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ohmai! it’s hair fair~

I know tons of you have been bogged down by the amazing hair seen around Hair Fair lurking around the feeds and another post about it would probably make you look away with ARGH MORE HAIR!?! hee ~ But i’m taking the risk and still hoping to show case these. This has been the first Hair Fair I’ve been to and I couldn’t be more excited and eager to show you the gorgeous hairs available. I spent an awfully long time editing the photos, hoping to do justice to the good work designers have put out. I decided to do pictures of nothing but hair ~ so here’s me mannequin style! I hope you guys like them!

Hair has been one of my big loves in sl — it gives your avatar personality; a character. Hair Fair not only provides a venue for everyone in sl to purchase gorgeous hair; it’s also for a great cause. Which everyone should keep in mind when walking around the currently extremely laggy sim. Stop to donate some lindens to the team of hardworking and dedicated designers who have done massive work in making Hair Fair a success ~ these lindens go a long way in helping Locks of Love.

hair fair I
Left to Right: #1
| milk (kitkat) !lamb | fedora hat glamorous wavy (blonde) argace | dog roses (twix) !lamb |

hair fair II
Left to Right: #2
| Natsumi (Iconic Blonde) Diversity Hair | Babycakes (Light Red) Curio | Bounce (Pink Brown) ROSYMOOD |

hair fair III
Left to Right: #3
| Michelle (Red Shades) Dernier Cri | Innocent Phase (Natural Orange) Find Ash | no.002 Sa-Za-E (Peach) MIU Hair |

hair fair IV
Left to Right: #4
| Nicole (Beach Blonde) Decoy Hair | Dylan (Beach Blonde) Maitreya | Bound (Fawn) Shag Hair |

hair fair V
Left to Right: #5
| Timeless Glamour (Vampire Red) Clawtooth by Clawtooth | Mimi (Dark Cocoa) FUEL | Hair Fair 2 (Pack B) W&Y |

hair fair VI
Left to Right: #6
| Hinder (Pearl) Bryce Designs | Romy (Platinum) TRUTH | How Soon is Now (Starlet Blonde) Clawtooth by Clawtooth |

hair fair VII
Left to Right: #7
| Lovis (Platinum) JE*Republic | Licio (Hazelberry) fascino | Aida (White Platinum) Beauty Avatar |

hair fair VIII
Left to Right: #8
| Halo (Coco) Glitter Hair | Kiala (Platinum) fascino | Krissi (Brown Cocoa) Raspberry Aristocrat |

hair fair IX
Left to Right: #9
| Bluhnt (Brick) Zobovic | Tami (Umber) Nodoka Hair | Lauren (Cocoa Brown) AOHARU |

I’d just like to say a massive thank you for the organizers who so generously allowed me in the sim during a less laggy moment and for designers who have dropped me review packs. I’m utterly grateful and although I couldn’t manage to show case all of them, I’m crossing my fingers I exposed tons of great new hair for you guys!

Note: There’s no SURL to individual Booths — I meant to do it but I kept getting crashed when i’m trying to make certain of them so poo~ apologies

Lashes by Redgrave
Eyes by Bodyline


Just wanted to pass a quick note for you guys…


I saw this over at François’ flickr and came on to find Uma asking me about the same thing. Being an active member in HRC — i’m terribly honored to be helping a small bit on this campaign.

Click that website to read more about it. Trace Osterham is starting a series on this but sl version and his photograph would be much much much much better than mine!

If you’d like to participate, all you need is yourself, hair (hair accessories optional) and a white plain top. The rest will be given on set ^^
If you’re interested give Trace Osterham or Francois Ghost an IM and they’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

Visit: NO H8 on SL flickr group!
Cause they’re better at keeping count and the list is growing longer and longer! That = love ❤ spread it *smiles and hugs*


Recently I’ve read about Gracie who has been looking for models for her store, there has been several comments and remarks about the size card that she wanted for her models. I wonder, who are we to laugh at someone’s preference to how she wants to showcase her looks upon? We might not all agree at how models should look — but do we really need to publicly tease someone about it?

