Recently I’ve read about Gracie who has been looking for models for her store, there has been several comments and remarks about the size card that she wanted for her models. I wonder, who are we to laugh at someone’s preference to how she wants to showcase her looks upon? We might not all agree at how models should look — but do we really need to publicly tease someone about it?

When I initially read Gracie’s post, I won’t lie — I was somewhat turned off by the rigidity of the requirements and wonder why not just make your own shape and model them rather than subject another person to what you want? And then I started thinking a little more clearly and thought — she was paying these models, so really, she has every rights to request what she wants of them. I guess what I find most disturbing is the outright mention of certain names in which the models should look like, this might actually rip another person of their own personal identity in sl as another person imitates their look to apply for this job. Other than that, I no longer find any fault in her post, a lot of designers have specific requirements for their models and we’re calling out just one to poke fun of?

I’m interested in shape making and find that it’s an extremely difficult feat to adjust the body proportions to the right size. I must admit there are a lot of things I can change about my current shape to make it more “realistic” and “appropriate” — but I go by instincts when it comes to what looks good and what doesn’t. Not everyone is an expert shape maker and is it not always a learning process for everyone? I’m by no means an expert shape maker and this is my own rendition of Gracie’s shape.

I tried making a shape from the size card Gracie provided and came up with a rather towering shape. As I stand tall amongst my peers — i realize I’d never want to keep a shape like this because it simply is too tall, and doesn’t really have hips that I’d love to see in a woman’s body. But, is this an ugly shape? No, I really don’t think so. I looked at the comparisons of the old me (right) and the new gracie me (left) and thought — it really isn’t that bad. It’s just not for “me”.

This shape is incredibly skinny, but aren’t the models we see in real life not like that as well? We live in a society where skinny is considered a plus to have; we hear girls talking about diets, weight loss pills etc etc — I don’t think the shape Gracie has asked for is something too alien and scary that deems all the attention and bad press. We’ve all seen this shape before in magazines, tvs etc in real life, so why the shock value? I don’t think Gracie means to say this is the ideal shape everyone should have and the only shape she will find attractive; I think this is just the shape she chooses to showcase her clothes in. Which as a designer, she has ever rights to do so.

The right intentions come up with right poses, styling and makes anything look good. Bad intentions come up with a bias standpoint that makes something gorgeous look outrightly disastrous. My own personal opinion and take on this matter.

We’ve just ended blogger’s appreciation week, should we not take some time to reflect all the work designers have done so as well? Why start up another drama when something happy has just passed? Smile people~

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  1. aw Anya, you are such a cutie!
    i totally agree with you!!!

  2. Anya, I *used* to be a Gracie girl. A couple of years ago she held the same type of contest and I was accepted as one of five models that were suppposed to be exclusive Gracie designs models.

    I bent over backwards for Grace. I change my shape for her specifications. I spent countless hours at photoshoots with inept photographers, and ended up giving Gracie photog tips for her vendor photos just to ease my own pain.

    I know as a model that is is expected that you become the “clay” of a designer, but I felt that I’d established myself as a person (not just a model) in SL with tasteful style. The last straw for me with being a “Gracie Girl” was her fashion show about 6 to 8 months ago to premier her newest line of clothing.

    The experience was a nightmare. One model was favored with the quality designs while the rest of us were delegated to wearing the clothes with faulty seams and older designs.

    I was subjected to being critiqued by her “fashion show director” on my sculpted shoes and classic pearls, to be sent the most god awful blinging prim glass slippers from SLX and asked to wear whatever gaudy diamond jewelry I had in my inventory.

    This “fashion show director’s” idea of style was Gurl 6 hair, bling jewelry, and typing up the show script in all caps. Speaking of, when I happened to discretely mention to Grace in an IM that screaming at the audience in all caps was probably not a great idea…I was accosted with messages from the “fashion show director” not to bother Grace and direct all my “opinions” to her instead.

    The rehearsals were insane. The announcer of the show was the “fashion show director’s” boyfriend who had no experience announcing shows. So we were all expected to take hours of our time practicing so he could figure out his timing to copy/paste his ALL CAPS chat.

    In the end, I said “fuck this”. There may be models in SL who are completely desperate to put up with such unprofessional situations, but I’m not one of them.

    This comment has nothing to do with the “type” of model Grace is looking for and everything to do with the insanity a model has to deal with to be “chosen”.

  3. you’re right. I was upset when I heard about Gracie’s post because I felt fat and left out, but now that I’ve read your post, I realize I overreacted due to my own insecurities :S

  4. ninaaaaa O_O I hope you had a good sleep, it was nice talking to you about this in greater detail on sl πŸ˜€

    I completely hear your frustration about modeling in sl — I personally never had the chance to model in second life to know much about the industry. But I do understand in rl how it feels to always have someone on your back telling you to change this change that, look this way look that way. I do think however, being a model on sl, they signed up for that sorta pressure from the designers. Some people end up hating it and move on, some love it and stay on. I understand how insane it must feel to constantly change to fit another person’s ideal and not your own, and how incredibly frustrating it must be.

    I don’t know much about being a “gracie” girl to approve or disapprove about her work ethics but I completely understand how frustrating it must have been for you. Her taste in shape and her taste in clothes, I have no rights to say whether is good or bad because I believe that is all personal opinion. I’m glad you decided to walk away from the experience that you went through and took yourself out of a situation that you disliked. That’s a smart move and i’d probably would have done the exact same thing in your shoes.

