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pan, it’s my labyrinth

I’ve been feeling inspired by hair lately and I decided what I was gonna do was put a few looks together mainly by going from the feel of the hair. This way, I get the excuse to use all my unused items sitting in the dust of my inventory’s black hole yeeyah~ So if my next few posts are randomness, it’s just cause I lurve the hair that has been around lately!

First up is this gorgeous hair from DEJAVU, and apologies for the lil mistake I had in my previous post. I always had the impression Dango was the creator for DEJAVU and that’s my noobishness making mistakes teehee… Lilkim Lovell’s 2 new releases are as usual extremely lush and full. I think that’s my favorite part about DEJAVU — when adjusted right on your head, it makes you have this full lush hair that you can only dream and wish about in rl. I might have made mine a tad too big, but it’s for dramatic effect. When I put on this hair, I immediately thought of a look that was cute, crazy and big — just like this amazing hair.

pan, it's my labyrinth I
pan, it's my labyrinth II

Uncle Wiggily‘s Patchwork Antlers are massive love, Esme has closed down her mains tore and moved all her older items in to a smaller branch in Grace; it’s for her to have a lil resting time and get used to school life yet again. I know tons of us are waiting for more of her wonderful creations, so hang in there Esme!

I’ve been meaning to wear one of The Sea Hole‘s pieces in a very long time — her creations never fail to amaze me with her creativity and eccentrics. I remember buying this dress during my Bunny Hop hunting and I was just completely bought over by the rest of the goodies in her store. The Sea Hole’s main store is on the same region as this gorgeous new mall called +rad+ where you can find tons of amazing stores. Most items are already up, but the official launch I have yet to hear about. Do give them a look and oogle at the loveliness of the sim!

The other little accessories are pretty randomness, I picked out feathers and lacy details for a feminine hippy sorta look — still keeping the madness of course. Big thanks to Tomoyo and Moddish who tp-ed me into mixx for a lucky board feather accessory. I’ve never been to that store before and I love all the accessories they have up! Definitely worth a check out so go go go!

I hope you guys will like the next few looks I’ll be coming up, all inspired by the the oh so fabulous Hair! Because Hair Fair is coming up SOON~~ *excitements*

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya M 05” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Lovely Eyes in Dark Green small” from sakurako
Eyelashes: Twiggy” from REDGRAVE couture
Hair:LUVYA in dark red brown” from DEJAVU
Undershirt:Lacey Undershirt” from Foam!
Dress:Sequin Dress Set” from The Sea Hole
Antlers:Patchwork Antlers” from Uncle Wiggily
Socks:Lo Socks Expresso” from Miel
Choker: Embryo Dress Choker” from un Jour
Bracelet:leather bracelet M” from halu
Shoes:Feather Brown Boots” from KUROTSUBAKI
Feather:Feather hair exte_03” from mixx
Black Feather:Feather from Dahlia02” from WILD O
Poses: IZUMIYA, Couverture,ATTITUDES

ohmai it’s… UGLYDOROTHY!

(eep this will be a long post! Big apologies to those who’d rather just look at pictures ^^”)
UGLYDOROTHY has been featured in nearly all my posts and I finally have the chance to dedicate one entire one to this great line of skins. All the skins here are done by Sopha McCallen from UGLYDOROTHY and the eyes are by Averie Larnia from =HooT=.

Firstly, about =HooT=; Averie Larnia has been making shapes for a while now and most of you guys would probably know her from Hourglass Shapes. I got a chance to talk about her briefly in my Harold post, but I’d like to re-introduce you guys to her eyes. =HooT= carries a few series of eyes and they’re all very realistically done but the colors are extremely vivid, making them stand out in photos. I mentioned before that her clothes lacked shading and Averie approached me in-world to clarify this for future product improvements. The shading of her shirts are very intricately done and because it is done in that manner, it can appear very light specially on her bright shades. They are by no means bad though because the designs itself are adorable and the folds go really well on the avatar’s body; my advice is that a little more dramatic shading would do the clothes more justice when worn. I’m sure Averie will consistently improve and churn out more wonderful creations. =HooT= carries other accessories and furniture that are quirky and extremely well made. Very unique and I’m sure many of you would really love her rose bracelets which are very intricately done. So do take a good look at the eyes in these shots — they’re massive love! Whoo~

