unexpected visitor…

Sometimes when you meet an inspiring person — you immediately get inspired to do things you normally wouldn’t. elka Lehane has been a noticeable icon in the fashion community in sl; in fact one of the first few bloggers in our community. It was both an honor and a pleasure to spend time with her, and I want to nom her little tiny tush cause she’s super adorable! This look was created spending time with her and she dropped on me this adorable little doll that serves as my lil unexpected toy ^^ I lurve~ (FUSHING love you ^^ teehee) Oh and I waited for the belt to rez for ages O_O but I’m guessing it just might be grey?

Speaking about elka, if you’ve never seen her store before — I know I was surprised to find out she had a store O_o — you NEED to check it out! She has tons of little branches around but I’m giving you the teepee to her store over at Hbox because well, uh.. GO HBOX! elka carries several items ranging from gladiators, jewelry to awesomez hand painted clothes! Love her quirk and love her goods ^^ The look below showcases her little 60s Owl necklace…

unexpected visitor I
unexpected visitor II

I’d never expect myself to dorn pants like these in real life, but when I found them in world at *WM* DOUBLE M; I can’t help but go yay! Baggy clothes are much love in world and a rare commodity I think — so whenever I find out it’s always a joy! You see that lil white bit popping from under the pants? Hee~ I wish I could showcase this store better, but that’s a pair of legging from marble. A brand new store that opened and has a tiny little cottage dedicated to her wares or you can find them over at *WM* as well! This store was a great find and you guys should definitely head over to marble to see her floral printed leggings and shirts! Won’t regret I swear 😉

Another wonderful piece in this look is this gorgeous blazer from curiosity over at Cupcakes. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the cupcakes sim — since it really is one of those places you NEED to go and spend hours in, tons of shops and new ones pop up unexpectedly. Curiosity has been there for a while now I think? But I only recently found it and one of the creators has been so kind to drop me a few of their wares — mainly menswear, but then again, not surprising that we female shoppers would put it on to showcase if it is THIS awesomez looking. I love the little badge that appears on the chest, like a school blazer or some sort.

I’ve featured Periquita before but Erpla amazes me with her talents and she recently sculpted this new pair of high stilettos that features textures and colors she normally never does. I love the rounded front and the little tip at the ends that can be both in black or gold. These pair of stilettos can only be found at DARE a store that belongs to a dear friend of mine by the name of Chance Greatrex aka. SUPER GREATREX ^_^ (poo that’s your new name nao!). He recently released lacy leggings that you guys should go check out, and if you haven’t got some of his poses ~ well shame on you! Cause they are high fashion amazement!

Final showcase would be Kaethe’s amazing new poses over at Leafy. She kindly dropped a huge large humongous pack of poses on me and boy as a blogger — I’m sure that’s a dream come true! Her store normally carries crazy funky poses but she recently has been working on getting some more modelly kinds just for us bloggers who need poses so much! So be sure to give her a lookie ^^

OH OH OH! By ze way~ UGLYDOROTHY fans out there; Sopha will be opening a main store reeeeaaallll soon!!! And boy am I excited cause I just got a teaser of her 2 new skins and they are lurve! So keep your eyes open for that 😉

Details & Credits
Skin:Anya N 07” from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes:Realistic Eyes in Gray” from Miriel
Eyelashes:MoulinRouge” from REDGRAVE
Hair:Sweet Lady in Gold” from JUNWAVE
Pants:arajin in red” from *WM* Double M
Blazer:Curiosity Blazer” from Curiosity
Turtleneck:Turtleneck #white” from Emery
Leggings:Legging border R” from marble
Gloves:V Gloves (in gold)” from Vette’s Boutique
Earrings:Indian Diamond Jewelry Gold 2” from Mashooka Designs
Bracelet:MC Bangle gold (long)” from ICoN
Shoe:Stiletto Gray (gold tip)” from Periquita
Belt:HARA-KA Belt black” from Discord
Necklace:60s Wired Owl (gold)” from BF!
Doll:*N*ICHIMATSU KANOKO” given from elka made by taiko McCaw
Poses: *leafy

13 responses to “unexpected visitor…

  1. Tarissa Tripsa

    Wow! That doll is cute…and kinda creepy as well!

  2. Super Great!:D

  3. Babette Sivocci

    Love your style!

  4. Jeez. Gosh. Woah. Bam. Boom!!
    *noms you back*
    I was INDEED very much getting to know each others, and I am looking forward for more sharing of SL’s past and future with you :3 xxxxxx

  5. And the typonesia goes on. No idea what I wrote there, but I mean I REALLY ENJOYED… ¬_¬lol

  6. I love me some baggy clothes too! ❤
    Sometimes stripper clothes get boring to look at since so many people wear them in SL. D`:
    Thank you Anya for inspiring people to dress more couture and less porn-star! xD!! *huggz!*

  7. You, diminutive goddess of dripping style and all things cutesy, you, I love how you rock those pants. *storms off*

  8. Oh Ichimatsu doll!!!
    For us Japanese ppl, it is something “gothic” item!!
    So many creators makes films, pictures and theatre plays inspired by the doll!!
    And you did great work as well ❤

  9. yay i always love your posts.
    i went to elka’s store and i loved it,
    i’m a total jeans&tee girl half the time
    so it’s absolutely perfect.

    thx for introducing me
    to a new store! wheeeeee

  10. oooo. i love this…so haute couture. 🙂 You rock, Anya.

  11. You really did it this time, Anya. Me lurrrrves this look and I always had a big crush on the little owl!

  12. Tarissa ~ Yeshhh I have this love for creepeh dolls even in rl it’s a little weird O_o… I love your display picture by the way! Full of attitude 🙂

    Chance ~ Poo! And that still got me in trouble! ❤ ^^

    elka ~ Yay! It was really fun to have a chat with you — you opened my eyes to a lot of things about sl which makes me appreciate it more than I used to ^^ I admire the way you stayed on for so long, even after all the ups and downs — it has to mean there's more ups! So stay strong elka poo~~

    Sveta ~ Yesh!! I love baggy clothes, sl needs more of them and they're a few seasons behind now cause rl is going crazy with baggy clothes lol. *smooshes you*

    Lili ~ awww u trudged off cute!! *NOMS* Thank youu ~ You rock way more amazing stuff than I do so I'm bowing down to greatness 🙂 *bows and storms off* 😛

    Emi ~ Yes! I inspected the creator and saw it belonged to a gothic store — I never knew it was such a big icon though! Thank you emi!

    Isadora ~ Yay thank you Isadora! I love your name by the way! You should check out zephy if you're a big tees and jeans person, she's another blogger and a friend of mine, she always manages to find great tees that I keep missing out. elka's store is definitely a great casual place to go! Love her accessories~

    Elisabeth ~ thank you hun, you're super sweet ^^ Always a pleasure seeing your posts and comments!

    titianred ~ awww thank you!! I was starting to think I lost my groove so a compliment like that really brings me up 🙂 That owl is super crushable indeed, I can't believe I didn't get the 50s version cause that one's awesome too!

  13. Thanks for article. It is very good read.
    I love to browse ohmyohmai.wordpress.com!

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