Lippin Denim for Cioccolata Gatcha!

Lippin Denim for Cioccolata!

I’m a little late on my gatcha but I finally got it done and I hope you guys like it! It’s a denim tunic inspired by a Japanese designer that I read in a magazine ^^ Hence the name.
It’s a mere 25Lindens per spin for this Lippin Denim… which color would you end up with?
(This item is transferable but non copiable so you can send over some to your friends as well!)

I’ll cover more gatcha goodies real soon!! ❤

Taxi to Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival!

6 responses to “Lippin Denim for Cioccolata Gatcha!

  1. aiee these are so cute!
    need to get me one (or two!) of these badboys
    i always knew you’d be great at designing, i always look forward to what you’ll cook up next 🙂


  2. soooo adorable. and i love the color choices!!

    • yay! Denim was fun to work with! 😀 I never thought I could do so much color choices with denim hence I was worried about doing this fabric when I first started but I went ahead with it and just though hey… denim dye is pretty in right now lol

  3. I love it! Haven’t seen anything like this before :]

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