little girl lost

little girl lost I

I know summer isn’t exactly over and is in fact only recently starting but I have nuuuu idea why my home has this weird ventilation system that just freezes the entire first floor. So I’m trying to visualize something warmer yet still not overly so. Pardon the weird matches — but hey! That’s what SL is for ^^ impossible fashions ^^

little girl lost III
little girl lost II

This gorgeous jacket comes from TRUTH‘s recent releases; you gotta love a worn in jacket and this is done so well I knew I had to have it. The jacket comes in various collors, this one I’m showcasing is the one in the petal shade. I truly admire designers who sculpt amazing jackets and coats because they really add so much interest to an outfit, it’s like a blogger’s staple! I also wanted to showcase this new store on the block called Avebury! Yay! watcher Castaignede the designer of Avebury is extremely new to the fashion scene and she’s churning out some really adorable designs. She has 2 jackets that really caught my eye — but I haven’t got the chance to showcase that just yet. However, I’m wearing this adorable scarf from her store. I really appreciate the fact that there’s a shirt layer plus a sculpt to really add dimension to a scarf. I wish it came in more layers but I’m a huge layer freak so… *whistles* Do give Avebury a look, there’s some great pieces there and give watcher some feedback plus a big welcome to the community!

I’ve been a fan of fairy tail‘s jewelry and her rose ring — which is FREE has been worn in my earlier looks. I was surprised to see her store carrying hair and I really love how each hair comes with its own accessory be it a ribbon or even a tiara! This one that I’m wearing comes with a little decorated top hat that I didn’t show, and it comes in 2 styles and scripted color changer which means you don’t have to spend ages deciding on which color to pick — you get all!

Speaking about jewelry ~ I’m wearing these awesome rose earrings from LaGyo. A need to go store for sure! Nil has been featuring a lot of LaGyo’s jewelry and you really need to see the amazing stuff that Gyorgyna Larnia has done! I love the headbands and the huge pearl necklace and tons of other amazing stuff. I remember spotting her store over at the docks in Harold a long time ago. But it was my first time stepping into her main store — boy was it like entering a candy shop! Gorgeous jewelries and accessories that any girl can dream of!

The bag I have on comes from Djunk that has been featured in many blogs but if you missed it, it’s a whole store filled with freebies. Quality freebies that you can just squee over. I went through the whole store and a lot of the stuff were amazing but not really my style, however, this bag really caught my eye! This wanderer bag is so well crafted with adorable little bits like a parchments of paper popping out etc. I love finding bags like these and I have a ton that I have never worn before, so I’ll try to wear them more to really give the designers credit for a well done work!

Last thing I’d like to give special mention to is my little bandaid on my knees!! omgah~ I lurve~ reek recently dropped me some of their new items and I’m really honored so big huge thank yous! I love how this bandaid comes in various wonderful colors that is very recognizable to the brand. How can we ever ever get enough bandaids really!? Hee…

Details & Credits
Skin:Devon in nude” from JM:Mai
Eyes:Dark Soul” from bodyline
Eyelashes:Twiggy” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Dressup Hair” from fairy tail
Jacket:Second Hand Jacket in petal” from TRUTH
Tank:Umalicious Basic Short Tank (Concrete Floors)” from !oh my ohmai
Scarf:Desert Scarf in black” from Avebury
Shorts:Deauville Shorts in black” from Mimikri
Socks:Flower Socks in beige” from HANAUTA
Earrings:Rose Earrings” from LaGyo
Bag:Wanderer Bag” from Djunk
Boots:Engineer Boots in long leather brown” from Studio M’z
Bandaid:I Heart Bandaid knees in plain” from Reek
Poses: [Alta Moda], ELISA, LOTTA, SLC

7 responses to “little girl lost

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  2. jacket = i cant decide wich color buy, its a dilema!

    skin = i looove this skin and it suits you so well!!! you should wear it more often (even Anya being my fav on your shape =p )

    Nil = the bug girl amazes me everytime she updates her blog, she always comes with cute news! i must check this store

    you = the cutest girl of the grid XD
    your posts melts me and i love to read your words, you write with passion!! and i always tell you that =p

  3. I love the style ❤
    The hair I will check asap!!
    And the boots!!! The boots looks fabulous!

    Your recent work is really amazing.
    You always keep your own rule and show us unique styles <33

  4. Omg~! I fall off my chair from the extreme levels of cute when I read your posts! xD First I just want to say that that skin looks like it was made just for you. Homg and I love freckles, I wish I had them irl. Hehe! The bandaid is so adorable! I never thought a bandaid could be cute but reek continues to amaze me .. <3!
    The way you put this together def reminded me of a 'lost little girl'. Super adorable and scruffed up at the same time, très parfait!

  5. i love this!!!

    i also have a fashion question because to me, you’re the fashion guru. haha.

    i was wondering, when i buy something with multiple color options, i normally go for neutrals that i can wear with different outfits but then my whole outfit is neutrals and i want color! do you have any tips that i could use? i want to buy something that i can use over and over with different outfits but i’m afraid it’ll look really bad with some.

    thank you!!!! <333

  6. Ninaa ~~ You’re the sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much! I had such a tough time deciding the colors too cause I can think of ways to wear every single one of them it was like BAH… I love this skin as well! I’m alternating between the two now cause they’re my 2 favorites. I’m slightly missing Lea though… Poo… too many skins, too little time *giggles*

    Emi ~~ Thank you! I loveee the boots! I remember coming to Studio M’z really early in my sl days and I didn’t buy anything because I was afraid I’d never wear them. I finally went back and was so happy! Because I’ve been looking for great boots all over the place XD Thank you, I’ve been playing with some different looks from my usual style and I’m really glad you like it you pretty little thing ^^ *hugs*

    Isanna ~~ aww thank you, heh… that’s a really tough decision to make. I’m not exactly sure if I can give you a great answer for it… what I do when certain things have multiple colors is ask a few question. First I look at the price of the individual pieces and then the fatpack. I ask myself if it’s more worth it to buy the fatpack (it’s worth it if lets say there’s 3 items, and the fatpack is worth less than well 2 of them indiv — etc) or to buy the individual. I tend to buy White alot? Cause it’s my favorite color — but like you I have that same problem with having too much white in an outfit and then I’m like POO i should have bought another color bah… but recently what i’ve been doing is making sure if I want to make that piece a statement piece that I pick a color that I’m in the mood for. Recently i’ve been feeling pinkish, reddish if not yellowish. So those are the colors I go with. If you have a lot of neutrals in your wardrobe already, I’d say next time you go shopping for a shoe or a jacket — pick a color that’s out of your comfort zone. You don’t really need to fear that it’ll look bad because neutrals go with so many colors ^^

    When I shop I tend to think about looks for a particular piece. So I actually have in mind how I want to match the colors. I think you’re luck with having tons of basic neutrals to work with already so there’s tons of things you can pick color wise. I’d say though if you’re not entirely comfortable with color — inch into it slowly. Maybe just a jacket in Deep Purple… or a shoe in Royal blue… and get comfortable with just having 1 colorful item as opposed to a whole bunch. You’ll be more confident later and start playing with your palettes more ^^ I hope that helps! I’m not sure if they were very good advise ~ they’re just things I do myself too 🙂

  7. thank you so much for your help, anya!!! i’m going to have to remember that!!

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