When I initially read Gracie’s post, I won’t lie — I was somewhat turned off by the rigidity of the requirements and wonder why not just make your own shape and model them rather than subject another person to what you want? And then I started thinking a little more clearly and thought — she was paying these models, so really, she has every rights to request what she wants of them. I guess what I find most disturbing is the outright mention of certain names in which the models should look like, this might actually rip another person of their own personal identity in sl as another person imitates their look to apply for this job. Other than that, I no longer find any fault in her post, a lot of designers have specific requirements for their models and we’re calling out just one to poke fun of?

I’m interested in shape making and find that it’s an extremely difficult feat to adjust the body proportions to the right size. I must admit there are a lot of things I can change about my current shape to make it more “realistic” and “appropriate” — but I go by instincts when it comes to what looks good and what doesn’t. Not everyone is an expert shape maker and is it not always a learning process for everyone? I’m by no means an expert shape maker and this is my own rendition of Gracie’s shape.

I tried making a shape from the size card Gracie provided and came up with a rather towering shape. As I stand tall amongst my peers — i realize I’d never want to keep a shape like this because it simply is too tall, and doesn’t really have hips that I’d love to see in a woman’s body. But, is this an ugly shape? No, I really don’t think so. I looked at the comparisons of the old me (right) and the new gracie me (left) and thought — it really isn’t that bad. It’s just not for “me”.

This shape is incredibly skinny, but aren’t the models we see in real life not like that as well? We live in a society where skinny is considered a plus to have; we hear girls talking about diets, weight loss pills etc etc — I don’t think the shape Gracie has asked for is something too alien and scary that deems all the attention and bad press. We’ve all seen this shape before in magazines, tvs etc in real life, so why the shock value? I don’t think Gracie means to say this is the ideal shape everyone should have and the only shape she will find attractive; I think this is just the shape she chooses to showcase her clothes in. Which as a designer, she has ever rights to do so.

The right intentions come up with right poses, styling and makes anything look good. Bad intentions come up with a bias standpoint that makes something gorgeous look outrightly disastrous. My own personal opinion and take on this matter.

We’ve just ended blogger’s appreciation week, should we not take some time to reflect all the work designers have done so as well? Why start up another drama when something happy has just passed? Smile people~

RFL! go go go~

Because everyone should be going to RFL!
I know I had a blast and I’m running off for supper now… so I’m posting these shots reallll quick!

I LOVES all of you that went ~ had a blast!!

RFL 2009 snapshots

RFL 2009 snapshots

Eeepps… sorry I can’t post any sURL – but there’s tons of advertisements everywhere and I’m sure you kids know where to go 😉 The place is awesome and has rides, auctions, djing, hot peoplezz…. hahaha… tons of stuff, you won’t be bored and the LAG just means there’s so much love in the air ^^

ohmai new home!

Ahhh the fresh scent of a new blank box waiting to be filled with words of what I’ve been doing~~ whoo *geek moment*
So firstly I’d like to wish Tomoyo a HAPPY REZZ DAY!!! It happened yesterday but still sending love along your way since I konked out last night hee.
I’ve been missing cause I was working on a little personal project ^^ a new home!!! Yayy!! -explosion of balloons and throws mad confetti around- Oh gosh, I’m awfully excited really and wanted to show you guys what I got done so far.

So I went over to Harajuku Box for their little hunt that’s going on and everybody should head down there cause not only are the gifts awesome, there’s tons of stores there that I can 100% guarantee won’t be a bore. And during my time there loadsa random fun happened and I found out that they had 1 more spot opened for a small home! I was initially looking for a skybox cause I was afraid homes might be too large for lil ol’ me — but when I saw the house, it was just plain adorable and the size is perfect! Give me them papers now! Haha.. so there we go, my little process on getting a home. 

I’ve been spending these few days furnishing the place and boy was it some work!! I had help from lotsa fabulous people and I’d like to personally thank Riki & Note from Harajuku for bearing with my fickle mindedness ^^” Modd and Amyyyy smank you for spending time with me whilst I was decoringg~~

After getting my home done, what else could I do but shoopp!! I’ve been missing out on all these new releases and had a blast with Tomo, Modd, Amy and Malte (well you 3 had to bear with us XD) yesterday going shopping! This is what happens when you shop too much….


