vette’s
Shoes:¬†“Sakura (leather silver)” from¬†Lya

classical music

I’ll be driving down to San Francisco this weekend so I just wanted to post a look before leaving ^^
Recently I received notice about a brand new sim — the main store of Humby Designs is located in that area including other amazing stores like the all favorite Pink Fuel, El’n, The Sea Hole, ATTITUEDE, Leafy and tons of other great places to check out. The sim is a great place to take photos as well, with thick canopies right outside the mall; the green and brown hues are lovely backgrounds for photographs. You definitely don’t want to miss out; check the sim out here!

I was inspired to create something classical looking with this Skylar vest from Humby Designs. I love that it comes with an intricate little camisole underneath. Humby has great designs for guys and there’s a new blazer for girls that looks really great!



The rest of the pieces are equally gorgeous, specially this lovely skirt from bitter*vanilla. This store mainly sells furniture, but there’s currently 1 skirt available for sale in both long and short versions. It’s really much more intricate in world, so do check it out ^^

Till next week — I bet I’ll be missing out on some great new stuff in world but have fun my dears~~

Details & Credits Outfit 1

Skin:¬†“Lea05” from¬†UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:¬†Starry Eyes (in gray M)” lucky board gift from¬†=HooT=
Eyelashes:¬†MoulinRouge” from¬†REDGRAVE
Hair: femicu (in blonde)‘ from Cumu
Inner Layer Shirt:Cotton Blouse” part of Spring Knit set from KALMIA labo (MNK*SHOP)
Outer Layer Camisole & Vest:Skylars Vest bra” from Humby Designs
Skirt: White Skirt” by bitter vanilla
Socks: Argyle Socks (in brown)” from Corduroy
Shoes: AC Woman Sandal B (in beige)” from TOP
Ring: Bloom Ring” from fuse
Scarf: Thin Scarf (in sand)” from Miel

ohmai it’s… Mayden Couture!

Happy Easter everyone!!! ^^
I hope everybody’s having loadsa fun in all the fabulous hunts in world — there’s some really pretty gifts to add to your bursting inventory!

I was surprised to log inworld the other day only to receive this gorgeous full pack of skin from Mayden Couture. I can only return the generous gesture by blogging about it and showing you guys how beautiful it is. Lilith is a new skin from Mayden Couture, it comes in 2 different skin tones (I have the lighter one) and 10 different make up options.

ohmai it's... Mayden Couture II
ohmai it's... Mayden Couture I

The skin of Lilith is rather tanned (both options) and the shading of the face is more defined as compared to the body. In fact, I do think the body is on the matte side, however the shadows and highlights are mostly done around the areas that will be exposed during normal wear — like the legs and chest area are very well shaded.

I love the legs of this skin, the knees especially are so cute and well shaded — very realistic looking and extremely believable. There’s a really cute tush as well, which is something lots of people like when obtaining skins. One area that I’m not very fond of is the collar bones — although the chest area is very well shaded, the collarbone is a slight bit too over shaded, making the bones protrude a little too obviously than I would like. So that’s my only critique on this skin; aside from that — the face is obvious LOVE! I think the face of this skin is excellently done, with thick eye makeup and luscious lips. I have a weak spot for well shaded lips and this skin definitely won my heart over in that aspect.

ohmai it's... Mayden Couture IV

The above shows the variety of makeup Lilith comes in. The lips are all fairly glossy but comes in a range from nude to deep red. There’s a small beauty mark that adds character to this skin. The eye makeup are all very glamorous looking, but one thing you’d notice that’s similar in all the makeup options is the highlights around the eye area and the inner corners of the eyes. This is a huge love for me, I really think this skin range is not for those fond of natural looking makeup — it’s definitely more for those who like to experiment with different make up options.

ohmai it's... Mayden Couture III

The most variety comes in the eye makeup. I took a close capture to show you guys the different colors there are to choose from. All the eye makeup features highlighting around the inner corners and deep eyeliner and eyeshadow.
I’m not 100% sure that the colors below are what the make up options are, I’m just stating them based on how I see them. So feel free to correct me if I made a mistake and I’ll gladly rectify.

N1: Nude lips and eye makeup just consist of thick eyeliner and mascara.
N2: Slightly pink lips, orange eyeshadow used on the upper lids, whereas the bottom rim is lined with a steel blue shade.
N3: Deep brownish tone for the lip stick, and the eye makeup consist of deep green hues and slight gold around the edges.
N4: Deep pink lips, eye shadows are brown hued with pearl gold highlights.
N5: Red lips and eye makeup consist of silver and white shades for an icy look.
N6: Vermilion colored lips with brown eyeshadow.
N7: Nude lips with steel blue eyeshadow on upper lid and persian green on the bottom rim.
N8: Bright pink lips, thicker eyeliner with light bits of grey around the inner corners.
N9: Nude lips with aquamarine eyeshadow on upper lids and darker aquamarine on the bottom rim.
N10: Nude lips with light sea green eyeshadow and a lighter shade lining the bottom rim.

Once again, thank you to Mayden Couture for giving me the chance to blog about this skin! So why are you still reading this??? Head over on your easter weekend to check out this gorgeous skin!

Details & Credits

Skin by Mayden Couture
Eyes by  =HooT=
Eyelashes by glow studio
Hair by !lamb!
Outfit by Kuri Style
Shoe by Ztique
Gloves by Royal Blue