Onto UGLYDOROTHY — Sopha and I have became fast friends for her character is very open and friendly. She’s been a sweetheart to me and I hope that my photos do justice to how pretty her skins are. I’m a big fan of her initially released Lea; and upon speaking with her, I found out that it was her first officially released skin. However, she has to take it down due to personal dramas. I’m truthfully sad about that — but no worries! Her store now has a bunch of brand new skins and shapes that are equally pretty! Sopha sells each makeup option separately and currently has no fatpacks. Once she is able to get into a bigger storefront, there will be fatpack options. Each makeup is priced around 700L and it comes with the skin itself, eyebrow options and the shape shown in her store.


The shading of the body gives the skin tone a very luminescent glow and the body is shaded to be very feminine rather than athletic which is why you won’t be seeing full strong abs in these. The ribs can be seen somewhat but not too obvious that it becomes scary. One thing I’d note is that with some of the darker skin tones, the shadowing is done with a rather gray color. It gets more obvious as the skin gets darker and you should definitely try on the demos to see if that bothers you too much. The ones I have shown above are the lighter ones and the shadowing is not greyish but a very natural color.

The shapes are all very different but if you’re anything like me and wish to just purchase skins and stick with your own individual shape, it might be difficult to pick out which ones you’d like. The skins are all pretty similar and have subtle differences in skin tone, lip shape and eyes — her future releases will be more versatile and I’m looking forward to them. I’m posting pictures of at least one of each type to show you guys how they each look on the same shape.


Lise and Lola are my favorites of her entire line, they are also probably the lightest skin tone. Lise has a deep double eyelid and most of the makeup option features matte lips. The face itself seems to glow as Sopha highlights the inside corners of the eyes, nose and slightly above the lips to make the lips fuller. A very neutral looking face that’s not overly smiley or sad looking. The blushing of the face is also done in a very natural way so if you like a subtle none made up look — this face is perfect!

Lola is a more asian shape with single eyelid — the eye makeup consist of either a red shadow (shown above) or pink and brown for the natural ones. There’s subtle eye bags to add realism and I think this face is very successful for a asian look. The blushing is heavier than Lise, and is done with a feminine pink shade. The lips of Lola are my favorite — they’re glossy and soft looking and comes in different shades in Sopha’s store. This one that I picked is reddish but still very natural looking.


Agathe and Eva; Agathe being the darkest amongst the ones I’m showing, is very mature looking. The eyelids of Agathe is also deep set and the eyeshadow options are all fairly darker to fit her skin tone. The lips are also mostly matte colors, there’s a wider array of lip color to choose from in Agathe and it ranges from light pink to a deep plum. If you’re not used to having extremely fair skin, Agathe is the closest option to a tanned skin tone.

Eva has very strong highlights around the inner corners of her eye and that appears to be the case in the make up options. The lips are all glossy and shiny, even on the natural colors. If you’re a big fan of lip gloss — Eva’s the way to go!


Both of these are Melissa and I wanted to show you guys are lovely the freckles are on all these skins. All the options will have a freckled version, usually being the final number amongst the skin range (did that make sense O_O). Melissa, Sopha said is one of the most sought after skins in her store, and I think this is because Melissa is the most made up skin out of the range. The eyes shadow choices are all fairly dark and obvious, and the lips are very shiny, just like Eva. However, the shape of the lips in Melissa are slightly different from Eva in which the upper lip isn’t as thick; a more natural lip shape, I’d say. The blushing is also very deep on Melissa and is all done is a pink shade. Melissa is very grown up looking and I love how natural she still looks even when she’s the skin with the most makeup done.


Ilona is the newest skin offered by Sopha — the skin looks very similar to Lola, being very asian looking. However, the double eyelids are more obvious and are all lined with a tinge of green. Ilona is offered to have a beauty mark either below the eyes or on the tip of the nose (how unique!) The skin tone is about as dark as Agathe, so I’d say a tanned asian tone? I love how the eye bags are shaded in Ilona, it’s very realistically done yet it doesn’t make the face look tired or sleepy. The lip shape is just adorable! Different colors are available, but very subtle differences.

