oh hai~

Oh hai ~~
embarrassing post alert!
So i’ve been talking about making clothes and uhh, just a short lil post to show you guys my first ever creation O_O pardon me if it looks crapaholics.

oh hai~

So yeah — no it’s not those amazing undies from BALACLAVA~ I just used it to cover my bits and attempt to pretty up what I did hee… But I made those *points* tanks. They’re a little short cause I’m still practicing my seaming, wanted to make something basic and simple ^^ as practice.

These are something i made dedicated to my all time favorite blogger’s rez day UMA! For being the first fashion blog I ever read in sl, for being inspiring to so many of us out there, and for keeping strong no matter what drama hits her way and for having the most adorable new puppeh!! Heh, so in honor of her, i sewn on a little tag at the back of the tag that says “UMA”. I’m just apologetic about it not being any great~~~

Just wanted to show these off because I am proud for finishing something I set out to do and hoping to practice more and be a little better and find a style. I ramble a lot in here partly cause I’m quite embarrassed about this… but tons of my friends in world have been telling me they look decent so I bow and say I’m humbled. Big huge thank yous to Chance for being my mentor throughout this tank making thyme ~ he’s probably the only one that saw it from my black empty shape, to the first fold, to the ribbing to the final piece. Thank yewsss ^^

So yeah, i will head off now… and uh… NOM my KFC *hugs to all*

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya” from UGLYDOROTHY
Tank: own creation ^^”
Poses: TorridWear

14 responses to “oh hai~

  1. I’m so proud of you!..and I need to learn from you now…haha..;D

  2. Anya! I love them!! You picked out a yummy butter yellow and that rose is one of my favorite colors of all time. If you need test bodies, I volunteer! <333Abra

  3. why embarraced?
    they looks rly good!!

  4. They look so pretty and I love the delicate little wrinkles! Don’t feel embarrassed, when I made a shirt a few days ago it turned out horrible. xB

  5. I ❤ them and you! I didn't thank you enough but I was touched by the thought, the time you spent doing them, the originality and the ❤ you showed (needless to say they're perfect and YOU should keep doing more *makes grabby hands*)

  6. Chance ~ you lie!! XD *hugs* I’m making a longer tank now with a different shape but the seams are driving me crazehh~ gosh, I hope you’re doing well ^^

    Abra ~ yay!! Thank you abraaa muack muack~ TEST BODIES! Teehee… that sounded super lab ratty teehee… When I make more decent lookable stuff I’ll definitely drop some your way ^^ thank you again and I picked some colors based on uma’s posts that inspired their names as well. It was really fun and I had to stop myself from making too many shades.

    Nina ~ Weee you sho sweet… I see so many errors in it at the same time feeling proud of it, such oxymoronic lurve. *hugs*

    Sveta ~ The first item is always the hardest! I spent ages making something as simple as this XD But it’s really good learning and practice for sure though!

  7. you continue making clothes anya ❤ cos ı wanna blog you ..hugssss

  8. The back is so cute. Love them. When will they be on sale? 😛

  9. Uma Ceawlin

    I guess my comment was (again) LOT!..or something…this was what I wrote some hours ago *coughs* :

    I ❤ them and you! I didn't thank you enough but I was touched by the thought, the time you spent doing them, the originality and the ❤ you showed (needless to say they're perfect and YOU should keep doing more *makes grabby hands*)

  10. Nil ~ You bunch load of sweetness you…. *hugs* thank you! I’ve been thinking of learning how to sculpt but at the meantime using some sculpts I’ve seen on xstreet that I might be able to use and make some great stuff with. I wanna inch into this as slowly as possible so I don’t fall too badly on my face XD But thank you so much for the support! Muack~

    zalawonder ~ aww thank you ^^ glad you like! I’m actually not entirely sure if they’ll be on sale at all XD I’m still thinking about it, but it might not be for quite some time…

    Uma ~ It was in spam again!! Nuuu… I wonder why it keeps doing that. WEIRDNESS… I’m just thoroughly glad that you like them and it brightened up your buseh day ^^ I’m making more! And I actually made a longer tank without making the seams look TOO weird! YAY!

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  12. Elise Petrov

    These are great! I would buy them! 🙂

  13. omg… these tanks are love. you are such a perfectionist and it shows. good job.

  14. Thank you Elise ^^ *hugs*

    emilllyyy~~ I haven’t seen you in ages cutie pie *hugs* thank you so much, I’m in the process of making more but I’m taking it slow and easy ^^

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