toothpick cranes

You know how tons of people were feeling rather low and uninspired lately? Well amazingly today when I checked the feeds — I see tons of really inspiring goodness and it’s awesome that people are getting their groove back 😉 So for those who haven’t — we’re waiting for ya to jump on the bandwagon! We’re patient!!
As for me, I’m trying to catch up with the stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about but haven’t! I’m not really good with keeping up with the latest and newest stuff; so poo imma sloww…

Just wanted to do a lil casual quirky piece with some stuff that I’ve been accumulating. I lurve glitter hair and I’m so pleasantly surprised with their new textures. Glitter has always had great styles but the latest ones have been femininely adorable, I love! The sad thing is, I never like their blondes, it has always been too ashy for me *sad face* so I had to go with my 2nd choice of being a red head! I still love though~

toothpick cranes I
toothpick cranes II

This dress is one from KiiTos, a store I loved for poses but recently their new dresses have been leaving me in squees! This dress has gorgeous prints and this one plus another dotted blue one was my favorite from the lot. I decided to pair the dress up with this great shirt I found in curiosity. I’m featuring curiosity twice now, but they truly are an amazing store. They recenly released a new group gift that’s a casual grey sweater — a staple for both men and women!

See those lovely lace tights? My dear friend Chance Greatrex from DARE has brand new stockings out for sale! Great colors all laid out in a circle for you to have a hell of a time picking! Teehee… I really love it’s intricate designs and I know I can’t wait to see more clothes and poses from him. Oh! Finally these fringe boots are from the little store called Usagui ~ They have some high quality furniture for sale — but I also love the clothes they have laying around in their little field! So do give them some love and check it out ^^

Just a short little write up today…
I’ve been dabbling with making stuff and just recently made a short little tank top ^^ squee~ I’m still trying to find my style and getting used to the seams and such! But that might explain my lil slow-nicity~

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya S 02” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:INNOCENCE eyes in emerald peach” gift from MADesigns
Eyelashes:Daily” from REDGRAVE
Hair:CELEBEE in cherry” from glitter
Shirt:Check Shirt Pastel Brooch 2” from Curiosity
Dress:Asian onepiecce *bird*” from KiiToS
Stockings:Lace Stockings in Minty” from DARE
Boots:Fringe Boots” from Usagui
Poses:ELISA, ami*s, Pretzel Poses

8 responses to “toothpick cranes

  1. Can’t wait to see your creations And ty for the add xx

  2. Very creative. I’ve never thought of wearing check shirt with the dress, but it looks so good.
    Good news, I can’t wait to see your creations either. 🙂

  3. quirky and casual is a perfect description!

    i love how you pair pieces together that
    i wouldn’t think would go together
    but you make it look so completely fab!

    i think that’s why i love reading so
    many fashion blogs because everyone
    creates these amazing eclectic outfits!

    anyways, i love tights. it’s so hard to find
    some nice tights nowadays. i found some
    great solids at soxie’s. but the lace ones
    are so soft and gorgeous! i am definitely
    running to dare haha

    i love the post, as always!
    &super excited to see what you’re going
    to come up with! no pressure or anything! 😉
    curiosity&dare as we speak!!! haha

  4. awh, erases bottom line of comment. grrr.

  5. titianred ~ A pleasure 🙂 *hugs*

    zalawonder ~ I had fun with this, I wore the dress initially and thought hmmm what should I do to make it a lil more interesting, I tried several jackets but came across this shirt which I wasn’t sure if it would work — but glad you thought it did! 😀 yay!

    Isadora ~ Thank you!! I definitely was a lil afraid this look might not work, partly cause of the weird matches and the patterns might overclash lol… but glad you liked! I love reading blogs as well, sometimes I come across something and it’s like woah! That’s brilliant, I’d never ever think of that! It’s refreshing and inspiring definitely! I don’t think I’ve ever been to soxies! I should give them a try ^^ I lurveeee socks, although I believe I’m more of a gloves person, but i haven’t been wearing gloves inworld for a while nao poo~

  6. you’re welcome!

    soxies is awesomeness.
    the perfect solid black matte tights.
    and other colours, too!
    no lie!

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