*giggles* I had to literally drag the bags up this slope, these 2 shots show you a little sneaky peaky of how Harajuku looks like.


And that’s me at my front gate — just staggering to get it…Yay! So I’m not very used to taking shots in enclosed spaces just yet, and I’m hoping these pictures give you guys an idea of how everything looks. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out ^^


Yes! I have a flying pig!! His name’s Hamilton (a.k.a Ham the STUD O_O) and he’s my only form of security in this house. If anyone tries to break in, he’s poopin on ya 😉 Anyways, that’s the living room area, there’s a small ladder on the side to get up that platform where my sleeping area is…


I really wanted a simple bed with lotsa pillows so when I found this gorgeous one from Grandma! Furnitures I was just super excited.


And alas, I couldn’t get a cute shot of the kitchen but that’s a fridge from Blonde which fits great for my very tiny kitchen. There’s a small island as my dining table and I’m currently serving donuts and coffee!!


Ah! Of course the outfit’s important as well! My happy mood reflects right into what I wear — this adorable top and scarf comes from a chef outfit that El’n made. It’s so adorable and taking out some pieces, it’s super wearable as a chic look. I love these shorts from Pink Outfitters, like with my life and soul. I bought a few colors so I’m hoping to get some new looks up for you guys!

If you guys wanna drop by feel free to send me an IM ^^ Company’s always good and there’s always food in my home, come hungry!

If you’re looking for homes, I really highly recommend the Harajuku sim; they have a wait list right now and are building more homes so spots will open up pretty quick. You can choose from small, med and large which all feature Japanese styled decor — it doesn’t come furnished so you’d have the opportunity to hunt for furniture! I heard the admins are building some skyboxes as well, so do keep a look out! The neighbors are super friendly and during my short time there, I’m just loving the atmosphere.


Details & Credits

Skin: “Lea (05)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: “Glance Eyes (lightgrey)” luckyboard win from DEN-DOU
Hair: “bon02 (peach)” by Hair Salon Cri-Cri
Top:Chef outfit” from El’n
Shorts: Roxy Bermuda Shorts (in powder blue)” by Pink Outfitters
Socks: Saturn Socks” from kuri style
Shoes: Canvas Shoes” from Wirefly

sale @ uglydorothy!

Just a quick post and sorry for not posting credits — I’m rushing off nowish for an early dinner so yup yup! If you want to know where I got something from feel free to IM me inworld ^^


Andrea is a new skin that’s currently being worked on by Sopha (the creator of UGLYDOROTHY). This skin is still in the working process and is definitely not finished yet. I just decided to wear it and show it off a little hee ~ The lips are really adorable and the shape that comes with it has a thicker fuller lip than I do — so I might not be doing the skin justice ^^”


But this post is also to tell you guys that in my previous post I wrote that the UGLYDOROTHY sale will have its skin prices down to 500L but in fact it is now 300L!! This is more than 50% off the usual prices so definitely go over and give their skins a look ^^

NOTEThere’s 2 LM to UGLYDOROTHY — one store carries 2 of their newest skins and the other carries the rest of the skins. So be sure to visit both to get all the demos and try em out ^^ 

ohmai says Happy Easter!!

Easter ended about 2 hours ago hee… but no harm in sharing some bunny love!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter day — I know my day went quietly well…


My first Easter in second life had been terribly fun; with all the hunts available, it’s hard to be bored in world. The bunny hop was certainly the highlights of all my hunts — 300 stores is ALOT of gifts to go through. I did nearly 70% of the hunt before deciding to stop and just sit back to rest my eyes. I found so many amazing stores and I hope to be able to showcase some of them in my blog ^^

Thank you to the fabulous artists who have hosted hunts and provided us with gorgeous gifts ^^

Details & Credits

Bunny Avatar: from DP YumYum
Hair: Priscilla (in Almond)‘ part of BunnyHop from Hal*Hina
Top:Cotton Star Top” part of BunnyHop from “anuenue
Overalls: Overalls” part of BunnyHop from TOAST
Backpack: “Easter Backpack” part of BunnyHop from Fifferling


A gorgeous dress was sent to me as a gift from Kae Sahara — it’s a little sneak preview at what to expect from her upcoming shop Niniko. I can definitely say I’m super excited to see her completed shop, this dress is just too lovely for words. Go add her on flickr to keep a good eye for updates!