    My post was mainly addressing that Grace’s requirement for a shape might not be the most fabulous and well loved shape in the world — but it certainly does not deserve the sort of public humiliation and bashing that has occurred to her. ^^ That was why I decided to write this post, which I contemplated for a long time wondering if it was even worth it — I ended up deciding it was because I feel like a lot of unnecessary drama has risen during the short time I am in sl; and if we were to step back and look at things, it really isn’t worth the negative energy.

    No lie, my first reaction to that post was definitely not one that was positive, so I completely understand how you felt — i think. Although seriously nao… you are so not fat XD I think you’re fab the way you are!!! I don’t think there’s anything to feel insecure about πŸ™‚ We all have our own ideal beauty mark and sl serves us a way to showcase either that or whatever else we want to… I don’t think it’s fair to poke fun of another person’s own ideal look and making them wonder if something is wrong with their taste level not through constructive criticism but through outright teasing, i think that kinda goes towards bullying more like.

  5. hi anya, just want to say it’s a great post. yes, you made me smile πŸ˜‰

    the designer wants to show her clothes look fine (looking for models who wear her clothes on), and others want to show their avatars look pretty (taking photos in bathers/underwear for showing comparison). there is a gap, different purposes and intentions, though. i saw the both of them are equal in a way ; trying to create something look good. no needs to find what’s wrong on the other side.

  6. Grace Winnfield

    In regards to Carissa.. in all fairness and i apologize that this has come up. The models that were in that show were paid 4500 lindens EACH (which is including the bonuses we gave each girl) to attend 1 one fitting, two or three rehearsals and two shows. You were rightly asked to not wear a walk that was a bit hippy (meaning the hips sway was a bit exaggerated for the gowns) you refused. The he worst part was .. after a month of planning you decided to simply NOT show up on the day of the show… no call.. no warning. We had to scramble to replace you at the last moment. We were more than fair to you and the other models had fun with the show. I have been kind enough to keep silent over this for near a year, though it was very hurtful and unprofessional… but since you have decided to bring this up in a moment that seems unrelated…. then it is fair that i express my experience in that situation. Furthermore, I was paying for you, a model, to wear my clothing and show it in a way that i felt was appropriate. As a “friend” i took your recommendations to heart, but was in the end betrayed. To continuously point out how my show was not up to your standards was also unprofessional. On another note I was not in this instance running a contest Carissa. I am looking for a replacement for a model who was readily available and extremely proficient at her job.

    Thank you Anya for your blog. I am afraid i mean no harm to anyone when i ask for specifics. I simply prefer a tall thin model, nothing else. The size card is a general range of numbers that have worked for me in getting a congruity amongst models so that when i work I can attain the look i want to see in the clothing. I really wish that I could see an easy way to find a model without causing an uproar.. 😦 I am a simple person, who loves to design clothing. Its my passion and my release. You dear have a phenomenal look…. a gorgeous av.. I do hope you will make shapes πŸ™‚

  7. Uriah
    I am glad I made you smile and that you understand where I was going at. Coming from another designer, I’m so glad you replied to voice out your views. A lot of us are artist in second life, wishing to photograph beautiful images, wishing to create beautiful creations, wishing to model beautiful art — why are we forgetting that and criticizing another person who is simply trying to do their own “thing”? To each his own I believe and I think some people are really taking this the wrong way. Thank you once again Urian πŸ™‚ *hugs*

    To be called out like that is not fair to you, I completely relate with that feeling. It’s injustice and I’m not trying to cause any drama by voicing my views, only wishing that people would take a step back and take a chill pill — so to speak. Thank you for the compliments, I try to create my own vision and art as well, hoping to showcase what I have lurking in my lil brain and nothing more ^^ My shape now I can’t take full credit — it was a modified Romi Juliesse Shape that helped me accomplish what I envisioned πŸ™‚
    Cheers Grace, and I hope you and Carissa will work this out and let bygones by bygones.

  8. *wiggles* and test test on my bloggity poo

  9. Uma Ceawlin

    I’m happy you actually posted this. ❀ and I said I'd back you up, because you know how I feel about this matter and we share the same thoughts about it. I felt the exposure and public mockery of Grace, in inumerous ways, became intolerant . For me, it's enough. Although I could take *all this* in a wrong way, since I'm one of the mentioned girls she wants a similarity with in a model I don't feel offended. Part of me, feels sad, but mostly sad because of all the things said and critcism done. At times humilliating. I don't know Grace, I don't have any common background/history with her, and I will not judge. Who are we to judge someone on their preferances? I condemn all things said and plurked about her, all the childish/rude/mocking comments. I realize just now, some people might have felt like Emily, and I admire her response to your post. Truly.
    Having said that, I don't share the same view of Grace's shape preferance, it is indeed rather tall, more than normal even for a model (if we'd compare fairly normal people in sl to 'her'), with a lot of changes needed in my opinion but, overall, as you said, it's not 'too alien' neither is there a reason to start a drama/spend so much time dwelling on this. See, we can actually voice our opinions, we may disagree or dislike something but we can do it the right or the wrong way. You have done it the right way. I just hope people will think twice before speaking. Sometimes we can't take back things said.
    ''The greatest difficulty is that men do not think enough of themselves, do not consider what it is that they are sacrificing when they follow in a herd, or when they cater for their establishment.'' – Ralph Waldo Emerson Thought this quote to suit this situation, for a million (different) reasons.

    p.s. It's the FIFHT time I try to comment, wordpress please stop being an *** k thanks bai.

  10. Grace Winnfield

    Uma, Thank you for your comments. I think you have a beautiful avatar.. its so unique and unrepeatable… i hope i didn’t offend you in any way it wasn’t my intent really. It wasn’t my intent to upset anyone.

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