There’s one last skin in her store called Maelys that I didn’t purchase nor take pictures of. That skin has a darker skin tone, and the only options available all consist of freckles. The lip is done to be very smiley looking, so if you’re looking for a happy smiling skin, that’ll be the way to go ^^

I really enjoyed reviewing UGLYDOROTHY and I hope that this enlightens you guys as to how each skin looks. Sopha is consistently looking to expand her store — I hope you guys show some support by dropping by to check her skins out! To end off, I’d like to share one of the times I bumped into Sopha — she’s so adorable!

Sopha & Me!

(I’m wearing the same outfit as my previous post ^^ so credits can be seen there)

Details & Credits

Eyes all by  =HooT=
Hair all by !lamb
Lingerie all by Attitudes

putting a spin on PK

I was in the midst of bunny hopping yesterday — and yes, I’m beginning from #1 and working my way up (eeps!) — and had gotten a notification that Polina Kaestner‘s boutique is finally having a grand opening. Since I had been lusting over her designs via flickr, I immediately put down my egg basket and took a look.

Polina’s spring collection features very feminine light colors — a more refined spring palette I’d say. I specially love the rose color that she chose for so many of her pieces. Polina was extremely welcoming when I went over and even offered some goodies for me to feature in my blog; but for some reason I felt bad taking freebies if I’m not by any means a great fashion blogger *giggles* so I politely turned her down and I bought the items instead. I hope the looks I came up with does justice to how amazing the clothes are! (And thank you again for the offer Polina ^^ you were a real sweetheart)

The pieces all work really well together but I wanted to mix and match her items with the others within my inventory for a different approach to her clothes. I used some bright colors rather than a pale palette — I’m not sure how well my photoshop editing went. Hmmsss….

But yes! I hope you guys like these ^^


Details & Credits Outfit 1

Skin: “Lise (02)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eclipse Eyes (Ice)” from =HooT=
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes 10 Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Anelo (in white)” by {fascino}
Top:NO NAME tee” from DP Serendipity
Jacket: Opened Blazer (in Noir)” by Polina Kaestner
Leggings: Mariya Stirrup Tights Cheetah Print (in red)” by Sh*t Happens
Shoes: Kokhosh Boot” from LiNe
Gloves: Fingercut (in black&black)” freebie from WAvE
Cap:Comrad Cap” from Gritty Kitty

Details & Credits Outfit 2

Skin: “Melissa (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Dazzle Eyes (in black)” from Fresh Fx
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes simple type classic” from Mayamaya Creations
Hair: Breeze (in powder)‘ by !lamb
Top:Part of Featyer Paper set (black)” from Kuri Style
Skirt:High Waist Skirt (in rose)” from Polina Kaestner
Leggings: Plain tights (in grey)” by Creamshop
Shoes: “Slinky Stilettos (in patent turquoise)” by Maitreya
Gloves: Half Glove (in brown)” from Royal Blue
Ring:Rose Ring” freebie from Fairy tail

Details & Credits Outfit 3

Skin: “Agathe (03)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eclipse Eyes (in Fog)” from =HooT=
Nails: ‘J’s Nails (in black)” from J’s
Hair: “Anelo (in white)” by {fascino}
Top:Sheer Ribbed Tank (teal layer over burgundy)” from Armidi
Shorts:Puff Short (in beige)” from Polina Kaestner
Scarf: Afghan Stole” by :sey
Leggings: Plain tights (in black)” by Creamshop
Shoes: “Dalia Pump (in silver)” by Armidi
Bracelets:Arc-en-ciel” by MANNA
Ring:bbb ring pig with black pearl” done by Big Boob Boutique gotten from minajunk

Details & Credits Outfit 3

Skin: “Eva (01)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Eclipse Eyes (in Ember)” from =HooT=
Hair: ‘Yukina 1 (in natural blonde)’ by DejaVu
Bra:Plaisance Set (in blue lilies)” from Attitudes
Top:Sheer Ribbed Tank (in dark gray)” from Armidi
Pants:Jodhpur (in Noir)” from Polina Kaestner
Gloves: Half Glove (in purple)” from Royal Blue
Shoes: “Malama (in purple)” grand opening of L+R+W gift byR2
Necklaces:Wayfarer Charm Necklace” dollarbie from VW