I was initially planning to restyle a dress with other items, maybe put an urban twist on it… but when I put the dress on, it was too lovely to alter in any way shape or form. I hope you guys will appreciate the simplicity n this look. (Click here and here to see clearer pictures of the dress, taken by Kae)

breeze I
breeze II
breeze III

Luna Jubilee on My SLife on the D List put out this bloggers challenge to see what helps alter your mood on sl. I never did plan to do these pictures for a challenge, but it felt appropriate.

Sometimes real life doesn’t seem so ideal and we all wish for a place to escape — maybe just for an hour or two, to recharge and reenergize… rebreathe.
Second life does impact our real life, even if one might insist it does not. We’re speaking with real human beings behind all these masked avatars; actual flesh and blood with hot boiling emotions. How can one be immune to the effects of what happens online?

Although this mood altering example might not be a big dramatic one; meeting talented people like Kae alters my mood a lot, her sweet gesture brought a smile to my face. At times when real life hits you hard, walking in the midst of an imaginary cornfield in a beautiful dress can bring a smile on ones’ face…

A note about the pictures:
Somewhat abusage of lens flair filter… but these pictures I can proudly say, aside from the lame lens flair and a little bit of border shadow (and resizing)– is completely done on sl ^^ I messed about with the environment settings and got this.
Pictures are prettier full size, so head over to flickr and open them bigger ^^

Details & Credits

Location:Munchkin Landshops
Skin: “Lea (04)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: lovely eyes set (in dark blue)” from sakurako
Eyelashes: “Eyelashes 10 Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair: “Dio (in gray)” by {fascino}
Dress: Frill Dress (in stripe)” from NINIKO(under construction)
Leggings: Plain Tights (in mint)” by creamshop


I’m not even sure what these photos are for O_O

I’m currently participating in the Bunny Hop and one thing I’d say is the lag is bad in so many of the shops. With tons of people participating in the hunt — I have a teeny bit of request. I know it’s fab to look great with tons of prims, but when there’s so much lag already, having an avatar rendering cost of 4000 is really gonna hurt so many of those participating in the hunt. I’m not hoping for zeros walking around, but how about a value that’s still green or even yellow eh?

This look was made as I looked through my inventory for some basics to wear just to keep my avatar rendering cost low. I ended up taking pictures rather than hunting and came up with images that reflect my current mood in real life.

I’m not a great photographer in sL and definitely still learning my way around. I still hope you guys like these though…




Details & Credits

Photography Scene: at Harold
Lola (03)” from MY UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: lovely eyes set (in blue)” from sakurako
Hair: Scalped (in french vanilla)‘ by Gritty Kitty
Top:White Tank” freebie from Tres Blah & “Black Tank” freebie from Elate!
Leggings: Leggings Moon Set (in black)” by M.A.II.K.I
Gloves: Fingercut Gloves (in black on black)” fromWAvE
Eyeglasses: Summer Fun Shades” from Decollage
Shoes: Kokhosh Boot (in black)” from LiNe

just thinking…

Just a little bit of sharing…



Details & Credits

Skin:Shannon (lightskin red)” from Romi Juliesse
Eyes: lovely eyes set (in gray)” from sakurako
Hair: Cocco (in honey)‘ by {fascino}
Top :White Tank” freebie from Tres Blah
Jacket :The Angel of Your Plaid Nightmares Coat (in red)” from Thimbles
Leggings: Mariya Stirrup Tights (in pitch black)” by Sh*t Happens
Gloves: Glove (in light brown)” group gift from WAvE
Ciggy: Plaid Smokes (in yellow)” by Magika
Shoes: Xtra Hi-Tops Multicolor v2” from PornStar

a penny for my thoughts? read more for thoughts, new friends, fabulous artist…