Designers United

Spun SIlk Gown in Exclusive JellyJiggle

So I really should have done this a while back but I’ve been busy with a lil project on my hands — something mysterious and awesome is coming to the grid very very soon; and before I tease you guys a little more, I’d like to show off yet another awesome event that I’m a part of. I’m so proud and honored to be invited to participate in Designers United an event hosted by Nil Giha and Lu Waffle.

“Designers United is a week long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.

The first theme chosen is “Jellyfish”, and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, movements and feelings evoked by this hauntingly beautiful sea creature.

This bi-monthly event is being hosted by the Eugene sim, and will be held from August 15 to August 25th.”

So that’s a lil snippet of what it’s all about; I’m contributing a simple tee, a dress and my Tiffee hair in some exclusive colors since that hair was inspired and made during this project as well. I’m gonna show some pictures of the items I’m contributing and you guys are gonna be blown away by the gorgeous creations inspired by our theme!

Love Control Tee
Name: Love Control Tee
Price: 50L

Just a simple tee with an illustration I did when I thought of a jellyfish — i’ve had a love for illustrated tees and I’ve never been able to make em in rl so sl provides a good lil venue for me to try!

Spun SIlk Gown in Exclusive JellyJiggle Color
Name: Spun SIlk Gown in Exclusive JellyJiggle Color
Price: 250L

This Spun Silk Gown will be available in my main store in other colors but this JellyJiggle color is exclusively for this event, a color that I imagine a cartoon jellyfish would sport. It glows as well~ Which is really fun for walking about in the night…

Tiffee Hair in a set of 5 exclusive color
Name: Tiffee Hair in a set of 5 exclusive color
Price: 200L (for a pack of 5)

Tiffee has been extremely popular in my creator’s pavilion store, but i’m making the braids in different colors which makes for really interesting hair combinations. All of them are sold in a pack so there’s no need to choose which is your fav combination ^^

There’s tons of amazing designers participating in this event, I hope you guys drop by and show us some support! Also a big thank you to Lu and Nil for working their butts off… it’s been a stressful but oh so worth it ❀

Spun SIlk Gown in Exclusive JellyJiggle

Designer’s Participating:
This is a Fawn
Shade Throne
JM Mai
F.A.T. Designz
Singing Moth
Glow Studio

6 responses to “Designers United

  1. you did gooooood!<3

  2. these items are all so beautiful and adorable, I’m extremely excited about this event!

  3. that t-shirt is *so mine*.

    hey, may I ask what skin you’re wearing in those photos? the lips are so sweet

  4. :OOOO ASLDKJALSDJ!!!! i hate chuu angyaaaa



  5. Chance ~ Thank youuuu <3<3 glad you likeee

    Persephone ~ I'm soooo excited as well! It's coming up so soon, I can barely contain my eggcitement!!

    Thema ~ *giggles* thank youuu I'm wearing uglydorothy's anya skin, I have it linked all over my blog, so you can get the surl anywhere else πŸ˜€ However, I am wearing prim makeup which gives me the blush and red lip thing… so it's not part of the skin…

    Shaiya ~ *NOMS* XD u cannot hate mee bear faise!!

  6. Where is this? I need the surl…please tell me I haven’t missed it!

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