I initially wanted to showcase this look I created right after my post on gracie’s shape. To show how her dress fits all sizes and shapes… and also because I’m so excited to find her store and her very elegant designs. I never got around editing the photos and I finally got the chance to do so — hope you guys like ^^

Grace Winnfield from Gracie’s mostly makes bridal gowns from what I see in her store, very elegant huge show stopping dresses. She recently made dresses which are less wedding like and more on the couture end. I personally don’t wear elegant dresses like these much because knowing me, I’d probably step on them and ruin them due to my AO’s constant moving heh. With the help of a pose stand, I manage to look semi elegant in this gorgeous dress of hers called “Adoring”.

j'adore I
j'adore II
j'adore III

I paired this dress up with Polina Kaester‘s unreleased blazer which I hope to showcase in another look because it is just so fabulous! I’d wear nothing with it anytime… love the details of the blazer, and how carefully textured it is! I can’t wait for this to be released to see what other looks people will come up with!

I belted the look up and added random extra fluffs and roses from paper couture to make this look more interesting than just a blazer and dress. It’s also one of those days I wanted to play with editing and manipulating prim parts from my inventory ^^ I love this pair of eyelashes that I got sent from Allep Jeans. This store mainly sells high quality jeans right now, but will be branching out into watches, jewelry and even eyelashes! This is a little teaser to show you guys what Allep has been working on — I know I love it so very very much!

The hair obviously comes from the well known brand Vintage Wear. I can’t believe I have never worn hair from them before in any of my looks because they are stunning! The perfect shade of blonde that I love, and that bow textured in hair texture is brilliant — so glad to see these in world when I first joined secondlife! One news I recently heard about VintageWear is that they will be closing the store and rebranding to become Epoque. Epoque will not only feature hair, but jewelry and eye wear as well. The great thing is, those currently in VintageWear’s subscribo won’t need to bother quitting and moving — the Epoque team handles all that work for you! I’m so excited to see what the Epoque team will do to launch this brand into new heights! Definitely something we should all keep a look out for!

Details & Credits
Skin:dhr-F01-SYL-P-G-LB” from dhr
Eyes:Coldgrey bodyline
Eyelashes:Eyelash001” from Allep Jeans
Hair:Hair Bow & London Import” from VintageWear
Blazer:Military Denim Jacket” from Polina Kaester
Dress:Adoring” from Gracie’s
Belt:Morgane (belt)” from Dany French Touch
Belt Accessories:Carnation Jacket pieces” & “Frida Rose in white” from Paper Couture
Poses: TorridWear

11 responses to “j’adore

  1. I want that jacket SO bad that I treatened Polina to kill myself with a knife right NOW if she doesn’t share soon XD muahaha

    • lol!! aggressive approach! tee-hee…
      Elka~ Did you IM me in world? I think I got an email notification from a person name elka and I wasn’t sure if it was you O_O I needa talk to you about it though (if it was youuu)

  2. Styling genius! I wanna see you strut that in world! 😀

  3. Wow, so stylish!!
    The dress itself is very classic but you add the modern jacket on!
    Perfect mix and match!

  4. Aristoteles Allen

    j’adore you anya ❤

    really nice outfit, makes me wanna create a female alt 😀

  5. Grace Winnfield

    OMG that is amazing… I’m gonna have to get that jacket now and the paper couture piece…heheh very very exceptionally cool mix ! TY Anya!

  6. anya-ish! *smooches* I love this look. You look so elegant hehez. A really creative way to combine the belt and the paper cotoure jacket parts! Hahaz ni invent xin de fan fa to “destroy” stuff inworld liaos. 😛 Now i shall go bother you inworld XD *hugs*

    ps. ARGH wordpress wont let me comment!

  7. AMAZING!!!!!!! i want that jacket right NAO!!!!!

    do you know, per-chance, when it will be released?

  8. I can’t waiiiit until they release this jacket! I hope they make it in pink! You look fabulous as always Anya-chan!

  9. Anya-kins, what a couture look you have created by putting all these pieces together…simply fab!
    Love it!!! kisses 🙂

  10. Thank you muack muacks to all of you lovely people ^^

    Chance ~ teehee, i’d probably trip and fall on my face if I had to wear such a huge dress in world! Too glam for lil ol’ me ^^

    Emi ~ Thank you! That was exactly what I had in mind ^^ mixing classic and modern!! Glad you noticed! 🙂

    Aris ~ whoohoo which you did u sneaky lil thing, stealing our straight men! *smooshes* wuvs you ^^

    Grace ~ Thank YOU grace ^^ Glad you like!

    Tomo ~ muack muack, thank you hunny buns! Tee hee you should totally have fun with the paper couture stuff you got, play with them!! 😀 Lovin the looks you’ve been creating ^^

    Isanna ~ yESH I want them to releasee sooonnn cause I’m so excited to see if there’s more colors ^^ But nope, I asked Polina about it and she didn’t give a specific date 😉 Sneaky lil thing hee…

    Sveta ~ Thank you!! I hope they make it in various colors too! Pink sounds like a great color! White too please 😛

    Elisabeth ~ Thank you thank you ^^ muacks~

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