ohmai teasers~

Boo! It’s been a huge long while… and this place has been growing way too much cobwebs lol… but hiiee i’m back, I might not be fully active till August 20th cause internet is evil where I am, but I’ll try my best!

Remember the last time I left, I said i’ll be content creating for a bit, and I have! I’ve been working my butt off the entire month and got a few (not a lot) of completed stuff, but it’s still not available just yet. I’m currently awaiting to set up store in Horst and I’ll be keeping you guys updated on that ^^ Hopefully by mid or end August, it’ll be there…

Right now though… as teasers, I’m releasing my Hamilton Military in 4 colors over at Chance’s shop DARE. This military inspired bolero comes in puffy sleeves which will occur in many pieces throughout my collection. There’s a total of 10 colors, but I’m releasing my favorite 4 for you guys.

!Ohmai Hamilton Military

!Ohmai Hamilton Military

Chance is also holding a sale for all his clothes, everything now goes for a mere cheap price of 10L! All the pieces will be retired after this sale.
Get a Taxi
So, I hope you drop on by and I hope you like what I’ve made so far. The military jackets are where the entrance is in case you missed it XD

I’ve missed u guys tons and tons~ Hope to be blogging more!!

9 responses to “ohmai teasers~

  1. I am sooo excited for you ❤

  2. Hello Anya!!! Welcome back!!

    I’ve been lurking around for some time now but never posted any comments (*feels ashamed*). But im so happy for your first official release that I have to say something!

    Congratulations!!! And it looks awesome, took me awhile to decide on which color to get haha.

    Much ❤ will support you and can’t wait for your mainstore!

    Oh..and all that anticipation from your plurk *stranglesyou*

    (love your stockings Chance :D)

  3. :O I don’t know if i forgot to put down my name or i appeared anonymous because i don’t have a wordpress account haha sorry for the newbness.

    ❤ shaiya

  4. wow the wooden mannequins are awesome! can’t wait to see inworld!

  5. Alyson Vlodovic

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the rest of your collection.

  6. Arhh Anya these look fab cant wait to log in and see what u dropped on me ❤ and i agree with Chance the Mannequins look so good

  7. Arhh Anya these look fab cant wait to log in and see what u dropped on me ❤ and i agree with Chance the Mannequins look so good
    love vanity x

  8. ahhh i cant wait to get these ! i’m so getting them. love your work so far <333 – Luxe.

  9. Thank you Trace *hugs* the looks you came up with were pure genius… thank you so much…

    Shaiyaaaa ~ I will eat you alive one day!! ❤ thank you so much, I hope you like whatever you have!

    Chance ~ You needa come online boy humph… i'm kidnapping your poses and keeping them hostage!

    Alyson ~ thank you! ^^

    Vanity ~ *hugs* I hope you like it vanity!!

    Luxe ~ U boobilicious ball of insane love *hugs*

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