!Ohmai basics in Creator’s Pavilion!

Ah last minute changa plans… my sister Suetabulous Yootz from Beetle Bones recently found an opening next to her store in Creators Pavillion and has generously paid 2 weeks worth of rent for me… probably just to smack my butt and get it in full working mode…
So I panicked a lot and probably worked as fast as I ever could to get my vendors done… Thank you all for the support and awesome compliments on the Jacket! I really am glad that you guys like it ^^

Creators Pavillion will be holding my basics and casuals… something more fun and cutesy than the other collection where the Jacket belongs to. I’ve also dabbled in hair making for a bit and it’s been super uber fun~ But i sincerely hope that you guys will like these releases and I look forward to showing you more of my works in the future!

These are the items available there:

Toppi and Tiffee Hair
!Ohmai : Toppi
!Ohmai : Tiffee

Sheer Leggings
!Ohmai : Sheer Leggings

Loose Racerbacks
!Ohmai : Loose Racerback

High Rise Tanks
!Ohmai : High Rise Tank

Summer Breeze Dress
!Ohmai : Summer Breeze Dress

What’s Today?
!Ohmai: Whats Today?

So that’s that ^^ Just some of the stuff I’ve been working on…
The white versions of all 3 basics are available for free and they’re like wearable demos sorta! To let you guys test out the shapes of my things and see if you like em…

I hope you’ll like!!

❤ Anya

10 responses to “!Ohmai basics in Creator’s Pavilion!

  1. no chicken/duck for you! D:


  2. summer breeze dress was a pleasant surprise!

  3. Persephone Parabola

    I’m SUPER excited about this shop! Can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  4. haha great idea! i like those tees!!

  5. Those are great!

  6. Hope I am not too late. Congratulations!
    Heading to the store. 😛

  7. I love your beautiful new clothes! Awesome textures – thank you 😀

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